Saturday, December 18, 2010

HOMOPHOBIA. . . . . interesting views

Homophobia – the irrational, unscientific, and primitive fear of gays and lesbians – is the vilest of hatreds.

It’s illogical and untenable. Homophobia lies in the same gutter with all the other hatreds, including racism, misogyny, religious bigotry, and tribalism. It’s the oppression of the most vulnerable members of our society.

No progressive person can be a homophobe. Just like no progressive person can hate women because of their gender.

Homophobic heterosexuals need to relax a little and see the humanity in their homosexual compatriots.

These are the thoughts of an African Gay activist from Kenya. who has some good things to say on the subject of Gay Freedom.
 Here is the link. . . if you'd like to do some serious read/ think  from a Third World (ever think how strange that term is?) country.  The arrogance of the name-coiner!


Coop said...

The homophobia of some in the United States... they call themselves Evangelical Christians... is being destroyed from within.
Jim Swilley, one of the ministers, has emerged from the closet.
Clint McCance, the Arkansas school board member who wanted Gays to commit suicide, had his Christian beliefs questioned by people in his own community.
I confess to smiling with glee over the whole thing.

Coop said...

This is very good stuff coming from Mr. Mutua.

What's going on in Africa is complicated... for me anyway. I hear that gender roles are deeply ingrained. Of course, the European influences could have desecrated indigenous culture, much like what happened to our Native Americans. I also hear that American churches have a lot influence over there... that is they keep drilling homophobia into people's heads.

Let's not forget. Mr Mutua is courageous; but he speaks from Buffalo, New York; where his right to speak his mind is protected.

One of my deepest realizations has been this: the majority of human kind identifies more or less with Adam and Eve. The are called to find someone of the opposite sex to love and to be their helpmate; to procreate.
There is a lot of prejudice against Queer people, but more importantly, we're unique.

Gary Kelly said...

Homophobia lies in the same gutter with all the other hatreds...

Yes, it certainly does.