Monday, December 13, 2010

TV Link on Gays

If this group doesn't scare you....
...This is one of those TV panel talk shows. . . with all the scary tales, inaccuracies which continue the bigotry and ignorance.  These folk are of the insidious types. . . .to be avoided!


J said...

Talk like this only inflames the contempt for religion held by me and many of your readers.

JustinO'Shea said...

Guess what. . . I likewise hold that kind of religion in contempt. . . among other things. . . but I do not group ALL in one sordid group.

Gary Kelly said...

For as long as human beings have been on this planet, they've been able to justify nonsense.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yepper. . .seems there was some chatter reported between Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when the primitive blamings are said to have begun. . .in allegory, myth, and symbol. . not history book here. LOL

banisterferrars said...

This, like most things in our human comedy, is all about money. Some people give these people money to tell them whom to hate. As if they're saying "I'll pay you to take responsibility for my life. Tell me what to do and who my friends can be." Without funding, all these odd religious groups would fade away.

My all-time favorite quote from fellow Baltimorean H. L. Mencken is "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

Coop said...

These guys don't scare me, Babes.

I tolerated it for about 3 minutes. Right up until the "if it's so accepted, why did he kill himself"

Jabacue said...

Dumb, dumber, dumbest!

J said...

We will face this problem as long as there are people proclaim as holy the rantings of Leviticus, St. Paul, Muhammad and any other bearded loon who staggered out of his tent or cave two thousand years ago and claimed to know the mind of the creator. As for money, the only way it factors into the equation is that you better keep your hand on your wallet when these guys are around. No one ever did time for fraud for selling everlasting life. It's the perfect con--no live witnesses.

JustinO'Shea said...

In my unprofessional opinion on such matters, and in my capacity as blog-owner. . ahem. . .like the title?, , ,I think you need to add "in my opinion" to your latest.

Otherwise you are no different from the gents on the TV program: it is just another form of bashing/ harassment whether it is religious bashing, gay religious bashing, call it what you will. . .

Your calling the theological tenets of my religious faith and affiliation a "con job ",. . . .and your wording leaves it open to assume that is your opinion of any and all religions, including mine. as you have openly and often proclaimed in your non-sectarian pontificatings.

Here you mingle specifics - Jews, Muslims, explicitly, and implictly Christians, with free-range generalities.

J, I find your tone/sound/words offensive but I will allow you your opinion. . .for the nonce anyhow. ;-) Gary will prolly call it a 'bad hair day' or a geitgo crawled over your gizzard.

A friend asked me why I even bother to include such trash [the TV program. . .not opinions. . lol ] on my blog. I do it to help us keep in mind that the world we live in is not at all that friendly to gays and other objects of prejudice. Yepper, we've cone a "long way, baby," sure thing. . .but from an evolutionary species-in-process we haven't quite made it to the entrance of the cave from which, hopefully, we will one day emerge into intelligent light of day and rational civility.

justin o'shea

Gary Kelly said...

J sometimes lacks subtlety, but he sure gets his point across. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Sorry, JustinO, but you can't have it all your way.

J said...

Great response, Justin. But regarding my phillipic, wouldn't you say that one bashing deserves another?
I know that you are going to love your church irrespective of how often the Pope and the scriptures condemn the "sin" of your sexual preference. The problem is that I've never been able to turn a blind eye to a palpable evil even if it is cloaked in vestments and incense. If our creater is both sentient and moral don't you think he wouldn't approve of people who claim to be his messengers propagating meanness in his name? In my opinion they speak only for themselves, are altogether human and therefore no more deserving of veneration than the rest of us. This is, of course, just my opinion, and you are the prince of your forum. If I get too out of hand you can promptly subject me to the excommunication of your delete button. Irrespective of what happens, kid, I love you.

JustinO'Shea said...

I do not totally disagree with your opinions expressed. I do diaagree with the sweeping dismissal of any and all religious expression because of the failures of one or another individual or groups of individuals in various eras and areas of a religious institution's history.

In the history of Christianity there have been errors, mistakes, bad judgments, even some daring to be "in God;s name". These do not negate the totality of its history, teaching, service, life.

Mean statements, actions, etc re homosexuality are wrong. Homosexuality is not the totality of Christian teaching and living. The pope is not "the church"; he, like me, is a member of the church.
He has his place and ministry; I have mine. We are a PART of the church; we are not the TOTAL PICTURE. Thanks be to God.

The pope is a product of his era, life experiences, education, etc etc. . .so am I. But, again, we are not the whole story. The negation of the whole, based on the actions of a part or of a few parts is not logical, reasonable, or intelligent. That narrows the view far too much.. . to myopic.

I have a strong reluctance to use 'delete'. . . rather I prefer to dialog. . .but I am not going to let things just pass by, either.

J and Gary, with our banter back and forth, our regard and respect for each other is rather obvious. Different opinions and disagreements do not change our blog relationship. How boring if we all talked, thought and acted the same! And. . how would I learn more if we didn't talk honestly, and the like?

Cheers, Duuudes. . ."let the good times roll. . "

~~~~~~ justin

Gary Kelly said...

The work in progress is coming along quite well, JustinO. Hehe.

Honestly, ya gotta love J. The delete button would serve no useful purpose.

Dialogue and diversity rules.

J said...

Thanks, Gary, for coming to the defense of my fractious ass. I am reminded of that great line by Randall Jarrell: "Your uncle in Australia has died and you are Pope."

Coop said...

If I may:

J has a valid point. He says, I think, that religion is full of know-it-alls. Prophets, "prophets", priests, pontiffs, and believers.
These guys on the talk show are know-it-alls.

Call me un-Catholic. I don't believe that the pope is infallible. He can't be. I believe that he is sincere in his calling to serve God and human kind, but he's still a flawed human.
I think the doctrine of papal infallibility is a product of
hunger for authority.

How many times was Peter, the first pope, scolded and reprimanded by Jesus? And when he was in hot water with the Romans, Peter denied knowing Jesus.

Coop said...

I appreciate Justino's desire to keep all this prejudice in mind.

When these guys wondered why Tyler killed himself even though Rutgers tolerates homosexuality, my brain seized up. They haven't got a clue! How could be educated... change their opinion? They aren't open to new things.
Bah! I stopped the video right there.