Thursday, December 9, 2010

Isn't this one totally awesome vehicle. . . Gary's first, when he was 20 yo. . "love at first sight". . I'd love driving this!  Look at the lines,
the style. . . .prima classa. . . .gorgeous!

GARY  WROTE. . .  . .
G'day Justin,
You might think you're totally cool driving around in your Honda, but THIS is cool. It's my first Beetle. Check it out baby and suffer! Hehe.
I've been digitizing stuff from my old scrapbook.


Gary Kelly said...

And to think I took that pic over 45 years ago. Bloody hell.

J said...

My first car was a black Morgan with a red leather interior and a brass mounted British flag crest on the side. It was fun to drive around in during warm weather and was beautiful to see, but it stayed in the shop all the time and the locals didn't know how to repair it. Talk about high maintenance! The moral to the story: Don't ever buy anything made in England.

Gary Kelly said...

What J is trying to say is this: if you own a British car, don't use an American mechanic.


J said...

Gary, that damned car was made with a Jaguar gearbox, a Triumph engine and an ash wood frame. I really liked the late Peter Morgan, but doubt that most British mechanics could deal with his product. Der Fuhrer made your VW to last. Now we have to buy oriental cars to avoid the garage.

Stew said...

That is certainly a classic and I love it. My first was a hyped up Ford Pinto wagon. It looked sweet. However 3 months into owning the 4 year old car, the engine blew (right after the trans went). I've driven new cars ever since.