Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Wear Purple to Remind

Wear Purple For The Six Gay Teenage Boys Who Committed Suicide.
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Wednesday, October 20 · 12:00am - 11:30pm


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Not long ago 6 American teenage boys committed suicide. Why? These teens were discriminated because of their sexuality. They were all gay. On the 20th of October which is Spirit Day, it is a plea worldwide from the families and friend of these six boys to wear purple in remembrance and in protest of the way the homosexual community are being treated. So please, wherever you are work or school, or even just sitting at home wear purple.
Support Gay rights.


PhotosbyErich said...

I don't know if I happen to even own something purple but I'm gonna stop at WalMart if I have to do so...

How absolutely TRAGIC. I had heard about some of these stories, of course (especially the Rutgers student) but seeing the faces of these young men and boys. So much in the prime of life. And the world loses them and their talents they would have brought to making it a better place because they felt there was no hope. I will be thinking about their families and praying a LOT today.

Hope you are doing well, Justin. You are such a blessing to the Internet...


Anonymous said...

Well I stopped by the card shop the other day and got a length of purple ribbon. Actually it's more like dark lilac, and I guess only a gay boy would notice that. "Regular" boys would say purple, lilac, magenta, fuschia and mauve were just "purple."

So today around campus I'll wear the ribbon like the red ribbon we all wear, and answer questions about what it means. I don't answer questions about which side of the fence I'm on because that's really nobodys business but mine.

Will this brand me forever as a cock-sucking pillow-biter?

Guess what!? I don't care!

Gary Kelly said...

Never buy pillows stuffed with feathers, Banister. Trust me.

JustinO'Shea said...

LMSAO. . . .ha ha ha. .
Banister, you think that is a voice from experience?! LOL