Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good Saturday to You

Hello Everybody. . ..especially our friends from Malta and South Korea who are viewing right now. . .. or, so says the counter.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Peter is still "out to sea" but Mama says they are due home this afternoon. . . .hopefully before the "promised storm" is upon us! This is my fourth day home and I haven't been with him yet! 

"They" or as the French say "On dit. . ."  tell us about a big storm with tons of snow. . .but there is no storm in view for us out here on the Cape. . .or some partly cloudy, 35*F temps as highs, some snow showers, windy. . and so forth.  Definitely NOT  "the second coming" some forecasters were projecting. . .it has or is passing us by.

Anyway I am looking forward to seeing Peter for supper this evening chez DaSilva.  Always a feast being with the whole clan and "when the ship gets in. . ." the whole clan will be home.

Here's hoping. . . .Have a great weekend, Guys. . en joy. . it passes all too quickly. . ."gotta make the moments last. . ."

ciao ciao ~~~
   j u s t i n


J said...

DADT cloture vote means its repeal will be our Christmas present.

JustinO'Shea said...

Truly awesome!

Almost hard to believe the votes are there, with three to spare. . . .WoWzzer. . . ;-)))

huggies ~~

Coop said...

Have fun with Peter. You deserve it ;-)
For me it's supper with the 'rents at the Clam Box.

Tomorrow... 7:00am... I'm going to mass. :)

JCinmeforever said...

...With great hopes for an enjoyable time with Peter...when you 'ship' comes in! hheeheh!


Thank you Congress! You finally have your head on straight - opps! phopah, (grin)

Smiles for Saturday, JCinmeforever


Justin, God does answer prayers, we
are so lucky that it finally came
down to getting what is deserved.
Now the Marines did not get their
way, They best go back to what they
do best. Don't have a heart attack
when you see Peter, you really
deserve him, Has to be as good as
you are Justin.

Gary Kelly said...

Merry Christmas, JustinO... and don't forget the sunscreen and hat.