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Th6You look up from your book at the coffee shop and become paralyzed with nervous anticipation as you see the hot guy you’ve been smitten with from afar sit down at the table across the room.He’s alone today and what a great opportunity it would be to finally approach him and introduce yourself. But the anxiety is mounting as you visualize yourself doing this and you bury yourself back in your book.

You feel your face burning as you berate yourself for not having the guts to make yourself known. “He’d never be interested in me!” “I’d just die if he rejected me!” “And what if he did show some interest? What would I say? He’d think I’m a complete idiot and loser the second I’d open my mouth!” These thoughts swirl through your mind as you look up to find another guy has swooped in for the kill and has been invited to sit at the table with the object of your desire. Another missed opportunity!

If you’re a shy guy, and don’t want to be, dating can be a frustrating and daunting experience. When you’re out and about, it looks so easy for other guys to approach and cozy up to other men. Or if you do have advances made toward you, you just want to kick yourself when you freeze up and don’t know what to say and feel like you’ve made a bad impression and scare him off.

This article will shed some light on the symptoms and psychology behind shyness and offer some suggestions for breaking free of its chains that hold you back from experiencing a satisfying social and dating life.

 What It’s Like For The Shy Guy:

Shyness ranges on a continuum from situational to dispositional. Some people tend to be socially inhibited in just certain types of settings or circumstances, whereas for other people this anxiety tends to be more of a personality trait that is a predominant way of life, manifesting itself in many different types of scenarios across the board.

Shy guys tend to be more introverted, preferring more solitary activities to their extroverted counterparts, who tend to like to recharge their batteries through social contact. Neither is better or worse than the other, though society does tend to favor the more outgoing personality-type and stigmatizes the more quiet, internal individuals. The more important aspect here is whether or not any negative consequences are experienced as a result of one’s particular leanings.

Although there are exceptions, generally speaking many shy guys tend to feel uncomfortable in social situations and dislike having attention called to themselves. This anxiety can be translated into stumbling on their words/stuttering, becoming easily embarrassed, and showing many physical signs of being nervous. They tend to feel judged by others and are highly sensitive to the opinions of others, wanting to avoid any type of criticism or rejection. They can feel inhibited, self-conscious, have a difficult time relaxing, and are very internal and self-focused in the sense that they are very preoccupied with their own thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions. They have a difficult time meeting people, struggle with initiating and maintaining conversations, dread group interactions, and can have a hard time standing up for themselves and voicing their opinions and needs. Unfortunately, many people can misinterpret a shy guy’s behavior as his being snooty, stuck-up, arrogant, or aloof and cold when that’s really not the case at all.

Shy guys often times shine when they are in settings where they feel safe or are around people they know well. They also often perform well in structured situations where the players interact in scripted-like roles where there’s little need for spontaneity or mingling without a purpose.

Positively speaking, shy individuals tend to be very creative and have great imaginations that can lend themselves remarkably well to relationships and situations of leadership and change. Their biggest culprit is the negative self-talk in their heads that minimize their competence and value; if this obstacle could be removed, their quality of life would boost to a much higher level.

[ Part Two - Tomorrow ]

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Dr. Brian Rzepczynski, contributing author to GAYTWOGETHER, is one of the leading love coaches for the gay community. As a licensed dating and relationship coach, Dr. Brian Rzepczynski, DHS, MSW has over 18 years experience as a psychotherapist and life coach specializing in helping GLBT individuals and couples develop and maintain successful and fulfilling intimate relationships. He holds a doctorate degree in human sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and a master’s degree in clinical social work from Western Michigan University. He also runs a successful private therapy practice, Personal Victory Counseling, Inc.

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HEAR YE ! HEAR YE !...White House Asks the Supremes. . .

The New York Times | BREAKING NEWS | Video
BREAKING NEWS Thursday, February 28, 2013 3:58 PM EST
The Obama administration on Thursday will throw its support behind a broad claim for marriage equality, urging the Supreme Court to rule that voters in California were not entitled to ban same-sex marriage there, according to an administration official.


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Good News from GARY

G'day JustinO,
Spent a day in Sydney a week ago to see the doc. I've lost a lotta weight so the oncologist ordered CT scans of my brain, throat, chest and abdomen. All clear. It's the fact that I still don't have dentures that's causing weight loss. And that's the way it'll be for at least another 3 months before there's any possibility of hyperbaric chamber therapy (like they give divers with the bends to oxygenate their bods) and an operation to remove exposed (dead) bone in my lower jaw. Smoothies and soup are okay but not ALL the time. Oh well... at least I'm cancer free. Just gummy.
While I was in Sydney, I video'd a ferry trip from Sydney Harbor around to Darling Harbor and did the big walk around, including parts of the city. It turned out pretty cool and made my visit to the Big Smoke worthwhile.

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ASI3500f9624f68009a58d563078b8dbdda0_fullDating can be like a roller coaster ride sometimes with its fun highs and frustrating lows. Ever wonder why some guys have more luck with the dating game than others? Ever contemplate what it takes to become more successful with men? Well, that’s a tricky business and there’s no scientific formula that will yield those positive results. I believe dating is partly luck and LOTS of preparation.

Part One of this article will count-down the first 5 out of 10 characteristics that are common to the profile of a successful gay dater.  (Part Two - Tomorrow)
The list goes on beyond this as well, but these qualities can provide a starting point for you to assess your possible strengths and weaknesses as a single gay man on the prowl for your Mr. Right and to develop goals for self-improvement that will maximize your efforts out on the dating scene.

Profile Of A Successful Gay Dater:

10. He lives a life that he loves with a clear vision of his future and is armed with self-knowledge and awareness.
It’s critical that you avoid defining your whole life around dating and finding a boyfriend. This is just one aspect of your life and you don’t want to neglect and avoid the other parts of your identity. Know who you are, what you want, and where you’re going in your life.

Develop a crisp, clear vision of how you want to be and the type of life you’d like to lead and succinctly define your personal values, passions, and life purpose and live according to them. Look and feel your best! And remember, “The Law of Attraction” states that like attracts like; what you put out there and show the world has the tendency to attract the same back to you---and that goes for dating too!

9. He knows his personal requirements and refuses to tolerate anything less.
The best defense that you can have in the midst of all those men to choose from is to know what your non-negotiable needs are; things you absolutely must have or absolutely cannot have in a relationship for you to be with that particular guy. This will help you weed through the potentials and the Mr. Wrongs. And don’t sway from your requirements, no matter how hot he is! You’ll be saving yourself a lot of grief in the long run.

8. He has a solid knowledge of what constitutes a healthy relationship.
Be aware of the ingredients of a healthy partnership. This can help you detect any red flags in your dating relationship that might be “deal-breakers” or areas that the two of you could work on together. Such qualities include each person having a strong sense of self with solid boundaries, open communication, flexibility, commitment, ability to have fun, capable of non-defensive conflict negotiation, having emotional connection and intimacy, affection, sexual compatibility, etc.

7. He has a strong support system, access to resources, and is comfortable being alone.
It’s important when your single to have a good friendship network going (they can be great match-makers sometimes) and have a circle of people in your life who support you and care about you. Additionally, become knowledgeable about the resources that exist in your community for LGBT individuals as additional components you can add to your network. And learn creative ways for coping with loneliness by utilizing this alone time for self-reflection, relaxation, and movement toward your personal goals and vision.

6. He has overcome a lot of the male socialization barriers that can interfere with relationship quality of life.

“Men are tough. Men don’t cry. Men don’t show emotions.”You know, all those mumbo jumbo messages all of us men, gay and straight, had to internalize growing up. These scripts that are supposed to define manhood limit our ability to live freely. As a result, many gay relationships tend to be highlighted by competition, status, power/control struggles, and lack of effective communication skills and expression of feelings.

Put two men together in a dating situation with the same socialization scripts, and these are relationship killers! Define for yourself what being a man means, develop comfort with your masculinity and gender, and don’t be held back by these prejudicial sanctions.

( Part Two Tomorrow)

© Dr. Brian Rzepczynski, The Gay Love Coach

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Gay Relationships: More Than FriendsIt’s not unusual for someone to say of his lover, “He’s my best friend.”  That’s a sweet thing.  Of course, it’s also great to have a best friend who is not part of your relationship, especially at times when the relationship feels a little strained and we need some place to let off steam. 
Friendship is necessary but not sufficient for a relationship.  To have a lover is to have a relationship that goes beyond even a special friendship.  Especially for men who are new to the relating business, it’s important to pay attention to the ways that intimate relationships differ from even the most important of friendships.

No one would want to be in a relationship with someone who wasn’t a good friend.  Friendship provides stability to a couple:  shared interests, taking pleasure in one another’s company.  Friends spend time together, do things together, talk and laugh and share life with one another.  Relationships involve a lot of hard work at times, and having fun together helps us endure the rough spots. 

Romance is the key difference between friends and lovers.  Think of it as the fuel that keeps the relationship engine running.  Romance is much more than seduction and sexuality.  It means caring for one another in special ways like building memories together, telling him “I love you” even when he already knows you do.  Lovers develop special little habits and rituals when may seem silly to others. These little things bring a joy to lovers that are out of proportion with the pleasure of the acts themselves; they’re especially joyous because you are doing them with your beloved.

Beyond romance, there are other things that help build relationships into more than friendships.  Sharing important family events together is one thing, whether that is doing things as a couple during the holidays or bringing your partner along to other family events.  Straight couples do this automatically, and healthy families welcome the spouses of biological family members without thinking about it.  When our partners are welcomed into our families of origin, the acknowledgement supports our relationships, and our partner’s place in our lives is affirmed. 

Sharing spiritually intimate times is also important.  For some that means going to church together.  For others, it might mean going on a retreat or some other activity together or doing something else that enriches life.

Caring for one another in times of special need are important.  A year into my relationship with my partner, I had to put my 22-year-old cat to sleep.  It was a very painful time for me.  Having someone there to love and support me not only made the experience bearable, but it drew me closer to him to know I could rely on him – especially when I was a slobbering mess. 

Men value their independence.  Many of us worry about losing ourselves in relationships and becoming too dependent or too vulnerable.  What we sometimes miss is that relationships are different than friendships – even close friendships. It’s good to develop a bit of healthy and mutual dependence on one another.  That’s one of the things that deepen intimacy with a partner. 

John R. Ballew, M.S. an author and contributor to GAYTWOGETHER, is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Atlanta. He specializes in issues related to coming out, sexuality, relationships and spirituality. If you have any questions or comments you can submit them directly to GAYTWOGETHER or John R. Ballew, M.S. -

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Do yourself a favor: WATCH

G'day JustinO,
Lovely video of Callum and Clinton, two Aussies with their families and friends, getting hitched in Sydney. I've just signed a petition for marriage equality in New South Wales and this video came with the email.
You'll love it. Guaranteed.
 THANKS, Gary. . .this is wonder-filled, gorgeous, tender, beautiful. . . . .JustinO

"And God made a Gay Man. . ."

Beautiful photos. . . .pertinent commentary.

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Another way to say it. . . .. ;-)

thanks to the Closet Professor, for permission

Good to remember. . .


I think this is good to think about. . . .especially IF / WHEN  you do not feel quite good enough. . . .when your self-worth is off balance.

 (thanks Michael for posting this )  

When You've Screwed Up. . . . . .


Posted: 13 Feb 2013 05:25 AM PST
Gay Relationships: When You’ve Screwed UpWe all make mistakes, but some are more harmful than others. What do you do when you’ve made a big one, and your partner is now hurt and angry? Maybe you’ve had an affair or done something that has caused a major upset in your life and the life of the man you love.

Situations like this are a test. It’s a test of your relationship and whether or not it is solid enough to repair the damage done to it. The situation is also a test of your character. It’s important to do the right thing.
The first step is to be accountable. This is hard; do it anyway. No excuses. Offering an explanation (“Our sex life has been rotten for months”) is only going to add fuel to your partner’s anger. If you lied or broke an agreement between the two of you, it’s important that you acknowledge what you did. Doing so can begin the long road towards repairing your credibility.

If you’ve had an affair, answer your partner’s questions without giving him more information than is helpful. Own up to what you did. Keep in mind that this is about helping your partner work through his pain; it’s not about unburdening yourself. Avoid saying things that may make you feel better for getting them off your chest if your lover is going to feel hurt even more by the information.

Apologize and mean it. If you want the relationship to continue, say so. Understand that your partner may not be as clear as you are about what he wants. What does your partner need from you now? Understand that hiding information your partner has requested is likely to make things worse. Understand that your partner may find it difficult to trust you and may want to know where you are going and whom you’ll be with, for instance.

Be willing to listen to your partner’s feelings. This is not likely to be easy, but it’s what needs to happen. Expecting forgiveness before your partner is able to extend it is not going to help you. Be willing to hear what your partner has to say. If you can do this without being argumentative or defensive you’ll have gone a long way towards helping the wound heal.

Time heals many wounds. Make time for healing by being available for your partner if that’s what he wants; if what he wants is some space away from you right now, let him know that you will be around if he wants you.

Understand that forgiving is different from forgetting. You can ask for your partner’s forgiveness, but it is up to him to determine whether he can pardon your offense. If he’s able to do that, see if you can also forgive yourself.

Relationship or individual counseling may be needed to help you both move forward. One of the great things about being human is that we can learn and grow from even the most painful and difficult of situations.

Sometimes we become stronger in the broken places.

John R. Ballew, M.S. author & contributor to GAYTWOGETHER, is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Atlanta. He specializes in issues related to coming out, sexuality, relationships and spirituality. If you have any questions or comments you can submit them directly to GAYTWOGETHER or John R. Ballew, M.S. - or at (404) 874-8536.

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Straights More Stressed Than Gays

Good morning. . . ..a few tidbits,  to send you the article. about this study in Canada finding that str8 men are far more stressed out than gay/bi men.  Says we  have developed strategies for coping with negatives and stress-causing things in our lives far more than corresponding issues among str8s. . . and, though we don't know it cuz no one has told us, in general we are happier and freer than straight men.

Going with H's[a friend of ours] oft=quoting the study or scale which places homosexuality on a more/less sliding scale. . .if I am being correct in terms. Could it be that we bi/gay guys are more in tune with our 'natural selves', with out orientation, than straight guys over-stressing their heterosexuality. . .attempting to delete/block out even the slightest tinge of homosexual inclination/feelings. . . .which might come to surface on occasion. . ..satisfying temporarily but with 'consideration' after tend to bring on angst and fear. . ."what ifs". . ."suppose I really am. . ?" etc.. . . ..whereas gays who may have, on occasion, dabbled with, experimented with hetero - sex, afterwards do not go thru that angst producing self-examination of. . "am I really, deep down straight?"  Likely would never happen. . . .because being latently heterosexual is not the 'problem' being latently homosexual is in our society.  Thus the stress.,0,2481173.story

p.s.  Thought you might be interested in some of the areas I am working with.  This kind of speculation, backed with neuro-scientific fact/study, is fun and stimulating. One of the factors is all of the participants were my age.  Makes me more curious.
LOL.  Well. . ..takes all kinds.  ~~ justino 

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Serious message with nice eye candy . . . . .some serious considerations. . . .;-)   


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WHY. . . Hate Gays, Ye "Christians" ?

Reposted from The College Professor  with permission.   justin

Why Do "Christians" Hate Gays?

In last Sunday's post, Jay responded by writing, "Why is it that the very people who could benefit the most from these are the very ones who use hate and bigotry under the guise of pointing out others' sins so resistance to hearing this very true message of love for one another and giving the glory to God? Perhaps an analysis of what turns people who most likely started out as Christians in the true sense of the word into hate-mongers and thoroughly despicable people might help those of us who are almost ashamed to call ourselves Christians because of them understand where the disconnect lies."  So I began to do a little research about why so many so-called "Christians" hate gay people.  I came across this essay by a gay man named Larry from Michigan.  It makes a lot of sense, though I don't know if I agree with all of it, Larry certainly makes some valid points.  I have long believed that one of the reasons for homophobia lies in the need to propagate the species.  In smaller groups in which larger populations were harder to maintain, (such as Native Americans) homosexuality was seen not as an evil, but as a natural part of civilization. Without further comment, I hope you find this essay as interesting as I did.

At some point, you have no doubt wondered why so-called "Christian" churches and their members behave in the most un-Christ-like ways toward God's gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children. The Savior they falsely claim to "follow" and "worship," Jesus Christ, commanded all of humankind to treat each other with perfect love, and to do unto others as we would like them to do unto us. Considering Jesus' commands to them, their behavior therefore presents a contradiction in terms. How can this be explained? It's quite simple — this essay will expose the truth so-called "Christians" don't want you to know.

Mind you, modern-day so-called "Christians" didn't invent the hatred, rejection, and disapproval of gays and lesbians. Until the advent of semi-modern medicine within the last few hundred years, mortality was high and life-spans were short; in order to have a sufficient number of offspring to keep the species propagated, people often had to have as many as 15 children during their fertile years. Since purely gay and lesbian people by definition do not reproduce, the gays and lesbians of those times were not contributing to the further propagation of the human species. It is primarily for this reason that the societies of those times heaped scorn upon gay and lesbian people; this has carried forward to the present day, despite the modern world's over-population.

Also, at some point along the time line of human civilization, people began to figure out that a huge percentage of mankind is, for want of better terminology, intractably stupid. Specifically, the smarter people — the elites — figured out that the ignorant hordes could be easily controlled by exploiting their fear of things they didn't know. This fear of the unknown is a natural, instinctual human reaction, evolved over many thousands of years by our cave-dwelling ancestors, but it is a significant weakness in civilized societies. Without regard to what is absolutely moral or immoral, the elites of these ancient societies invoked fear in the masses by citing some kind of a higher power as an authority; whatever the elites chose became the "moral" codes of those societies. For reasons discussed in the previous paragraph, homosexuality was often one of the things these ancient elites condemned. Later on, this hatred of homosexuality was attributed to God as a means of keeping control in the hands of the elites.

This ancient hatred of gay people has filtered down through the millenia into modern society, despite modern medicine's obviation of any purported social "need" to "prevent" homosexuality. Nowadays, more gay people might actually be a good thing, in order to control a world population that is already too large for its own good. However, so-called "Christians" obviously still haven't moved out of the Dark Ages, considering the unprecedented levels of hatred they hold toward gay people — despite the lack of any logical motive for such hate. Their motives, in fact, are far more dark and sinister than they would ever let on.

Jesus Himself said that "you cannot worship both God and mammon (money)." Some two thousand years after He walked the earth, His words are oh-so-prophetic today. What is ultimately at the root of everything these so-called "Christian" churches do is not Christ's example, but rather the pursuit of earthly power — money. The elite leaders of these churches know that their followers' fear of the unknown — in particular, their fear of death and what happens after death — can be easily played in such a way that makes the elites fabulously wealthy. I will prove this over the next several paragraphs.

In the early part of the second millenium, the Roman Catholic Church became known for its granting of "indulgences." The idea was that a person could make a "sin offering" to God, in the form of a monetary payment to the Vatican, that would render his/her sins "forgiven" and leave him/her "pure" in God's eyes. Needless to say, this idea was so horribly abused by the wealthy to justify almost anything over the centuries, until one priest decided he had seen enough of it. Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on a church door in the year 1520, and in so doing forever changed the course of Christendom — no longer did all of the world's ecclesiastical authority derive from Rome. The Church in Rome fought the 95 Theses, branding Luther a "heretic," but eventually realized that Luther was right and ended the practice of indulgences. One would think that Christianity had been returned to its proper place as the worship of God, not an earthly money pit.

Sadly, this is not the case today. Our so-called "Christian" leaders of the 21st century haven't learned a thing from the 16th century. Actually, they have learned one thing: they've learned how to be more slick about it than the Roman Catholic Church of the 16th century was. "Christian" televangelists (who are more accurately known to God as minions of Satan) appear on programs designed to play to the fear of the unknown among their blind-sheep followers, saying things like, "If you support our work in opposition to the 'homosexual agenda,' won't you please send us a small donation of $25? Would you please support us as we protect the unborn children of God? Even $50 will do! God will remember on the Day of Judgment who did and did not help us carry out 'His' work!" This implicit threat of eternal damnation causes the largely stupid flock to immediately and reflexively reach for their checkbooks, thereby fattening the bank accounts of the televangelists.

An examination of the history of "Christian" churches tells you a lot more. For example, the Roman Catholic Church had a well-known role in the European exploration and conquest of the New World — rumors in Europe in the Middle Ages had it that the New World was full of valuable earthly treasures like gold, silver, turquoise, and other minerals and metals not known or in limited supply in Europe. European countries' fortunes changed rapidly when these rare, valuable items were found in their New World colonies; Spain, for example, became the most powerful nation on earth for over 100 years after discovering and plundering the gold-rich civilizations of the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas. Often times, the monarchs of these European countries sought the permission of the Vatican for these explorations, frequently kicking some of the proceeds back the Pope's way.

Even today, the Roman Catholic Church still maintains a "Vatican Bank" with billions upon billions of dollars in holdings. Granted, it is not nearly as powerful and rich as it was before scandal rocked it in the 1970s and 1980s, but it was bailed out by the secretive, ultra-conservative Catholic cult Opus Dei. Why does the Vatican still maintain its own bank, when Jesus explicitly said that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God?

So-called "fundamentalist" churches of modern times, like the Southern Baptists, are just as morally culpable as the Vatican. It is well-known that "fundamentalist 'Christian'" preacher Pat Robertson took the donations of his "flock" and used them to enrich himself by buying a diamond mine in the west African nation of Liberia. The purchase of the diamond mine has made Robertson a billionaire, and he has put some of that money back into his "Christian" broadcasting empire, which he then in turn uses to further his own wealth. Many "fundamentalist" or "charismatic" preachers are at least multi-millionaires, and their churches frequently are amazingly extravagant, opulent testaments to their wealth. In many cases, they use the boatloads of money to construct graven images, such as giant crosses and statues, in direct defiance of God's Ten Commandments.

The Mormon church is also well-known for its love of money. Much like the "fundamentalist" mega-churches all throughout the South, Mormon temples are huge, opulent structures that cost tons of money. They won't even let non-Mormons visit the main temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. Islam, which forbids non-Muslims to visit Mecca, is the world's only other religion that does this. Could they both be hiding huge amounts of material wealth? Additionally, the LDS Church is alone among "Christian" churches in expecting its missionaries — you know, those cute, well-dressed boys who come knocking at your door, while you plot how to get them into the missionary position  — to cover their own expenses while doing missionary work; they are the only church too cheap to support their missionaries! Perhaps the money is going to line church leaders' pockets?

It is this love of money that causes so-called "Christians" to hate gay people. More accurately, it is the leaders' never-ending hunger for money that causes them to demonize gays, in the process fostering identical attitudes in their flock. In fact, this very same love for money is also at the root of so-called "Christian" opposition to any kind of birth control, from condoms to birth-control pills, to the "morning after" pill and especially abortion. Obviously, they are dead-set against any kind of non-procreative sexual activity, or anything that prevents procreation from occurring. Why is this?

In order to keep the money flowing, these churches ultimately rely on their flocks to participate in a sort of reproductive pyramid scheme. That is to say, these churches are counting on all of their followers of child-bearing age to have as many children as possible, who when they become adults will in turn all proceed to have a bunch of kids, and so on and so on. If one couple coming into the church today has eight children, and each of those eight children has eight of his/her own upon reaching adulthood, that's 74 members of that church who will at some point in the next 50 years feed the church's money machine! This is exactly what the elite church leaders want; it keeps them fabulously wealthy for a good long time to come. The reason they so hatefully condemn gay people is because our lack of reproduction doesn't fit into the scheme whose continued existence they need to stay rich and powerful.

Unfortunately for them, that's not what God wants — nor is all the hatred of His gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children, nor is the extreme opposition to any form of population control that leads "Christians" to murder people at abortion clinics. God sees right through what they are doing, and He knows they are truly worshipping money — temporal earthly power — instead of Him and His universal, timeless Power. He will punish their worship of earthly power in the most horrific ways when the Day of Judgment arrives, while at the same time allowing His gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children who follow Him to enter into His heavenly kingdom.

My fellow gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children of God, pay very close attention to what I am about to say. Whenever you hear so-called "Christians" condemning, harassing, and slandering you, throwing out their insane, Satanic, thoroughly false accusations of pedophilia, feces ingestion, universal HIV/AIDS infection, and certain death by the age of 42, you must always bear in mind that they are absolutely not speaking for God. Instead, they are merely demonstrating their unrighteous, Satan-motivated anger at our Godly non-participation in their pyramid scheme. What they are doing angers God greatly, and He will have his righteous vengeance upon them when the Day of Judgment arrives.

Do not under any circumstances listen to these money-worshipping "Christians" when they open their Satan-occupied mouths to speak out about homosexuality or abortion — God will reward you for staying true to Him and avoiding the traps these so-called "Christians" lay in front of you. Carry on as a GLBT child of God, doing whatever you can to better His creation and His other children here on earth, and do not fall for their meaningless, empty threats of eternal "hellfire" and "damnation." (Their claims have zero bearing on anybody's eventual salvation or damnation — God makes that choice, based upon how closely one has emulated Jesus' perfect example of universal love, and He will punish those "Christians" who are trying to fool you into thinking they share that power.) By doing this, you will earn the rich bounty of eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven, and avoid the fate of spending eternity in Hell that most assuredly awaits the vast majority of so-called "Christians."
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HAVE YOU SEEN        File:Life of Pi 2012 Poster.jpg      YET???

Life of Pi (2012) Poster

Life of Pi (2012)

  -  Adventure | Drama  -  21 November 2012 (USA)
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Ratings: 8.2/10 from 95,202 users   Metascore: 79/100 
Reviews: 450 user | 392 critic | 44 from
A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor ... a fearsome Bengal tiger.




  (screenplay) (novel)
Watch Trailer

I saw this film the other night.  There are 11 Academy nominations.  Directed by the Asian guy, Ang Lee, who also directed BrokeBackMountain.  A beautiful film,
moving, engrossing, provacative thinking during and after. . .for me, anyway. Watching the trailer this morning brought tears to my eyes. . .must be cuz it's Wednesday. . .;-)  Treat yourself. . . . . .justin