Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looking toward the O'Shea Dunes

I just thought I'd post a photo from home. . . It is 43*f with brilliant sunshine.  Yesterday was a wild day in the North East. . NYCity had winds 60 mph blowing thru the canals of buildings.  Western NYState and other part had s-n-o-w.  It is that time of year. ;-)

In the photo the broad Atlantic is on the other side of the Dunes. . .you cannot see the O'Shea hacienda con veranda, from this side.

Today is one of those days when I'd love to roam around the dunes, along the beach, anywhere. . . .but in the world of academia we are running rushing towards finals. . .in a few days some will begin. And then, magic of magic with faerie dust and sparkles, we are OFF and outta here for Christmas break.

The Advent season is here. . . a mystic time of year . . a time of waiting, longing, angst even for some, expectation, hope, joy, some find it a sad time, tinged with the will to hope and wait for better times, better life. . . The prophetic readings from the Hebrew Scriptures challenge and console us, urging us to look over and beyond those things which slow us down and trip us up, to keep our eyes on the coming dawn of new life, new beginnings, new hope.


Jabacue said...

You clearly have SAD Justin! lol
Study your head off.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yepper. . . .SAD. . .seasonal affective disorder. . .LOL
Not enough sunlight; dark too early; too much clothing this time of year for the skin to breathe. . stifled ..LOL

You folk up in the Maritimes get darker earlier than we do, I think.
Dark days are not my forte. . ."Let there be LIGHT. . . " = turn on the hallogen lights and gimme some lumens, like a 10K jolt. . .LOL


Gary Kelly said...

Yes, it's that time of year again. Hot sunny days, crowds at the beach, Santa in Speedos, cold meats and salads, bare feet and flip flops, an Esky full of ice and cold beer, picnics...

All the usual Christmasy stuff.

JustinO'Shea said...

Rub it in, duude. . .rub it in. . .LOL

Coop said...

It is BLACK outside right now.

I am guilty of not being too involved with advent... the spirituality and all that. I made it a point to be more reflective this year ;-) Since it's hard for me to sit quietly n be contemplative and reflective, I haven't gotten too far. Ha!

Stew said...

The advantage that I have working a midnight job is that the sun is coming up when I get out of the first job. And then in the funeral biz, I work outside. Plenty of sun for me all winter. Now if I could just warm up!

JCinmeforever said...

Owwww! 'Santa in speedos' Parish the thought! LOL

...though, I'm sure some of my gay brothers would find that attractive... bless their hearts!

Smiles from California!