Monday, February 16, 2015


A Prayer for Boston:
Almighty God, who made the green grass on the Fenway, the blue waters of Dorchester Bay and the tan sands on the Cape, we have a simple prayer: Enough with the snow already. Whatever mysterious point you're making about endurance, or patience or your own awesome power, we get it: we've endured, we're plenty patient and we get that you can do the snow thing. And we know that you know the old joke (since you know everything) about how if the Pilgrims landed in Florida first this part of the country would never have been settled, ha ha, but we love it here. We love the spring, especially on Boston Common. We love the Fall, especially in the suburbs. And we love the summer, especially on Cape Cod, on Cape Anne and on the South Shore. We love all those beautiful parts of your world. But we've had it with the snow. I mean, have you looked out my window? So we'd like to ask you to stop sending us the snow. And, just to be clear, when we say snow we also mean freezing rain, sleet, black ice, any kind of flurries and that new creation of yours thundersnow, We promise we'll be good during Lent, we'll be kind to one another, and won't ask for another thing, at least until the Red Sox start to play. Amen.

fr. James Martin, S.J. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 14, 2015

       To All You Lovers  ~~~








               LOADS OF LOVE ACROSS THE MILES. . . .



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More snow. . . hey, enuff is quite enuff. . .LOL

Hello Snowy World. . . This morning when it was still dark I watched the space station transmitting photos of EARTH as it journeyed Northward.

I saw clearly when we passed over The Cape and the Boston area.  Beautiful shots. . . I "looked at myself" looking at Creation.  The magic of it all!

Tomorrow I have three sessions at my Clinic, one is a routine bloodtest to gage and regulate the blood thinner. . . .coagulation time. . . Then they will repeat the battery of tests on my kidneys done early Feb.  Since November there has been "deterioration" in kidney function. . . not "strong enough" to do all the blood cleaning , it seems, and also my specialists think I may have lost too much weight so they want me to gain about 10 lbs. . . Also, there has been some conversation about dialysis .  . . I am not needing that nor ready for that right now. . .just some "educational chat".  My medical staff. . . LOL. . really like working with well-informed patients who understand what they are trying to do:
all that makes the therapy "easier and more effective".  That goes for prayer support too. . . .

Thank you for your encourgement and prayer.

Hugsss all around. .. ;-)


p.s.  Anyone hearing from Gary these days?  ;-))

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hello Everybody near and far.

A few days ago Rad Joe sent me this note.   I am including my response to Joe and now to all of you as it gives a few details to how and how I am doing and
my "current thinking". . lol  I feel sure Joe won't mind. . . . JustinO

Joe email. . .


Yeah, it seems like since you had that silent heart attack,
that you are more in touch (who wouldn't be?) with your-
self and your surrounding than you ever were.  We all
go around in our life time and maybe forget who gave us
Life.   You brought me back to reality when I first wrote to
you over 4yrs ago.  When I see the gift of Love of one for
another, God must be elated, with so many acts of Love that
all of us perform, either by way of sex, helping others, or
just plain listening to each other and even in the turmoil
of our daily lives.    Here I go again.

Thanks of putting up with me.  I guess???

Joe Galant Sr.

My reply. . . .

OK, RadJoe . . gotcha.  Yep, when you get knocked on your ass and fall from your imagined high horse of 'excellence' you deal with reality first class.
The various events/treatments/ordeal that have been my experience these past 6 months or so really help me to see reality. . ."things as they really are."  

All that I am, all that I have is pure gift. . .even using what I have been given is pure gift. . . .even being 'carried' downstairs to the waiting ambulance I was able to surrender myself to / to totally trust this emergency team. . . ."other kids my age" mostly who knew what they were doing and di it with such proficiency. . .they people made me feel utter safe and confident in their hands.  I had no fear. . . .which is wonderful for the "fluttering heart" struggling to keep my life flowing: our personal attitudes have so much/ very much to do with our current
experience - what we are dealing with and how. . . .

well, all of that was and is GIFT!

I went on a strict regime of diet. . . didn't eat all the "baddies" and ate all that stuff that is  "good for me". . . .and I was under a snoopervised regime of meds and do's and dont's which I followed strictly. . . .till the day my cardiac specialist told me "I see no reason why you cannot resume your normal life and program, Just use your head!"

Since the end of Winter break I have been teaching one section of psych, three classes per week.  I am available "in the office" for anyone who want to chat "about matters of consequence" and for certain hours each day I am on the roster of "The doctor is in" and so Dr. O'Shea is there ready to listen and hopefully help. . . .etc. . .and all of this depends on my attitude. .  .on how I see and respond to reality. . ."the present moment in this real situation".

And this is reality. . . .MY reality. . . all pure gift. . . which only "works" if I respond. . .if I use the gifts I am given. . . 

So, Joe, I am pleased you can see the difference. . .and grateful you bring it up to me. . . . .you are "pure gift". . . and don't let that get in the way of being truly yourself.


Friday, January 23, 2015

AWESOME - - - - -Richard sent this to me. . . . .en joy !

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Dear, dear Radical Joe. . .  you go to the root of things crying out in the cold "JUSTIN, where are you?. . . Talk to ME. . . .Talk to us. . ."

Well, dear Rad, I am here. . . right here, right now. . . I am doing what I am learning to DO. . . . .I LIVE!  Yes, I LIVE, one moment at a time. . .that is what I have to give you, to share with you. . . the NOW-ness of who and how I am. . .  .And in the learning the doctors tell me I am healing. . . I am becoming more healthy. . . .

Guys say to me "O'Shea, what do you do???!!!"  I can now reply. . .calmly, peaceably, gently:  MAN I LIVE !  As I go thru my daily routine I take the meds prescribed for me. . . .and these are restoring my inner man. . . the inner balance. . . .that precious harmony which is the Spirit of God living and working within us. . .more pointedly, the Spirit of the Living God alive and active in me. . . .WoW. . .it is marvelous when I think about it.
I have one group of Psych 1 students with whom I meet three mornings a week. . . and we talk. . . yeah, talk. . . .really talk.  Plus I am available at the on Campus Clinic for those seeking "more talk", more sharing at various times in the day to those seeking more private chat. 

Dear RAD, that is what I do, where I am.  We are all united in that love in which we live and move and have our being. . .

I am living alone, totally united with you all in our different and separate ways. . . .living and loving.. . .growing.  In a way I guess I am like a "junior monk". . . . .learning how to live truly seeking God, as St Benedict asks of the beginner "Does he truly seek God. . Is he zealous for the Work of God. . .?"

That's what I am doing, Dear Rad. . . . .How about you?

. . .with my love and prayer, trying as best I can. . .all the days of my life. . ."

your brother JustinO. . . .in the Urban Dunes 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hey GUYS. . . how y'all doin'. . . .I be getting better. . .slowly, day by day. . .and I am learning to TRUST more and more. One Word I hang onto esp when I am scared is this: "Fear i useless. . .what is needed is trust.". . Hang in there. . JUSTIN. . .;-)

Posted: 24 Nov 2014 05:30 AM PST
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Posted: 24 Nov 2014 05:25 AM PST
ASI3500f9624f68009a58d563078b8dbdda0_fullDating can be like a roller coaster ride sometimes with its fun highs and frustrating lows. Ever wonder why some guys have more luck with the dating game than others? Ever contemplate what it takes to become more successful with men? Well, that’s a tricky business and there’s no scientific formula that will yield those positive results. I believe dating is partly luck and LOTS of preparation.
Part One of this article will count-down the first 5 out of 10 characteristics that are common to the profile of a successful gay dater.  (Part Two - Tomorrow)
The list goes on beyond this as well, but these qualities can provide a starting point for you to assess your possible strengths and weaknesses as a single gay man on the prowl for your Mr. Right and to develop goals for self-improvement that will maximize your efforts out on the dating scene.
Profile Of A Successful Gay Dater:
10. He lives a life that he loves with a clear vision of his future and is armed with self-knowledge and awareness.
It’s critical that you avoid defining your whole life around dating and finding a boyfriend.This is just one aspect of your life and you don’t want to neglect and avoid the other parts of your identity. Know who you are, what you want, and where you’re going in your life.
Develop a crisp, clear vision of how you want to be and the type of life you’d like to lead and succinctly define your personal values, passions, and life purpose and live according to them. Look and feel your best! And remember, “The Law of Attraction” states that like attracts like; what you put out there and show the world has the tendency to attract the same back to you---and that goes for dating too!
9. He knows his personal requirements and refuses to tolerate anything less.
The best defense that you can have in the midst of all those men to choose from is to know what your non-negotiable needs are; things you absolutely must have or absolutely cannot have in a relationship for you to be with that particular guy. This will help you weed through the potentials and the Mr. Wrongs. And don’t sway from your requirements, no matter how hot he is! You’ll be saving yourself a lot of grief in the long run.
8. He has a solid knowledge of what constitutes a healthy relationship.
Be aware of the ingredients of a healthy partnership. This can help you detect any red flags in your dating relationship that might be “deal-breakers” or areas that the two of you could work on together. Such qualities include each person having a strong sense of self with solid boundaries, open communication, flexibility, commitment, ability to have fun, capable of non-defensive conflict negotiation, having emotional connection and intimacy, affection, sexual compatibility, etc.
7. He has a strong support system, access to resources, and is comfortable being alone.
It’s important when your single to have a good friendship network going (they can be great match-makers sometimes) and have a circle of people in your life who support you and care about you. Additionally, become knowledgeable about the resources that exist in your community for LGBT individuals as additional components you can add to your network. And learn creative ways for coping with loneliness by utilizing this alone time for self-reflection, relaxation, and movement toward your personal goals and vision.
6. He has overcome a lot of the male socialization barriers that can interfere with relationship quality of life.
“Men are tough. Men don’t cry. Men don’t show emotions.”You know, all those mumbo jumbo messages all of us men, gay and straight, had to internalize growing up. These scripts that are supposed to define manhood limit our ability to live freely. As a result, many gay relationships tend to be highlighted by competition, status, power/control struggles, and lack of effective communication skills and expression of feelings.
Put two men together in a dating situation with the same socialization scripts, and these are relationship killers! Define for yourself what being a man means, develop comfort with your masculinity and gender, and don’t be held back by these prejudicial sanctions.
( Part Two Tomorrow )Love and pride Fashion
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Dr. Brian Rzepczynski, contributing author to GAYTWOGETHER, is one of the leading love coaches for the gay community. As a licensed dating and relationship coach, Dr. Brian Rzepczynski, DHS, MSW has over 18 years experience as a psychotherapist and life coach specializing in helping GLBT individuals and couples develop and maintain successful and fulfilling intimate relationships. He holds a doctorate degree in human sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and a master’s degree in clinical social work from Western Michigan University. He also runs a successful private therapy practice, Personal Victory Counseling, Inc.