Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NYTimes video on Christians and Gays

A report on the changing views of Christians re GAYS and their rights.   Today, they claim, the shift in position is  3 - 1 in favor of Gay rights. . . .with Catholics [ahem !] making the most changes!




Jabacue said...

THERE"S HOPE!!!!!!!!

Coop said...

Veddy interesting. I will watch that later... and that is a threat :P

Coop said...

How do I say this without being smug? :b

I have an opinion that younger generations are more accepting (or tolerant) of GLBT people... and my opinion has been reinforced more than once by actual data.

I read somewhere that younger evangelicals are more concerned about environmental issues.

I do not read Genesis literally. I DO believe, however, that God has charged us with being the earth's caretakers. Reap bountiful harvests, etc. Not use and abuse it.

Coop said...

I'm watching a program on WBGH world about how churches are getting involved in the green movement. "Renewal: Stories From America's Religious Environmental Movement"
Just thought I'd share that

I don't spend late nights on the blogs anymore. It interrupts my sleeping... my rest... and sometimes my tranquility.
There IS a time to mess with tranquility and there's a time to recharge. Right, Justin :)