Monday, October 11, 2010

Open Letter to President Obama


An Open Letter to President Obama: Gay People Count

President Obama has not backed the gay community by giving us 100 percent of the same rights as the heterosexual community.
Dear President Obama:
With the recent news of numerous gay teens committing suicide and people luring and then torturing gays to near death, I'm pointing the finger directly at you President Obama. You blew it big time.
Enough with your delayed promises. You've continued to side step the issue of equality and human rights.
The reason that gay people are committing suicide and gay bashing continues is because you as a President have not backed the gay community by giving us 100 percent of the same rights as the heterosexual community.
You are like the friend that expects their best friend to stick their neck out for them, but when the best friend is getting beat up you turn and walk away.
What kind of message does this send to your teenage daughters for the kind of role model you are as their father?
And what kind of example do you show Abraham Lincoln and your own father?
The gay community has put their trust in you that you would be our provider and protector—just like the heterosexual community does now.
Do the right thing! Americans are counting on you.  No more excuses or delays. The time is now!

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Gary Kelly said...

When a minority is sanctioned and approved by the majority, politicians take action.

Politicians are not in the business of losing elections.

In other words, convince the majority of voters to believe that your cause is just, and the leaders will follow.

I'm just wondering if the open letter to Obama is an attempt to get the tail to wag the dog.

J said...

Sorry, Justin, but you will die waiting for Obama to stick his neck out. He's fighting for his political life right now, having squandered all his popular capital on the bailouts and Obamacare. The only thing that might give us hope is the DOD study on DADT.

JustinO'Shea said...

Most likely I shall out-live our president. . . .barring an accident age is on my side. ;-)

I listen to, "intend toward" what a man says. . .not his clever quips especially but his oft-repeated story of what. . ,why. . and how. .

At the same time I observe carefully what he does and how he does it. I watch his eyes and his hands, his body language. I have begun to see and understand what he is telling me. Since most are not puppets, a man's body language depends not so much on what he is SAYING but on what he inwardly believes about what he is saying.

The body language is most often expressing what the unconscious is saying. [Often enough we may call this "gaydar", given circumstances.] I am sure most of you have heard this before: "the unconscious speaks to the unconscious." If we "listen" we shall "hear".

The more we are able to step aside from our preconceived ideas and judgments, our bias, etc, and think our own thoughts and feel our own feelings, the more inclined we shall be to 'hear' from the other is "telling" me.

Because Daddy has always voted Republican. . . [fiction! hahaha..can you really imagine an Irish Catholic from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts voting Republican????!!! hahaha ]
does not mean that Sonny-boy is going to vote Republican. . . or because Madame La Grandmere rules La Famille Bouvier and has always voted Democrat does not mean that her favorite French-Irish-Gypsy grandson will vote Democratic. . .

M. O'Shea-DaSilva does not sell his soul to any political party or any political candidate. I value my inner [and outer] freedom and independence far to much for that!

Most of us need to trust ourselves more than we do. En tout cas. . .
I continue to 'listen' to Mr Obama since "actions do speak louder than words". . ..etc. etc. etc.
and the rest of the olde cliches. .