Saturday, August 22, 2015


This article from the daily National Catholic Reporter gives some of the comments people would like to say to the Pope about LGBTQ issues.  There links to many other articles on gay issues and the Church.

Justin O'Shea

Friday, August 21, 2015

LONG TIME. . . .way over-do. . .

Dear Friends and Neighbors, One and All  ~~

It has just hit me. . .WoW. . .we are in mid-August. . . .Let me bring you up to date, for a bit.  This has been an interesting year. . .indeed.  I have learned a lot. . hell, I am ready for my WHITE coat.  ho ho ho.

Health-wise, there has been a lot of improvement since the end of February-into March.  In early May the kidney specialist  directing my therapy for the serious "kidney disease" --- renal failure.  In December it was felt - according to the books that I ought to be on dialysis four days a week!  My MD and I discussed the care of one on dialysis and what it all meant, and for when I was ready, the kind of dialysis therapy we would use.

But as the months progressed using medications, marked improvement in my numbers on xray and bloodwork began to appear.  There would be no need for dialysis!  Thanks be to God and my MDs!!!

First week of May the cardiologist told me there were marked improvements in
the damage to my heart ~~~~~ the blood clot was GONE: no evidence of it any more.  Just GONE! And overall condition had improved. . . I remain A - FIB but I have never noticed it myself, though they assure me that condition is still there.

These two major changes, healings actually, were ample reason to celebrate and this has continued.  Then on Fourth of July I was admitted to the hospital with  pneumonia !!!  How sweet. . . in the infection was such that it produced "delerium". . . I was out of my friggin' mind a lot, saying lots of silly and sometimes embarrassing things ---- my lips are forever sealed. . LOLOLOL. . .When I was ready to go home, my mind was back. . .Of all the things I've lost in life, I miss my mind the most. . ho ho ho  Yepper.

So I continued to get better. . . .but one weekend we kinda had a feeling/ became suspicious that the pneumonia might be back. . .absent the bloody delerium. .
So we didn't waste anytime. . .we were off to the Urgent Care labs to find out.
After more xrays, blood -work, they thought it did look like the crappy PNeum
so they put me on anti-biotics and sent me home.

Anti-biotics do a job on the kidneys so they put me on half-dosage so as not to kill the kidneys. . . a certain amount, every 48 hours for ten days. I didn't get the crazy head again. . . phewww!!!. . .just tired and so I did little and slept s lot. . .I will have a CT Scan next Tuesday to see just WHAT is going on in my lungs. . .
what showed up on he xrays just might have been like the "scars" of the first batch of of the disease.

I will return to campus in early September with a half teaching-schedule and lab/counselling work at the Center. . .and use my head and be sure not to over-do it, etc. etc. ."gets lots of rest". . .and keep on taking my meds and behaving myself. . hahahahaa

I do think of you guys often but, to be honest, I just haven't had the energy and drive to start working on the Blog. . .yepper, the DUNES are/.is still there.  ;-))
I have done some email writing as I feel up to and have something semi-worthwhile to contribute. . .mainly to guys who have written to me about this or that. . . Your care and concern is deeply appreciated. . . .as someone wrote or said. "We're kinda like a family.  .we care and we are 'there'. . . ."  THANKS for that.

Again, genuine THANK YOU, I am happy I am still here to enjoy and celebrate this wondrous exciting gift of life.. . please cherish yours.

Love and hugs. . .
still the same,
Justin O'Shea