Friday, January 23, 2015

AWESOME - - - - -Richard sent this to me. . . . .en joy !

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Dear, dear Radical Joe. . .  you go to the root of things crying out in the cold "JUSTIN, where are you?. . . Talk to ME. . . .Talk to us. . ."

Well, dear Rad, I am here. . . right here, right now. . . I am doing what I am learning to DO. . . . .I LIVE!  Yes, I LIVE, one moment at a time. . .that is what I have to give you, to share with you. . . the NOW-ness of who and how I am. . .  .And in the learning the doctors tell me I am healing. . . I am becoming more healthy. . . .

Guys say to me "O'Shea, what do you do???!!!"  I can now reply. . .calmly, peaceably, gently:  MAN I LIVE !  As I go thru my daily routine I take the meds prescribed for me. . . .and these are restoring my inner man. . . the inner balance. . . .that precious harmony which is the Spirit of God living and working within us. . .more pointedly, the Spirit of the Living God alive and active in me. . . .WoW. . .it is marvelous when I think about it.
I have one group of Psych 1 students with whom I meet three mornings a week. . . and we talk. . . yeah, talk. . . .really talk.  Plus I am available at the on Campus Clinic for those seeking "more talk", more sharing at various times in the day to those seeking more private chat. 

Dear RAD, that is what I do, where I am.  We are all united in that love in which we live and move and have our being. . .

I am living alone, totally united with you all in our different and separate ways. . . .living and loving.. . .growing.  In a way I guess I am like a "junior monk". . . . .learning how to live truly seeking God, as St Benedict asks of the beginner "Does he truly seek God. . Is he zealous for the Work of God. . .?"

That's what I am doing, Dear Rad. . . . .How about you?

. . .with my love and prayer, trying as best I can. . .all the days of my life. . ."

your brother JustinO. . . .in the Urban Dunes