Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh, oh. . .I can just hear it now. . . . sheeeessshhhh !

I heard something potentially a "problem" to further acceptance of gays in the military. . .because. . "See! they can't be trusted!"

On NBC News this evening Mr Holt was talking about the WikiLeaks and all, then the discussion of Bradley Manning, the young man in the military accused of providing the Leak-er with all those classified documents.  The report went back to his childhood, highschool where he reported feelings of being ignored, shoved aside, etc. . .and then later Manning was angry because he had to serve in a war to which he is totally opposed. . . . Why?
. . . ..ready for this?. . . because he is GAY and has to keep that secret, cannot serve openly. . . .!!!

Can you see where that could lead for some of the opposition of the repeal of DADT !?  The president may sign the repeal into law.  That does not convert the minds and hearts of those who do not understand, who fear us and hate us.

I hope no one else heard this evening's NBC News report.


J said...

Of course, the great majority of spies were straight, and doing it for money. I don't seriously believe many people would accept this tripe as true, and can't imagine why NBC found it newsworthy. They might just as well broadcast the rantings of a schizophrenic drunk on a streetcorner.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh but they do. . .they have REPUBLICANS yakking regularly. . .elected schizoid drunks. . like McCain and others. . .he he he

[you asked for it, J. . .;-) ] hshshss