Tuesday, December 7, 2010



This is wonderful!  I've seen this pipe organ at Macy's store, Philadelphia.....it's something.  During certain periods during the day,  an organist plays.  This rendition was a brilliant idea.

A big WOW  for this one !
Hope you enjoy this "Random Act of Culture."



J said...

Just brilliant! Anyone of us who thought America was on the ropes should see this. The crowd looks American, and the fact that most of these ordinary shoppers knew the words and sang along to the great anthem is a triumph. You get the feeling that the ghost of George II is standing up again, not just for the music but the spirit of the people.

JustinO'Shea said...

I've viewed/listened several times and sing right along with them. Doesn't everybody know those words?

We/they better be cautious. . .shssshhh. . . .hide, be silent. . .why some of those folk looked as if they were at worship! Imagine! hahahahahaa

If someone doesn't like it. . then FYE on them also. LOL

I've noted on local TV stations there has been much made of "Happy Hannukkah". . .sweet!~

I will watch to see if the local TV stations make much of "Merry Christmas". . in word! Enough with this Seasons Greetings. . .for
I want to HEAR the word "CHRISTMAS"
as I light my CHRISTMAS tree. . .enough of this Winter Tree crap! I don't mind druids and faeries, Kwanza (I've been known to cavort in a caftan, hehe) and all such folk. . .they add to the "local color" hahaaa. . .and do they! ho ho ho


Jabacue said...

WOW! I am speechless. There is hope for us indeed! Imagine the possibilities. I will 'borrow' this Justin and spread the word.

JustinO'Shea said...

Be my guest, JIM. . .it's such fun. Wish I had been there. . . .;-)

Anonymous said...

It really is impressive when you hear it in the store. The whole building vibrates and you can feel the bourdons and the bombardes through the soles of your shoes!

Alas I haven't shopped in Philadelphia since Strawbridge and Clothier's closed. I don't know who made their store line of shirts and slacks, but they wear like iron. It was a nice train ride up and back, and Thirtieth Street Station is an Art Deco gem.

Fie on them?! And the herdics they rode in on! We shall have their guts for garters.

Stew said...

This just doen't happen at the store where I work at night. But I did crank up the musak the other night.

Stew said...

I wish we did have winter trees or winter lights. February and March are so blah in the North. Wouldn't it be nice if we could leave them up all winter. If you place them along your walkway, you can then see where to shovel.

BTW Loved the video.

Coop said...

These renditions are beautiful.

Richard said...

I was born in Wilmington, Delaware. Every Christmas my grandmere would make us dress up (one HAD to dress up when going shopping at Wanamaker's, which the store was before Macy's bought it) and we took the train to Philadelphia to spend the day shopping. When the organ concert started at noon we would take our place in that grand atrium, where the eagle is located, and crane our necks upwards to watch as the organ played. There were also dancing waters which accompanied the organ. Not sure if those still exist or not. Last year was the 100th anniversary of the organ and I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to hear the organ in concert with the Phila. Symphony. The organ was located on the floor of the atrium. What a marvelous night of music. The thing I miss most about the Philly of my youth is the chestnut vendors who used to be on the street corners, selling hot chestnut warmed in 55 gallon oil drums. Unfortunately, the chestnut blight in the US has savaged most of our trees and this tradition has passed.

J said...

This is for Richard: The chestnut is coming back. Five years ago I planted a shoot in the old orchard of my farm, and it has managed to produce about 12 nuts this year without a fertilizing plant. So I went online and found a place in Florida that sells the small trees, and ordered three of them. They haven't arrived, but the grower guarantees that they are blight resistant. There are now a lot of people planning chestnut farms, and I man join them.

Gary Kelly said...

One of these days, JustinO, you'll be an old bloke telling stories of your youth. So take lots of photos and lots of notes.

JustinO'Shea said...

OK, Gary-o. . . I will have my blog filled with all sorts of interesting [maybe] data, and loads of sagacious comments. . .Cranberry Bog Day !!