Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday !

Reminder from: jstn_oshea's Calendar

JOE's birthday...73                             
Date: Tuesday December 14, 2010
:                                                     HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  JOE  THE  GALLANT  !




Justin, Thank You Oh Kind Gentleman
that you Are. You are the first
one today, to Wish me Happiness.
Wife took me to breakfast, but no
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. That shows what I
am so--just existing. Going to PFLAG, last Monday of this month.
You have a great day. In Lakeland, we went into the 20's with winds for 2 days of 50 mph+. Hope your not to cold up in Mass. Oh those winds. Many Thanks Again. HUGS.

Gary Kelly said...

I hope you have blackberries and peaches with your cake, Joe.

Jabacue said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Joe! 73 is a very lucky number for us.

JCinmeforever said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Joe! Earlier in the 'Dunes' post, I read your shared story. My heart is with you Brother! I would encourage you to be with those of like mindedness as much as possible. It will help lift the burdens of your life. I recall/know where your heart is Spiritually...Without my sights on Jesus, being the most important aspect of my life, I would not be able to cope with life's bumps in the road. So, I would encourage for you to seek Him. The gay Christians I've come to know have also made for an easier travel through life. Man can make many things very complicated...but put simply, Jesus is 'love' and He accepts us as we are. He can accept you and anyone else here on the Dunes, if they so desire.

So, for you Joe and all others here, I propose my statement not to offend, but to encourage. It's made a difference in my life.

Happy 73! JCinmeforever