Friday, August 28, 2009

I've Just Been Oggling. . . .

. . .my broBoh Shannon's latest post on his website. . . .hooolllyy haawwt or what!

I am moved by his beautiful anima , his inner spirit but I must confess the outer
package touches my roots!

Check his latest photo in his blog today. . . . awesome. . .aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer is Ending. . . .faces are moving on . . ;-)

I am having laidback lazy days. . . well, lazy within reason. There are always some bare essential to ber cared for. . . .lol I've been looking over some material for my master's project nd trying to do some organization of material for class. I am a 'teaching assistsnt' asnd under my program mentor's direction I teach an undergraduate course INTRO PSYCH 101, for first year students. This will be my second year. I've enjoyed it very much and learned a great deal from my students.

I am hanging home for the next two weekends - "the end of summer"
. I probably won't drive north to campus until we are well into Labor Day weekend. . . .get it all to the last minute.

Anything new with you guys. . all y'all? How's your love life? Talk to me. .. ?


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Looking out to sea, watching the hurricane 'Bill' skirt by our coast, with waves unbelievable crashing on our shore down below. This is how to meet the Gods of the Storm.

This is an interesting weekend, flirting with a full=blown hurricane.. . .one of the last weekends of the summer before Autumn rushes in.

Friday, August 21, 2009

SURF'S UP!!! 20-23 ft waves- Hurricane Bill


New England boaters, surfers warned of hurricane

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Emergency managers on Thursday warned boaters, swimmers and surfers to take added precautions this weekend, when waves are expected to swell to 35 feet off the coast of New England as Hurricane Bill passes to the east.

The National Weather Service said seas will get increasingly dangerous on Saturday into Sunday. Seas of up to 20 feet are possible south of Martha's Vineyard and Block Island and east of Cape Cod, and up to 35 feet on portions of the prime fishing area of Georges Bank, the weather service said.

President Obama and his family plan to travel to Martha's Vineyard on Sunday for vacation.

Mariners from Rhode Island up to Maine were told to stay close to port because of the expected high seas and what could be tropical storm-force winds. Steve Kass of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency said anybody offshore south of New England will face "absolutely dangerous conditions."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HANGIN' OUT on the porch. . . .

Just to let you know I didn't fall off the edge or run away with Gypsies in our family. . .or run away with Peter. Au contraire, I am very much at home and we've spending time just hangin' out, just be-ing.
Beach time? Yepper. . just down the path out back and down to the shore. . . and there y' Cape Cod Bay.
I'll get bck to posting any day now. . .:-)

ciao ciao, bambini. . .
justin and peter

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spiritus Pizza - Commercial Street

DID YOU SEE US WAVING. . . .Peter and me ?

No picture? Try hitting your reload button. (F5)

Lots of people, gay people. Hot. Humid. Sticky. Sweet dreams to those of you going to sleep.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coming OUT Catholic

I enjoy your posts and often think how fun it'd be to hang out together and about all this stuff and more! Two of you got me giggling out loud: stuck me funny. Thanks all.

Thanks to J and Gary for these. . . :-)
J said...

How in the hell could someone named O'Shea from Massachusetts be anything but Catholic?
It must be a struggle, though, for you to stay with a church that condemns you for acting on your inate sexual impulses.

Gary Kelly said...

A catholic Mass-going Irish O'Shea. Well, there ya go... at your age I was a catholic Mass-going Irish Kelly. So there's a possibility you may end up like me! Poor thing.

Hmmm, end up like you, Gary? Well you told us you are a nice would that be so bad?
And O'Sheas from MA being Catholics. . . .I guess. lol A struggle. . .not so much. You know I hesr guys talk or write about the asweful sermons condemning gays, etc. I believe that happens. BUT I have nevere heard one of those sermons myself. .ever!

In our small group theraspy/discussions at school we've talked about all the religion bashing about gays and I have heard some really bad stuff. . .read some. .and we've really shred deep about our feelings as gay guys living or not our religious beliefs, etc, and about the mess this can and does often enough create in guys' heads and hearts.

From about 4yo on when I had my crush on Peter I and growing up I never thought the feelings I had and have for other guys was wrong, sinful, abnormal. [I didn't then have the vocabulary I have now] I talked about this with my parents and they never told me I was bad or I shouldn't feel that way, or "God doesn't love little boys like that".

Oh I heard some stuff from other kids and learned soon enough to keep some of my ideas to myself. In Provincetown there are laws against bashing, harrassing gays, etc. besides we are in the majority when you come right down to it. And people do get arrested for that. Doesn't happen often though. LOL

As far as churches condemning gays and sexual expressions, etc. . . well, they just don't get it . .yet. I'd say the Vatican [and they are only one small part of the church!] condemns sex. . period. . . . except if you are married -- one man, one woman, once! It doesn't condone sexual activity for anyone else! Everyone else is obligated to live a celibate life.

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo! hahahaaa Well, let them pull it and haul it. . .I learned this. I am created in the image and likeness of God. I didn't choose my sexuality, gender, sexual orientation. Who I am is God's gift thru my parents to me. God made me gay and that is God's gift to me. Some people haven't caught on yet to reality.

I have never felt guilty about my love and lust feelings. They are that - feelings. Feelings are neither good nor bed, moral or immoral. They are just my feelings here and now and later, too.
I don't feel guilty holding hands with Peter as we walk along Commercial St. I don't feel guilty kissing him, making love with him. We are not evil, bad, destroying society.

I love this from the bible. Paul is writing to one of the churches and teaching them. He ends with this fantastic statement: "And if you don't see eye to eye with me on these matters I am sure God will make it clear to you!" Isn't that awesome! What a smartass St Paul was!

So yeah, I am gay, I am Catholic, I go to Mass and receive Communion. It is my church as much as the pope's: we're both members. And no one is gonna drive me out! ;-)0

These are some of my ideas about being a gay Catholic. I'd like to read some of your ideas.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Panaramic View of Commercial Street

Gary Kelly alerted me to a section on RedBubble featuring Cape Cod art. This art by Aleyska shows the wondrous center of Commercial Street.
Small World of Commercial Street by Alyeska
The large building top center is the candy shop from which comes some pervasive
aromas which will drag you in or chase you away. LOL

To the left across the street is the Town Hall most;y hidden by the sheltering trees
hovering over all the benches along both sides of the corner where folk plot down
to rest. . .to watch and be watched. ;-))

Diagonally across the street from the benches and the candy shop stands the
internationally known Portuguese Bakery, the front of which you cannot see. Early on
in this Blog I posted a photo of the bakery and wrote about my Peter whose family owns
and run the bakery.

I used to come here and stop in to look at Peter, maybe get a smile from him. . . .and wish. . . . Then one day, as I wrote earlier, he asked me to take a break with him and we took our coffee and Portuguese pastry across the street to the Town Hall benches and sat and chatted and have since become "an item". .. hehe

Peter and I went to the same high school, sorta knew one another, but it is only of late that we are coming to know each other and care a lot. You know? During high school and college I worked construction for an uncle of his who is a contracter, builds houses. I've come to be very good hanging dry wall. :-) This summer the economy has been so bad, lots of family men are without jobs, and they take priority over college kids. Besides my boss isn't doing much construction this summer. Things are tough.

So I've had time to get to know my boss's nephew this summer, time to hang out. Peter works the bakery and also on crew of the family fishing boat. [See earlier pics of the Portuguese Fiesta and blessing of the fishing fleet.] I've been out on the boat on a work day, not as a tourist but as a worker. Itis hard work, often smelly work, good honest work!

It is being an interesting summer. . . . a happy summer!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Tad More Stuff

I am one lucky guy for many reasons. I have been blessed to have such parents: they made me who I am. LOL Telling my parents something they already knew - I am gay! - made my life so much simpler and so much more fun. I am always secure at home and I take it with me when I go out like a comfy old sweater [jumper?] on a cold raw winter day. '=)

Sorry if I gave the impression I am one of the Latter Day Saints [Mormons]. . .I am a "present day saint".yeehaaaaw! The O'Sheas are and always will be Catholics. . by Irish tradition and personal choice. I am a regular Mass going gay guy; I've had to sort out a lot of stuff and I suppose I will keep on sorting cuz faith isn't static but dynamic. Way ta go, dynamos!

Catch all y'all later. justin

Friday, August 7, 2009

Personal Genesis - add to bio. . .

Past experiences, things we have learned from others, our own present fears and desires - form our unique perceptual field, shape and colour our view of reality. [Intro Psych 101] hehehee

In general, maybe even on the surface, we all share a lot in common. So if I really want to know you and you want to know me, we have to tell each other our feelings - my feelings at the deepest level are uniquely mine. Intimacy comes from that sharing of ourselves.

This, then, is a bit more of my own bio,added to the rest of what I have posted so far.

My comments to Len's posting this morning/today:

Thanks for your comments, Len.Sorry about my 'showing-off' "Tres intime" means "very close" . . using the French word "intime"intimate - adds some implied "spice" to the mix!LOL

Mom is French, a professor of English Lit, throws in French words words in conversation. . .I got slanguage-mixed at an early age. hehee

Being youngest of three - my sister is 10 years older than I - mom had a lot of time for me, reading to me "from forever"it seems, teaching me some French too. So added to being a tad spoiled, I am gay, kinda bi-lingual, and love to tease.

Dad is a lawyer. They are latterday hippies' born-again Yuppies, lovers since college days, and no regrets about their youth.
When I think about it . . .where else would we live but on Cape Cod, a bit of distance from gay Provincetown, in a big old house with lots of room to breathe,unwind, always open to people of all kinds. . .Mom's de riguer after Mass Sunday brunch very often is a gathering of good friends, facinating characters . . . .what a wonderful ambiance for a gay kid to grow up in ...LOL

So voila! there you have it. . "tres intimes". . hahahahaaaaaaa

ciao, ciao, bambino. . .justino

August 7, 2009 6:23 AM

So looking into my backpack, unpacking my baggage can tell me some more of who and why I am. . . oh well, enuff of this for now. ;-))

Thursday, August 6, 2009

UNCUT PHOTOS from previous blogpost

try click to enlarge


This was queried earlier today by one of the frequentors . . . .

Blogger Gary Kelly said...

Okay, now it's time to ask Shannon if he tries Speedos on for size before he buys. I think it's better that you ask him, Justin, because if I do he'll think I'm awful. And as we all know, I'm not... *ahem*

August 6, 2009 3:05 AM

Mr Kelly's *ahem*is open to varied lines of interpretation, perhaps. LOL Could it be that - since we all know Gary isn't awful, by his own say so - that since I might be the opposite as in "the nice boy to toy with but one he'd never bring home to Mother . . ." let Justin reply to his query. LOL
Some of you may have gathered Shannon and I are 'tres intime' so I am able to
respond DOES HE or DOESN'T HE.

In most civilized [ aka prudish?] countries intimate apparel is never tried on before purchasing. When I referenced what might be considered 'intimate apparel' I learned that is garments directly touching the skin of intimate parts of
the body. .. . .

And that such garments are rarely returned to the store place of purchase for sale to others. Though I have heard there are certain enterprisng persons who offer worn items intimately close to body parts for sale "as is". . . .that is, not laundered. LOL

DOES HE or DOES'T HE? Let me say ABSOLUTELY NOT ! He doesn't need to try
them on: he knows they will fit quite well and look totally stunning !!!


So this should cover the matter briefy-ly enough to supply ample room for reflective speculation.

N>B>Any similarities to persons real or hallucinational is purely intentional.

pssssssssttt. . . . .psssssssttttt. . .
for used intimate apparel contact our agent on Commercial Street.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm in love. . .maybe it's lust . . . .maybe it's Mabelline. . . heheheee


ADAM & STEVE. . . . . I presume. . . .


JUSTIN to see if this works

Just trying to see if this transfer works . . or am I invisible also LOL

Mystery down to the Sea . . . .

There are mysteries. . and peeps will say "t'wan't meant to be . . " pssshaaaawwww . . .

"Thems what knows" will say I am stubborn, determined, persevering. . . ehyah . . but there comes a time when I know I have spent way to much time. . . like in trying to post the pic of this very special "interesting-face-mystery-man". . .as he walks away from you from Race Point . . But .on my page he looks out at me so clearly . . . . some 'mysteries' in computer remain that. . . ."unsolved cold cases".. . . . for the now . .