Saturday, December 11, 2010


Once upon a time. . . . actually it was the other afternoon in class. . LOL. . .as I was beginning, and everyone was chattering away. . .really. . "Mist-O'Shea. . .Mist-O'Shea. . ." some one was being real formal and polite. . .LOL.  "Yes", said I to the young lady trying to get my attention. . ."Yes, Letitia. . ."   "Mist-O'Shea". . .slowing down. . "K. . .Justin. .. can we have a little Christmas party?". . . Hmmmm. . ."Yes, Justin, " chimed in Rob, "we'd like a little get-together before we all go home. . . .both groups."  So, I like parties. . .so of course we can!  "But you know all the university statements about parties. . . " "Yes, Mist-O'Shea, we will follow all of them and it will be nice and simple."

So we had our Christmas party yesterday afternoon, and, I must say, the students . . my kids..ahem. . .were just great.  But to set this up I must go back to an incident in class, early November, when Fall was feeling more like the other Season-to-come. . . I asked them a question. . ..a leading one to be sure. . .ho ho ho. . "Have you ever slept with a duvet ?"   A titter went thru the room. . .some knowing grins. . . but no revealing answers. . I continued . ."A duvet is so nice to cuddle with. . .makes you feel so warm and toasty. . .it's vry nice. . "  One of the. . .duuuuhhh  boys "Is this a trick question?"
"Yes. . . ..duuuuuhh."  hahaaa

A duvet is a nice cuddly down [as in geese feathers. . down stuffing] comforter. Those who knew, laughed; a few looked relieved.  Blah, blah, blah. . .and the comforter usually have a duvet cover which comes off for washing, etc.  And I went on with class, and the reason I began with sleeping with a duvet. . ..which is totally irrelevant here. . .except for what came next. . .Then two large packages appeared. . . .One was a totally awesome down comforter. . .and the other was a gorgeous blue duvet cover "which will just match your eyes so well!"  giggled Letitia. . .and everyone roared!
I don't have blue eyes of any shade of blue!  My eyes are deep dark BROWN ! 

Well you could have bowled me over with a goose feather!  Such a lovely gift, from my students, tied in with our learning together and growing in all sorts of wonderful ways.  I am so touched by them and their loving gift and our party. . .all according to the rules of the University. . . ;-)

There is a bit more humor. . .when things are done by a committee. . ..well, you know. . . the comforter is a large, spacious KING size.  The duvet is QUEEN size !  hahaaa but it works just fine! 
Of course I had to try it out. . . .sleeps very well. . .nice and cuddly warm to snuggle in with. . . . . . .yepper!  
Justin  . . . . .aka Mist-O'Shea                         


Gary Kelly said...

What a thoughtful bunch of students you have, JustinO. That's a lovely story.

Oh... and my guess is you sleep on the left side of the bed.

Coop said...

Now that you have a nice Dooovay you can get new curtains. teehee.
I don't think I knew exactly what a duvet was until now.

My comforter isn't even on my bed yet-- shows you how with the season I am. NOT.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Gary. . . .and Yes, I DO sleep on the left side. . . ! hahah

How did you know? The lamp on the nightstand? ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

COOPster. . . the duvet is on the bed most of the year! hehe

Gary Kelly said...

Rosary beads.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hahahahaaaaa. . . .usually they are under the pillow! ;-) You miss nothing, sir. How you know it wasn't a necklace/ neckbeads? ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

Clearly a roasary. . . .you're correct, sir. ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Anonymous said...

Nice story my hunk-o-man studly one who liveth among the dunes.

Your Rosary looks a lot like mine. Cedarwood and lives in a small cedarwood box when not in use, which I confess, isn't very often. But then you know we Episcopalians are only junior varsity Roman Catholics, so perhaps I can have a dispensation.

Back to the reality and drama of campus. Wayne now "thinks" he "might" like to go in with us with the apartment after all. Well he left all of it hanging just that much too long because we've got two other dudes lined up.

Most Gracious Lord, Creator and sustainer of the universe, giver of every perfect gift, in thy mercy grant unto thy servant Banister such patience as thou along knows he requires when dealing with his roommate, who, knowing in his heart that he is gay, yet proclaims otherwise. Amen.