Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GOOD!!!! "Slap 'em back!" The 18yo better watch his ass!

3 teens charged in anti-gay attack in suburban NY

MINEOLA, N.Y. – Three teenagers beat and slapped a younger boy during bus rides to and from school this week because they suspected he was gay, and two of them taunted him about it, police on New York's Long Island said Thursday..

David Spencer, 18, and Roy Wilson, 16, were arraigned Thursday in Nassau County Court in Hempstead. Bail was set at $1,000 for Spencer and $500 for Wilson. They were represented by attorneys from Legal Aid, which does not comment on pending cases. A third co-defendant, 16-year-old Chase Morrison, will be arraigned Friday; the name of his attorney was not immediately available

Morrison and Spencer were charged by police with felony assault and aggravated harassment, the latter charge stemming from alleged anti-gay epithets uttered during the attacks, police said. Wilson was charged only with assault because police said there was no evidence that he made any anti-gay slurs.
Police said the remarks about the victim's sexual orientation were made after school Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. The three defendants and the 14-year-old victim, whom police did not identify, attend a regional trade school in Hicksville

The victim was "stomped and kicked" on his arms, legs and stomach during a bus ride home on Tuesday afternoon, Detective Lt. John MacEwen said. The next morning, Spencer and Morrison allegedly made "disparaging remarks to the victim regarding his sexual orientation," and slapped him in the head and face. The boy told school officials Wednesday about the encounter and police arrested the older teens later that day.
"We felt this was bias-related," MacEwen told reporters Thursday.

The arrests come just days after 10 men were charged in the Bronx with what New York City officials say was one of the worst cases of anti-gay violence in recent memory. Police say a group of gang members beat and sodomized a 17-year-old recruit because they thought he was gay. Another 17-year-old also thought to be gay was attacked, and a 30-year-old and his brother were beaten as well.


jimm said...

"The victim was "stomped and kicked" on his arms, legs and stomach during a bus ride home"

Assuming this is a school bus, what did the driver or monitor do? The ppl who are responsible for the kids safety do nothing? Report nothing?

Gary Kelly said...


Anyway, I'm glad the victim had the guts to report the incident. Bullies need to know they can't get away with their pathetic crap.

And they need to know that it doesn't take guts to beat up on younger kids. It takes a big yellow stripe.


JustinO'Shea said...

Bastards is correct term, Gary!

These bullying incidents are teaching me something new about myself. I am finding I guess i have zero tolerance for this.

And. . vindictive feelings. I don't want them going unpunished. . .I am not quite sure of my feelings. . I want them "to get theirs" in return. I think that is new in me. . .or just now coming to surface.

I will use an image. . .when I see/hear this it's like I want to put on my shining armor, mount the white horse and lead "making things right. . bringing about justice. . ". . .get in there and fight for these kids.

Anyone got any insights/advice for me on this. . .I'd appreciate your insights. .

Next time our therapy group meets I am going to bring this up for discussion.

Please, feel free. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Justin, I think it is only natural, very natural in fact, to feel the need for revenge and public punishment for the three guys who attacked the boy. I think it's to your credit that you feel like this for a crimae against someone you don't even know. I think those three need to be charged as adults and punished as adults.

Can you imagine the outrage if the victim had been black? And beaten because he was black? We need to generate that same level of zero-tolerance for anti-gay crimes. And cyber-bullying. And in-school teasing and bullying.

jimm said...

Justin, so if you came face-to-face with bullies, what exactly would you say? Could you diffuse a confrontation with reason or wit?

I wonder what it would be like if we had a 'tweet on bullies' day?

Good point, Bannister.

Coop said...

Awhile back we were talking about "Gay stereotypes". I mentioned how some homophobes refer to ALL Gay men has wearing panties and having limp wrists.
And I never thought where I by my undies would get so much attention. LOL

My point... what IS my point...
A crime committed against ONE of us queers is a crime against ALL of us.

Justin... I think you want REVENGE.
It's natural. Revenge and a 'good punishment' are two seperate things, I think.

Will these idiots realize that Gay people are just people if they're suddenly confronted by a bunch of Queer studs with baseball bats?

Justin would make a GOOD white knight ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

YEAH. . .gimme one-a them baseball bats!!! QueerStudPatrol. . . LOL

AND we'd become no different from / better than they are! Those pervs are real dumb !

JustinO'Shea said...

Yepper, Gary. . .Hicksville is where all the Hicks, Hickites live and exist. . .

JustinO'Shea said...

JIMM. . .the driver and the monitor are scared to death of these bullies. . . .

JustinO'Shea said...

JIMM. . . faced with a scene of bullies and victim I don't know just how/what I would do. Certainly I'd try to get the victim away from them and their violence and somehow stop it. . .
Maybe we really need to have some sort of plan figured out. . .at least in theory. . .and not wait for the heat of the moment. . .

Suggestions. . . .??


JCinmeforever said...

When bullying becomes physical, I think it should be treated/charged as assault, and as adults...with adult punishment. If the bullies are minors, Parents should be charged and accountable. When it comes to Students in College, that may be from another country, Suspend them perminately from that educational institution with no way of coming back, also revoke their visa and send them home! Once that is a presidence they'll think twice about picking on others for being different.