Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day on The Dunes

Merry Christmas to you and all dear to you. . .

Felice Navidad!  Joyeux Noel !  Merry Christmas !

Here at the O'Shea-Bouvier ranchero on the Dunes we're sorta quietly settled into some 'down time'  after all  wonderful traditional Reveillons  festivities. . . added to it this year
Father Jon, from-college-circle of friends of my parents. . .in their 'hippy days' right thru to their Yuppie Days [daze] -- all still friends.  Fr Jon is with us for a few days.  So we celebrated Mass in the large family room with Tree all lit, and fireplace flames dancing gayly. . . it was a beautiful liturgy. . . . peaceful, loving, fun. . .something tho was missing from the days of crowds and the smells and bells and incense and all those very Catholic things. . . . .we sang the carols. . .and the youngest grandson age 4 carried Baby Jesus and put him in the manger "cuz there was no room for them in the Inn. . ."  so we opened our home to Them.

Following the old tradition  there was large lit candle in the front window shining out as sign there was room for Mary and Joseph with us.  The youngest child went out on the veranda aka porch and knocked on the front door. . .he was carrying Baby Jesus. . we were all gather near the door to open it and welcome Him and lead  "Them" in and Tim placed the little Lord Jesus in the manger for there was room for Him in the Inn of our home and hearts. 

Mass and the telling of the Bethlehem [house of bread. . bakery!] Story and the angels and shepherds and kings. . . and then we were fed with The Bread of Life and drank from the Cup of Salvation.   "God became like us that we might become like Him."

Then supper. . . .oh what a feast. . . .because of the granchildren we didnt wait for midnight. . .we began earlier so everyone could be quite awake.



Gary Kelly said...

I don't share your enthusiasm for Christmas rituals, JustinO, but I am pleased that you and your family and friends celebrated the event in style. As you said, peaceful, loving, fun. Sounds pretty cool to me.

Jabacue said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. It reminded me of when we would have Mass in our house....only difference was that the boys, myself and my brothers, would have 'pretend Mass' in the living room! lol

sophie...^5 said...

sounds delightful...cheers!

J said...

You don't have to be devout to love the pagentry and music of the Christmas ritual. One of these days I plan to spend Christmas in London, because no nation puts on better rituals than the British.

JCinmeforever said...

Wow... a real cool celebration!


Gary Kelly said...

J has obviously never thrown a shrimp on an Aussie barbie.



Justin, I grew up with the love of
Christmas, built a manger and put
it in the front yard. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, with the blue silver, white silver, and brown silver paint and glitter.
Baby Jesus was so beautiful in the
yellow silver straw. Christmas
lites made 2 beautiful 15' blue Christmas trees, with a 4 foot lite
Star. It was given away when I left
for Florida in '73. I miss it. Can't find a pattern in the newsp'ers anymore, this was in '58.
That Love of this Time of the Year,
never goes away. Twelve years of
Catholic School, and the Teachings
is something I am glad to have had.
My Son, is the same way, but I think he is worse. He has the heart of a Saint. The other two are not so.
1 out of 3 is better than none.
Your Love of Advent and Christmas Joy, helps us enjoy the Cold nights, giving us warmth in our Hearts. Thank You Justin, you have made my Christmas this year better, than I have ever known.

JustinO'Shea said...

THANK YOU very much, JOE. . .for sharing your memories. . remembering makes them almost really present. . again. And thank you for your kind words. I am so glad The Dunes brings you joy and comfort and encouragement. What more could I ask for? ;-)
May your heart be merry. . . ;-)
hugs. . .