Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Morning. . ;-)

The people counter tells me there are six people checking things out right now:  6 from the US, 1 each from Japan and South Africa.
So a happy Good Morning to you . . ..welcome.  Hope you are finding something of interest. . .and maybe that you will add something to the comments.  There is space for each of you!  Say Hello. . .what are you thinking?  I want to learn from you.  ;-)

It is still raining along the Atlantic coast. . .will continue throughout the day.  Here, when the suns comes out, it is estimated we shall have received a month's worth of rain in a day. . up to 4 inches!
There are flood warnings all over the East. . .from the Carolinas up into Canada.

Hopefully the heavy downpours here have slowed down to persistent rain, lighter than during the night.  Currently the winds have died down.  How you doing along the North Shore, COOPs?
Mushrooms growing yet? hahahahaa  You keeping your feet dry so you don't grow any taller and outgrow me!  ;-)

I shall be interested . . .and very proud of my students. . .to see what they put together for tonight's Prayer Vigil. . . .They've asked me to say a few words; I shall try to keep it 'few'.  They are such politicians. . . .hahahahaa. . . just kidding.  Will be interesting how many students come to pray/remember/share on a Friday night!

I hope you all have a gentle, creative, fun and productive day.  The love you give today will come back to you galore. . just be open to be aware we are loved!

ciao ciao ~~


JustinO'Shea said...

Good morning CANADA and SOUTH KOREA !!! welcome ;-)

Anonymous said...

I will be with you and your students in spirit and in prayer tonight.


JustinO'Shea said...

Thank you, BB. a great spiritual gift! ;-)


Coop said...

It started raining around 1PM. Amazingly, when I needed to be outside, it let up!
I'm indoors till 10p. For Sure.
It was blustery & windy all last night and into the morning. I wondered if we'd ever get the rain.

I, too, am thinking of Tyler and all those like him in unfortunate situations. I'm woefully inadequate when it comes to praying.

And I'm counting my own blessings.

JustinO'Shea said...

Woefully inadequate? Naaaw... .an artwork still in process! Doncha think? ;-)

"And I am counting my own blessings."
Babe that IS prayer-ing. . .you are doing IT. . .you're praying . . . See it is very simple. . .

It has been defined this way: Prayer is turning the mind and the heart to God. . .it is a "Lift up your heart. . . " See? ;-)

huggies. . .

Gary Kelly said...

Good morning Astraaaaaaaalia!


jimm said...

It's evening now, but what an awesome day.

It all started here on 'the Dunes' with a hug from Justin.

At work, my boss informed me that im getting a decent raise, effective immediately. (yes, i had to pinch myself)

And then a lady commented on how nicely dressed i was today.

That's when i realized it. I was wearing my favorite shirt, now also known as my lucky shirt, my 'whale watching' tee from Cape Cod!!!

JustinO'Shea said...

hey JIMM. . .totally awesome day for you! totally glad for you. . . .and it all started with a hug from me?!
awesome too. . here. . .here's another. . .

carry on, duude. . .. lol