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NJ student's suicide points our internet dangers. . . . .

More news on these tragic events at Rutgers. . . .

Hello Everybody. . . .

Yes. . .and the sad thing is that these two students, apparently, never stopped to think even of the potential harm they were causing. Now alone and in conversations with law enforcement and lawyers they are being told the severe consequences of what they did.
But when gays and lesbians are held in such low regard, in general, in our society. . . I don't mean the politically correct terms, words, phrases used on "state occasions". . .but the realities that millions laugh about watching TV "comedian" a-holes. . .the things guys say and do to a fag kid in the locker room. . or worse, out behind the football stands. . . Those of you who saw/remember the flash scenes in BrokebackMountain of what happened to one of the two men. . . and the grief in the life of the other. Or that scene in QAF where Justin is bashed, almost killed in the parking garage at the prom. . by the football hunk whom Justin had jerked off and then later told out in public on the Liberty Street in Queer Village. We can too easily say "well those were just movies". . .and that is correct. . .yet movies based on real life stories of what happens to gay boys who get caught. . . Children learn their mores/morals from adult society and mirror it. . . . justin p.s. My students, on their initiative, are organizing a peace/reconciliation prayer vigil for tomorrow night. .. AND, ,get this: it will be held in the chapel at the Catholic Center on campus! That's where they wanted and they got no hassle from the Fathers there. ;-)
September 30, 2010 6:37 PM

Parents Meet To Prevent Other Teen Suicides

Tehachapi Parents Working To Fight Back Against Bullying

POSTED: 8:46 pm PDT September 29, 2010
UPDATED: 9:18 am PDT September 30, 2010
The recent death of a Tehachapi teenager has prompted local people to try and find a solution to bullying at school. The parents of some of 13-year-old Seth Walsh's friends say he was openly gay, and that led to years of bullying, and ended in him taking his own life.Walsh has been immortalized on YouTube, in a video created by his best friend who prayed he would recover. But after reportedly hanging himself nine days ago, Seth died on Wednesday."All I know is that the tragedy happened," said Jamie Phillips, the father of Walsh's friend. "I don't know who did it, and I hope who did it understands what they did."
Walsh's family said they knew he was being bullied, but they didn't think they'd lose him because of it."He was a very unique and wonderful child and he left us too soon," said his grandmother, Judy Walsh. "But we are blessed because he was an organ donor and we found out he gave a heart. So he lives on, just not with us, and that's where we wish he were."Tehachapi parents came together Wednesday evening to try and find a way to fight back against the bullies and spark the school district into action, because they say not enough was done to save him.Some solutions they came up with were to have an online forum, and perhaps a confidential hotline for students to report bullying anonymously.One young woman at the meeting volunteered to act as a mediator at the schools so students would have someone young to confide in."I've been bullied myself because I've always been the different kid in school," she said. "I actually have been told to go kill myself, right in front of a teacher. And the teacher said nothing. And I didn't have anybody to talk to. So I am willing to be somebody to talk to."They also wanted harsher repercussions for educators if they know about a bullying situation and they don't act."Our school board has not been enforcing the education code, and as a result I lost a grandson," said Jim Walsh, Seth's grandfather."It's going to take a long time for healing," Phillips said. "This is a terrible thing that's happened. So let's wake up, and start doing something about it."If you, or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts or tendencies, call the Kern County Mental Health Crisis hotline at 800-991-5272. It's available 24 hours a day.

Sex Prank Drives Teen to Suicide

Tyler Clementi x390 (facebook) | ADVOCATE.COM
- Tyler Clementi
A Rutgers University freshman is presumed to have killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge after his roommate broadcast video of him having sex with another man on the Internet, according to The Star-Ledger of New Jersey.

Authorities found 18-year-old Tyler Clementi’s (pictured) car, wallet, and computer on the bridge last week. Clementi’s body has yet to be found.

Dharun Ravi, 18, and Molly Wei, 18, have been charged with two counts each of invasion of privacy for setting up a camera in a dorm room on September 19 and using it to view and transmit a live sex scene, said Middlesex County prosecutor Bruce Kaplan.

Ravi and Clementi were roommates at Rutgers. Ravi’s Twitter feed on September 19 referred to his seeing his roommate having sex with another man in their dorm room.

"Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into molly's room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay," Ravi said on his Twitter page.

Two days later, Ravi posted an iChat link to a video feed of the encounter.

Ravi surrendered to Rutgers police Tuesday and was released on $25,000 bail, the prosecutor’s office said. On Monday, Wei turned herself in to campus police and was released on her own recognizance.

Read the full story here.  
Neighbor of Tyler Clementi and Dharun Ravi speaks about online sex broadcast, suicide

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Codependent. . . .?

Posted: 26 Sep 2010 10:11 PM PDT
C2C00211 Healthy intimate relationships, whether dating someone rather casually or being committed to a life partner, call for a bit of a balancing act. Intimacy requires an ability to act selflessly sometimes -- to put the other guy’s interests on a par with our own. At the same time, if we don’t get our own needs met, we are going to experience this relationship as pretty damn unfulfilling. We want to maintain our individualism, but also to open our hearts in a way that allows us to grow closer.

Healthy relationships require taking responsibility for our own selves, while allowing the other person to keep responsibility for himself. How to do this? Start by deciding that you are going to let go of the “v word:” victim. You are responsible for the choices you make. If you find yourself consistently dating or in relationship with men who can’t control their anger, or who are alcoholics, or who can’t keep a job or pay their bills, you could decide that all men (except you, of course!) are “just that way.” Or you explore whether there is something within you that seeks out men with certain needs or patterns. 

Do you find that you are so sensitive to the feelings of others that you sometimes have a hard time knowing what you are actually feeling yourself? Notice, for instance, if something happens that makes you angry -- but you find yourself deciding that you are angry sometime later, not in the moment. Or if your feelings express themselves as headaches, stomach trouble, or other somatic problems rather than in tears or anger.

Boys often aren’t raised to pay attention to their emotions. Perhaps you were told not to cry when you were growing up or you were told that good boys don’t get angry. Learning to express your feelings may require learning some new skills or a bit of a new language. Of course, expressing yourself doesn’t mean unloading on the other person in a way which is abusive.

Understand that there is a place for anger in relationships. Stuff happens. Learning to express angry feelings in the moment -- and in a way which doesn’t attack the other person -- keeps those angry feelings from festering into bitterness and hostility. Learn that anger doesn’t mean a relationship is over. Take responsibility for your feelings: “I feel angry when you do this because...” Don’t attack the other person.

If you find yourself currently in a relationship that causes you to feel you might be codependent, begin by taking a deep breath and stepping back a bit. Who is the most powerful person in your life? You are, buddy. Realize that you can change and make choices. In fact, happiness itself is a choice. So choose to take responsibility for your own self.

Do the people around you -- especially your significant other -- encourage you or put you down? If you find yourself around people who are chronically, consistently discouraging, interrupt them. “Friends” who do this are not true friends. When a partner does this it is likely to be a signal that unhealthy patterns have been established. You may want to consider counseling.

Intimacy almost always challenges us and requires us to learn new skills. It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Remember: with patience and persistence and a willingness to face the truth, you can get what you want.
John R. Ballew, M.S. an author and contributor to GAYTWOGETHER, is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Atlanta. He specializes in issues related to coming out, sexuality, relationships and spirituality. If you have any questions or comments you can submit them directly to GAYTWOGETHER or John R. Ballew, M.S. -
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Shock Jock Scrolling Picture

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More Autumn Moon

A hawk perched on a tree at the edge of Randleman ...
Wed Sep 22, 9:38 PM ET
  • Harvest moon A hawk perched on a tree at the edge of Randleman Lake is framed by the harvest moon, near Branson Davis Road in Randolph County, NC on Wednesday.

beautiful dreamer


DADT WIN: Federal Judge Orders Reinstatement Of Major Margaret Witt

In another win in the battle to overturn DADT, late this afternoon a federal court ordered the reinstatement of Air Force Major Margaret Witt, who was suspended just before her retirement date in 2004 after her superiors learned she is a lesbian. Today's decision only applies to Major Witt's case.
A federal judge ruled Friday that a decorated flight nurse discharged from the Air Force for being gay should be given her job back as soon as possible in the latest legal setback to the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. The decision by U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton came in a closely watched case as a tense debate has been playing out over the policy. Senate Republicans blocked an effort to lift the ban this week, but two federal judges have ruled against the policy in recent weeks. Maj. Margaret Witt was discharged under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy and sued to get her job back. A judge in 2006 rejected Witt's claims that the Air Force violated her rights when it fired her. An appeals court panel overruled him two years later, leaving it to Leighton to determine whether her firing met that standard.
Witt was represented by the ACLU. Read the decision here (PDF.) Reactions to the decision are below.

Human Rights Campaign

“By reinstating Major Witt, a decorated Air Force nurse discharged under ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ another federal court has demonstrated once again that this discriminatory law does not contribute to our nation’s security or defense,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “Had Major Witt been discharged in any other circuit in the country, she would not had her day in court. It is time for Congress and the Administration to recognize that his failed law should be removed from the books once and for all.”
Servicemembers United
"Yet another judge has taken yet another righteous, historic, and courageous stand against a discriminatory and unconstitutional law," said Alexander Nicholson, founder and Executive Director of Servicemembers United. "Major Witt's case is a clear-cut one in which her discharge itself actually harmed unit cohesion, morale, and combat readiness." This legal victory against the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law is the second this month, with a judge in Riverside, California previously declaring the entire "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law unconstitutional in a facial challenge to the law brought by the Log Cabin Republicans. Major Witt's victory will apply only to her own discharge, but the precedent set with this decision and the previous appellate court ruling in this case on the standard to be used in deciding on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" discharges all contribute to a significant shift in how courts appear to be viewing and treating the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law.

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Playing with the Autumn Moon

My Thinking Spot

Death Penalty Survey

Poll Results
Thank you for voting.
Should a Virginia woman on death row face execution despite an IQ bordering on retardation?
Yes, she was convicted of planning a heinous crime. 3%
No, her low IQ is evidence she is mentally unfit. 30%
I don't believe in the death penalty. 68%

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Supreme Court won't stop woman's execution

Teresa Lewis, with IQ of just 72, will be Virginia's first female execution in century.

Read more:

Teresa Lewis
Virginia Department of Corrections
Teresa Lewis

Take our Poll

Sentenced to Die

Should a Virginia woman on death row face execution despite an IQ bordering on retardation?

Read more:

Autumnal Equinox . . . . .TONIGHT 11:09 PM est. . . Sept 22, 2010

Hey there, ALL y'ALL. . . ..check this out so you will know what is happening tonight: a MAJOR EVENT.

The EVENT is coming. . . .Daaa Daaaaaauuuh. . . .

HUUUUAAAAHHHHH ! I think he's got it !!!

   The correct posture for CPR. . . . .. ;-)    

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LOOK what those BASTARDS are doing. . . . . . !

September 21, 2010

Move to End ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Stalls in Senate

WASHINGTON — With Congress increasingly paralyzed by the partisan fury of the midterm elections, the Senate on Tuesday voted against taking up a major military bill that includes a provision allowing the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” regarding gay soldiers.

Senate Republicans voted unanimously to block debate on the bill — the huge, annual authorization of military programs — after the majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, said he would attach a number of the Democrats’ election-year priorities to it while also moving to limit the amendments offered by Republicans.

The vote was 56 to 43, with Democrats falling short of the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster and take up the bill. The Arkansas Democrats, Senators Blanche L. Lincoln and Mark Pryor, sided with all 40 Republicans present in opposing debate. Mr. Reid switched his vote to no at the last minute, a procedural maneuver that allows him to call for a revote.

Congress has approved the annual Pentagon authorization bill for 48 consecutive years, and it seems likely that the measure will be brought up again after the election in the relatively calmer — if somewhat unpredictable — atmosphere of a lame-duck session.

The House has already approved legislation allowing the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and the provision will likely be easier to pass in the Senate after Dec. 1 when a Pentagon study on the effects of ending the policy is due.

As it stands, the Senate measure would not allow repeal of the policy until after the study is completed and President Obama and top military commanders certify that ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” would not harm morale or impede battle readiness of the armed forces.

Among the amendments that Mr. Reid had pledged to attach to the bill was an immigration measure that would create a path to citizenship for certain illegal aliens who arrived in the United States as children.
That effort was viewed by Republicans as a naked political ploy to mobilize Hispanic voters in races across the country, including Mr. Reid’s own re-election campaign in Nevada.

While Democrats immediately sought to blame Republicans for obstructing both the immigration measure, known as the Dream Act, and the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” it is unclear how the measures, and the military bill itself, would have fared under less intense political circumstances.

The language allowing the Pentagon to end the provision, for instance, was approved last spring by the Senate Armed Services Committee, and at the time even won the support of one Republican, Senator Susan Collins of Maine. Top military leaders including Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have called for the repeal.

Since the repeal provision is now part of the base military bill, opponents of a repeal would need the support of 60 senators to remove it — an unlikely prospect.

In addition, at least one Democrat who opposed the repeal language, Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, had said he would not vote against the overall bill simply to maintain the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy.
But substantive policy disagreements were a secondary consideration in the skirmishing on the Senate floor on Tuesday. Ms. Collins, who is aligned with Democrats on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal, nonetheless voted against allowing debate to begin, and sharply criticized Mr. Reid for politicizing the military measure.

“There are many controversial issues in this bill,” Ms. Collins said in a floor speech. “They deserve to have a civil, fair and open debate on the Senate floor, and that is why I am so disappointed that rather than allowing full and open debate and the opportunity for amendments from both sides of the aisle, the majority leader apparently intends to shut down the debate and exclude Republicans from offering a number of amendments.”
From a policy perspective, the immigration measure was more controversial and Democrats seemed likely to face opposition to it not only by Republicans but from within their own ranks.

Adding the measure to the bill would similarly require 60 votes, and aides in both parties said the effort would likely have failed. Mr. Reid had effectively invited Republicans to block the bill by announcing beforehand that there was simply no time to finish debate on the military authorization bill and that it would have to be completed after the election.

Still, Senator Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan and chairman of the Armed Services Committee, had urged his colleagues to allow the debate to get underway. “We should not deny the Senate the opportunity to take up a bill, which is essential for the men and women in the military because we disagree with some of the provisions in the bill,” Mr. Levin said.

Going forward, the broader military measure is not without complications. Although the Obama administration strongly supports repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, the White House has already threatened to veto the House version of the military bill over several provisions that it opposes, including the authorization of $485 million for construction of an extra engine for the F-35 joint strike fighter. The White House believes that spending is wasteful.

Her Name is Rose . . . .

The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know someone we didn't already know. I stood up to look around when a gentle hand touched my shoulder.

I turned around to find a wrinkled, little old lady beaming up at me with a smile that lit up her entire being..

She said, 'Hi handsome. My name is Rose. I'm eighty-seven years old. Can I give you a hug?'

I laughed and enthusiastically responded, 'Of course you may!' and she gave me a giant squeeze..

'Why are you in college at such a young, innocent age?' I asked.

She jokingly replied, 'I'm here to meet a rich husband, get married, and have a couple of kids...'

'No seriously,' I asked. I was curious what may have motivated her to be taking on this challenge at her age.

'I always dreamed of having a college education and now I'm getting one!' she told me.

After class we walked to the student union building and shared a chocolate milk shake.

We became instant friends. Every day for the next three months we would leave class together and talk nonstop. I was always mesmerized listening to this 'time machine' as she shared her wisdom and experience with me..

Over the course of the year, Rose became a campus icon and she easily made friends wherever she went. She loved to dress up and she reveled in the attention bestowed upon her from the other students. She was living it up.

At the end of the semester we invited Rose to speak at our football banquet. I'll never forget what she taught us. She was introduced and stepped up to the podium. As she began to deliver her prepared speech, she dropped her three by five cards on the floor.

Frustrated and a little embarrassed she leaned into the microphone and simply said, 'I'm sorry I'm so jittery. I gave up beer for Lent and this whiskey is killing me! I'll never get my speech back in order so let me just tell you what I know.'

As we laughed she cleared her throat and began, ' We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing.

There are only four secrets to staying young, being happy, and achieving success. You have to laugh and find humor every day. You've got to have a dream. When you lose your dreams, you die.

We have so many people walking around who are dead and don't even know it!

There is a huge difference between growing older and growing up.

If you are nineteen years old and lie in bed for one full year and don't do one productive thing, you will turn twenty years old. If I am eighty-seven years old and stay in bed for a year and never do anything I will turn eighty-eight.

Anybody! Can grow older. That doesn't take any talent or ability. The idea is to grow up by always finding opportunity in change. Have no regrets.

The elderly usually don't have regrets for what we did, but rather for things we did not do. The only people who fear death are those with regrets..'

She concluded her speech by courageously singing 'The Rose.'

She challenged each of us to study the lyrics and live them out in our daily lives. At the year's end Rose finished the college degree she had begun all those months ago.

One week after graduation Rose died peacefully in her sleep.

Over two thousand college students attended her funeral in tribute to the wonderful woman who taught by example that it's never too late to be all you can possibly be.

OK, GARY. . . . .JUST FOR YOU, , , , ;-)

Lumens/ Sun/ Hibernation / Assorted Stuff

Don't "pay me no never mind " (fractured franglish). .just some wandering observations. . . . . justin


Hey there, Mister Man. . . are you in touch with your "inner lover"?  Wats cookin', man?

Just came from my own class. . .attending one, taking notes, learnin; stuff. . .I guess,. . .LOL
I am in a strange mood this morning. . . .can't put my finger on it. . . .quietly trying.  I'm in my shared, presently alone, TA office with a cuppa and a toasted Portuguese muffin. .  .not like but like an english muffin. . .;-) . . .has a few raisins, with a hint of some spice...just a slight hint, mind ya. . .buttered, course.  Always keep some of the bare essentials  [essentially I like being bare] in the small fridge. . . emergency stuff. .  .like butter, coffee cream, coffee of course, p-butter, and some basic munchy food.   There's a Folger's coffee can sitting on the fridge. . . for monetary contributions to maintain EMG foods.

I am in a grey-green [not from age!] comfy recliner, leaning back, feet elevated, laptop in place.   I'm a little sore last night and today.
Was out on my regular run. . . Run for Svelt. . . ho ho ho. . . guess I pulled a muscle. . ..NO! not that one!  . . .upper thigh  and lower buttock [aka gluteous maximus = big but. .ho ho ho ] are a tad sore. . .

Hard to believe we are already well into the semester!  And verging on the Autumnal Equinox. . ya know what means here in the North East. . . .gradually declining days and longer nights. . . .Then we reverse the process, ever so gradually, come the Winter Solstice. . .only a hit of a tad of longer daylight.  I rather hate those dark, cloudy, early lights on days of November.  Some of us are somewhat hampered by the declining dosages of serotonin we need to feel normal and that's when surprising bouts of 'the blues' show up and hits of depressions weigh heavily for some of us.

We're not too far upward on the evolutionary scale and that inner drive to hibernate [to hole up, curl up, hide away in a dark cave and sleep the winter months away] hasn't entirely been squelched by the "industrial revolution" . . hehehe. . .No we live in a world of constant lights-on. . . look around at stores. . .malls. . .ablaze with those fluttering flourescent lights which tire out the eyelid muscles 'cuz we 'flicker' with the lights.  Or look at those of us college and universties. . ..walk anywhere on campus and look in the windows. . walk into any building. . ..ablaze with fake light. . . everywhere. . ..even the bathrooms. . .locker rooms. . .. showers. . . .no dark corners to sneak into for a little "privacy", as it were.  The ever-present Dachau Decor:  myriads of flourescent lites!!!

And NONE of these lights give us lumens. . . .we need lumens which the cloudy days do not provide.. . the lumens come from the SUN.
No wonder our world is nutz!  We live our lives in fake environments!  A human being needs 10,000 lumens  a day  to feel normal  !
In the dark cloudy days of Fall and Winter  we may be lucky to get 300 - 400 lumens.  No wonder people feel we New Englanders are a tad strange.  LOL  We are deprived, babes, deficient in the natural sun vitamins like serotonim .

've noticed, I am sure, how much better you feel when you wake up to a sunny day. . . and how good it is to be out in the sun as long as we can.   In the olden days. . .before TV video/pc games  I am told kids played outside most of the day, come in to eat, and back out till sunset.  What a contrast today.  The so-called Gothic look is essentially sun-deprivation. . . the night people, vampires. . . and they don't all look like Taylor Lautner !!!

Oh my, how did I get carried away with all this stuff???  Well in one lecture series we are talking about and delving into depression. . .DE PRESS SHUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. . . .OY VEY , 'Adam and 'Eva !

"This little light of mine. . I'm gonna let it shine. . shine. . .shine. . ."  Keep smiling, babes.  Guys will wonder what your up to. LOL

Have some lumens. . ..  ;-)


Doesn't this look GOOD !

Pasta_150An incredibly quick and easy pasta dish of a butter, ricotta and Parmesan cheese sauce on fettuccine topped with fresh tomato and basil. 

Prep: 10 minutes.
Start To Finish: 20 minutes.
1 package (9 ounces) refrigerated fettuccine
3 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted
3/4 cup ricotta cheese
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 large tomato, chopped (1 cup)
2 tablespoons coarsely chopped fresh basil leaves
1 .  Cook and drain fettuccine as directed on package. Return to saucepan.
2 .  Stir together butter, ricotta cheese and 1/3 cup of the Parmesan cheese. Toss with hot fettuccine.
3 .  Top pasta with tomato, basil and remaining Parmesan cheese.

~~~~a gift from Michael at   ;-)

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Tolerance in the Face of Ongoing "Religious" Violence ?

  Now that we have had our chuckles and giggles over semen-clogged drains at Penn State. . . .I'd  like to present a more serious issue / question several of us have been tossing around for your cogitation and comments.

     Friday's news revealed that six Algerians have been arrested in Britain for plotting to kill the Pope, and a political cartoonist in Seattle has gone into hiding because her proposed contest to draw Muhammed has resulted in the issuance of a fatwa [a non-binding judgment] against her and numerous death threats.

    AreYou  prepared to endorse the toleration of religions that promote the murder of those who speak against them. ?

    There are other issues which can be brought into play here. . . .However, the question is "religions that promote murder. . . .."etc.

    So, what are your thoughts of this issue?


School Days. . . School Daze. . . .. HO HO HO

         You might find this link of curious interest. . . . . perhaps.
          If the link does not click on, type it into your browser and click enter.   ;-)

           59273_433809141462_706231462_5608160_3757906_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 484x648 pixels)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


"A Personal Letter from J&D"

noh8jnd.jpgFor those of you who have been following our career, first of all, 'thank you'. 
Most of you know the amazing journey that we've shared together over these past eight years of touring.  We have made so many wonderful friends and we've had the opportunity to travel the world. 

Whether it was by our video "This is Love" being voted "Video of the Year" in 2006 or our documentary-film "We're All Angels" airing on SHOWTIME and recently LOGO, our work and music has reached thousands of people.  We've received emails from countless people sharing their stories and we are constantly reminded of the importance of what we do.
If you haven't seen our Noh8campain pic, here it is above left.  It represents that although the GLBT community has made many strides towards freedom, equality and justice, there is much work to do and we will not be silenced. 
Since moving to Houston in 2008 our life has shifted and it was one of the best decisions we've ever made.  We welcomed the opportunity for some balance and stability by joining the staff at Unity Church where we currently lead the youth and young adult groups and started a music service the "First Friday" of the month, called Celebration Service.  On the other weekends, we continue to tour the country giving concerts.
jnddweddingforweb.jpgMost of you also know that this past May 15th, we finally had the wedding of our dreams.  Many of you sent your best wishes and some of you even joined us on our Wedding Celebration Cruise.  It was a beautiful experience and one we will never forget.  Thank you to everyone who shared in this occasion with us, for your gifts, cards and love. 
As I have been sharing in our concerts, "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...?" Yes, you guessed it!  deMarco and I are in the process of planning a family and our life is continuing to shift and grow in new and exciting directions.

If you have received a newsletter from us in the past, than you know about our vision of S.A.F.E. Last year a young man who I had been emailing with had been struggling afte
r "coming out of the closet".  He had been kicked out of his home and was going from friend to friend, sleeping on their couch.  He finally ended up with a friend who told him that he could stay there as long as he needed to.  Unfortunately, a month later, that same friend of his emailed me letting me know that this young man had taken his own life and that she wanted me to know how much he had said that I meant to him.  I knew in that moment that "IT IS TIME".  For several years I have had a vision for a non-profit organization that would help kids who have been kicked out of their homes, or who were in foster care because of being kicked out or rejected by their own parents, or perhaps were aging out of the foster care system and had no support and nowhere to turn.  After moving to Houston I saw the need for an organization like this more than ever before and it fueled my dream.  That dream is finally being realized with the launching of our new non-profit S.A.F.E. (Safe, Affirming, Family Environment).
We officially received 501(c)3 non-profit status on June 22, 2010 and are in full force preparing and planning for the work that S.A.F.E. is to do.  By January 1st 2011, it is our intention to open the very first "Safe Spot" in Houston which will provide a drop-in and resource center for "throw-away" youth and young adults who will be offered snacks, coffee, clothes, books and a computer station. It is also our intention to begin forming a community of house parents and 'Safe Houses' who are willing to offer transitional housing to GLBTQ young adults and 'Safe Houses' run by foster parents currently certified through Child Protective Services or those wishing to get certified to foster GLBTQ kids.  Our intention with the homeless community is to encourage GLBTQ kids to enter the Foster Care system and educate them on the benefits offered to them by the state, knowing that they will be placed with a GLBT friendly foster home found through our organization. If you are interested in joining our online community, please visit  Our goal is to start with Houston and then help other cities create "Safe Spots" and form S.A.F.E. communities locally with S.A.F.E.'s mentorship and guidance.

jndcutaway.jpgWe filmed a new music video to our song 'Safe', the title cut from our latest CD, also entitled "Safe".  We are in post-production with the video and are planning to release it by the end of the year.  We believe that this video is powerful and is going to put a face to the issues that the organization S.A.F.E. is striving to bring to peoples' awareness.  Our hope is that we will strike a chord with talk show personalities who help get the mission and need for S.A.F.E. out there to America!

This new venture is going to take much time and energy, and with us beginning a family, it is the perfect opportunity for us to make this our focus while taking time off of the road to adjust to parenthood.  Many of you have been along with us on our journey from the very beginning and we are so excited to get to share this next chapter with y
We cannot do this alone.  There are kids out there who need us.  They are all OUR kids!  So please visit to read more about our mission, our vision and be a part.  We currently have a donor who is willing to match funds up to $25,000.  We have raised $13,765 to date and our intention is to raise $100,000 by the end of the year so we can begin the work in the New Year.
deMarco and I will continue recording and releasing new music and we will continue touring occasionally through most of 2011.  Please share S.A.F.E. with anyone you know and join our online community by visiting the website.  Together we will create a world where EVERY heart has a home!

Stay Tuned!
blogtalk.jpgWe have also launched a new online Radio Program called "The SAFE Spot".  Tune in for updates on S.A.F.E. and the work that we are doing by visiting "The SAFE Spot Blog Talk Radio".

J&D's Challenge and How You Can Help!
deMarco and I have also begun a new venture.  For eight years we have used music as a method to help people heal and it seems that now, more than ever, people are in need of healing.  This past year, we have heard so many people share their struggles, whether it is their health, their job situation or their finances.  We have personally begun to feel the backlash from the economy and so we are right there with all of you.  With us planning to take some time off the road to begin a family, we've also been praying for some opportunity to present itself that would also be in alignment with our purpose.
The following is a quote from one of our fans:

"OK, as I am sitting at my desk stressed to the max and totally exhausted I decided to check out your video on Isagenix.  What do I have to lose, besides weight?  And as Jason mentioned yesterday on the call.  If you want to support us, which I definitely do and I do monthly, "do it by doing this cleasnse and by purchasing this superfood that is in my opinion the best food available on the planet".  I get benefits from being an "Angel" and my monthly donations just by being able to help support the wonderful things that you do.  This way I can benefit myself, too".

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this update and for your continued support.  Check out for tour updates and other news.  The best is yet to come!

Jason & deMarco