Sunday, December 19, 2010

In case anyone is wondering. . . . . ;-)

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Gary Kelly said...

I've decided that it would be very crass of me to tell you what the weather here on the mid north coast of NSW Oz is like today. So I'll do the decent and Christian thing and shuddup.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh my. . .how ediifying. . .the christian thing. . .yeah, right.

Besides, Gary, I know it is summer down under and winter up here and it is quite alright to rub it in. . .hahahaa. . .I usually don't miss a chance. . .as long as I am truthful!

'Sides. .I havce nice things to look forward to. . .Christmas at the right time of year. . .the coming of Spring. . .and then, can Summer be far behind? Naaaaw

Stew said...

It's warmer than here in Michigan, so we'll here no complaints.

Anonymous said...

Well it's bloody cool here in Adelaide Gary....well cold for us that is, very un-December like. Overcast, threatening rain, a big blow and rain yesterday.
Long pants but still suffering in just a t-shirt, so not too bad. Nothing like the deep-freeze of P-town, ever. Thank god, or someone.

But it is improving, so they say, over the next coupla days, Christmas day is looking like getting back to where it should be. Toasty.

Greg in cool Adelaide

JCinmeforever said...

...okay, It's been raining here in Long Beach (S.E.of Los Angeles) for a 72 hours, 'I'm begining to PRUNE!' sunshine till Tuesday, Huh!!

Justin, ...not use to this anymore than the ground movement! LoL...

I wounder if I should build an ARK.


JustinO'Shea said...

JC...ark 's been done. . 'sides mud slides will getcha. . .and the feminists would be all over you. . .yeeeechhh.

Try a kayah w/ a partner and start your own thing without the animals to feed. . .LOL