Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home Again Home Again Jiggeddy Jog. . . . .Freezing on the Bogs. . .

 Yesterday afternoon I drove off from campus, and not looking back headed home to my much loved Dunes.   Cold day, some blowing snow and lots of  traffic.  Once I crossed over the Sagamore Bridge, leaving the mainland behind, I headed onto Route 6 East. . .and HOME!

Cool overnight. . . yepper quite cool.  This morning it is 21*( or -24.4C, I think) winds from the West 20-30 mph. . .a tad nippy, with snow likely late afternoon.  I think I will forego my daily run.  My head is more weary than my body and I am just kicking back, chillin' out. . .no no no. . the opposite of chilling. . .staying warm.

This has been a very good semester.  I am pleased with and proud of what I have done.  I see now that accepting the two intro classes worked out well and was not interfering with my own grad work. That had been a bit of concern at the beginning.  The students are excellent and I hope some of them choose to do grad work in psych.
I think a few of them have a real knack for it.

And Peter. . .Peter. . . Peter. . ."wherefore art thou" Peter?  A call home tells me he is still out "on the boat somewhere North of here".
It must be cold out on the Atlantic. . . .rocking around. . .God, keep them safe. . . as in the palm of your hand. . .I'd like to be with him but not out on the water. . . 

It is very quiet here at home. . .alone. . .Mom and Dad are both at work and I have the house all too myself. . Too cold to ride my trike out on the veranda. . . LOL  Much more congenial and "pampering the flesh" here by the fireplace. . . some of the wood must be pine and still a tad green. . .thar's a whole lot of pop n' cracking goin' on. .
Later this afternoon, before the snow, I will get more wood in, stored in the wood-box. . . ready for evening.

In the meantime I think I'll warm up some homemade clam chowder with a hard biscuit for dunking. . ;-)

Later. . .



Justin, you are such a good person & writer, you bring everyone into your life and make us so comfortable. It feels like we are
there with you. Glad you are home
for the Christmas Holy Days, there
is nothing like this time of year.
Good Eggnog and a lil rum, makes
the day worth while. Thanks for
your warmth.

Coop said...

I'm afraid I have to brave that horror known as THE MALL later.
In non-holiday life, the outlets in Maine, Kohls, and Marshalls serve me well.

New England... Boston... is home to me. That's where my attachments lie. I have certain requirements for a residence of course, but it's just a dwelling.

It's cold... slight chill. Perfect for snuggling.

Gary Kelly said...

If it were 24C, JustinO Doonie Doonie, it would be about 77F.

As to firewood, the task I remember with most affection and pleasure in my life is splitting logs for the fireplace. I'm not sure what it was about that job but I loved it.

JustinO'Shea said...

THAT was - minus 24 celsius. Is that correctamente? ;-) maybe you couldn't see the minus sign - ?

Gary Kelly said...

- is a bit confusing. Is it a minus sign or a hyphen? Is it meant to be a pause mid sentence?

For the sake of consistency, why not use + in front of temps above freezing?

Personally, I prefer the word minus over -.

But that's just me. Picky.

Gary Kelly said...

Byeth the wayeth, 21F is about minus 8C. Minus 24C is about minus 10F.

jimm said...

Sounds all comfy.

Im buried in snow. Raked the roof twice. And winter starts when?

JustinO'Shea said...

Guess I need to inform GOOGLE, from whence I got the conversion. . LOL

JustinO'Shea said...

Unless we get dumped on like you, JIMM, "on the mainland", , hehe. . a lot of our snow gets blown away by the off shore 'breezes'. . . yepper.

Along route 6 there is a sign or two warning about "sand white-outs"
I've n'er been caught in one. . sand, that is. . I've had the pleasure of snow "white outs'. . .

Winter is a cummen-in on Dec 21. . the official day. . . MA NATURA does not follow our calendars. . The Ole Girl has a mind of her own. . . great mystery, that.

Carry on. . .madly. . .hahahaa


Richard said...

Two years ago when we were up in Ptown between Christman and New Years we took our two English Springers out to the beach at Herring Cove one morning, as we did every day. We parked parallel to the beach on the right side as you come into the parking lot. Well, when we went to open the door to our vehicle the darned door was almost blown off its hinges! Sand was blowing so hard that it hurt as it hit our faces, but the dogs enjoyed their romp. About ten minutes later when we got back into the SUV I discovered that our windshield had been nicely sand blasted in that short time. Lesson learned!

JustinO'Shea said...

Can't talk much in sand blows like that. . . haha. . . .a mouthful of sand is hard on the toughest of mouths. . .hahaaa

How do the dogs keep the sand out of their eyes? Another of life's mysteries. . . .;-)

banisterferrars said...

What a great post Justin, studly boy o'the dunes. I felt like I was right there with you under a huge quilt... I better stop there or Peter will sail South and get me.

So me boyo, when you make the chowdah do you use diced salt pork like we do "down South?"

I can't wait to get home to fireplaces!

Gary Kelly said...

I wish Banister's room mate would comment on this blog. Hehe.

J said...

The clam chowder of the North Carolina coast is composed of water, clams and their juices, diced potatoes and onions and fried bacon with some of its grease. Mighty tasty. I'll think of it tomorrow when the snow is falling around us like popcorn.

JCinmeforever said...

...what a bummer on the temperature Justin! The Sun has been shining nicely here in Southern California...and I'm barking about overcast, Fog, and a five day stint of RAIN headed our way...Hhehhehehh!, Uh'em, Sorry to boast everyone, but you don't have the ground moving furiously unexpectedly under your feet either! It still scares the pudding out of me everytime! We've had two of the largest I've ever felt this the entire state rolled to one side and back, like a ship on the waves! Yikes! God's power is awsome in it's wonder as it is in fury.
Enjoy the the cozy's by the fire, something I rarely see here in Long Beach (S.E. of Los Angeles)


JustinO'Shea said...

hahahaa. .JC, yepper, I've heard of Long Beach. . . .have you heard of Buzzard's Bay? ho ho ho

You're totally correctamente. . .gimme the cool salty breezes and the low temps and snowfalls. .over those earth rockers you guy have to endure. I like my feet in terra firma not in shake, rattle n' roll. . Gotta stay balanced, ya know. .


JustinO'Shea said...

His roommate is free to comment here. . .hehe. . . might spoil your jollies, tho. . . .?

Coop said...

I like the cold. I'll get tired of it when the ice comes and I can't get anywhere without falling all over the place.

JustinO'Shea said...

Me too. . .I like Winter. . .esp when the snow is perfecto for x-c skiing. . . aaaaaaahhhhh yesss!

As for New England Clam Chowdah. . clams, of course, diced potatoes, onion, some salt pork and/or bacon, spices, and C R E A M. . or some lesser as in inferior substitute for cream. . .but the skinniest blue-coloured milk is hardly the stuff for chowdah. Not worth consuming: all the goodness has been siphoned out/off. . .leaving that watery, tasteless crapola aka skimmed milk. . .yuck!

Coop said...

The best chowder is when there's no room for the liquid part.

Coop said...

P.S. Whatcha think of Sunday's forecast.

I'll believe their predicted totals starting tomorrow afternoon.

JustinO'Shea said...

Coospsta. . .that sounds like what happened when this song was created: "Who threw the overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowdah. . .?" Nobody answered so he shouted all the loudah. ."twas a dirty trick I know. . I can lick the Mick that threw. . the overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowdahhhh. . . ."

Early vintage. St Paddy's Day at Fanuel Hall. . .LOL

GoodRock said...

Welcome home Justin.

Glad to hear that your semester went well. It certainly is quiet here in P'Town, my daily runs to Lands End Hardware and the store are the most excitement I have now.

As much as I love it here on my dune on the bay, I'm going to head south Jan 1st, I just don't like being cold. Maybe I'll see you at Christmas Mass before I leave.

I hope you have a great winter break here with your family and Peter and another successful semester.

JCinmeforever said...

Wow, Justin. I've never heard the 'chowdah' song, I can only imagine...

...and your fortunate to like the cold. I do too, but here we drive seven thousand feet up into the mountains and leave it behind when we're done with fun. Hhehehheh.

'earth rockers' Hummm. ...been around for a while and that's a new one for me too. (grin) Your lucky your side of the country doesn't experience ground movement like's freaky!

...not ever heard of 'Buzzards Bay'....shall I 'google earth' it?
A Nice vacation spot, you Say?

Smiles, JCinmeforever

JustinO'Shea said...

hahahaa...didnt imply anything about Buzzards Bay. . .yeah, google it. . tell me what you find. . .LOL

Coop said...

Well, Justin, my comment about Sunday's foreceast is outdated. Sheesh :p

We're gettin flurries.

JustinO'Shea said...

COOPsta. . .the storm is out in the Atlantic. . .we have been spared. . .LOL
NOICE! hahah