Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pentagon reworking Rules for DADT. . .back in force. . .. !

YES SIR!   The military is working out New RULES for DADT. . . ..likely ready at the end of today.

Yepper, you got it right !   LOL

THERE ARE OVER 8K reader comments.  Check 'em out if you wonder what / how the NON-GAYS.
the "gay challenged" think of US.   Most are not flattering.  Some are downriught SCARY !!  I wouldn't want to get caught in the shower room with  them!  Too risky.  Or out on patrol with a group of rednecks!

They don't trust me. . .I am gay. . .well, works the same way:  I do not trust them.


Y'ever see  movie  SOLDIER'S GIRL ?  It will rip your heart out !

Videos for movie Soldier's Girl

Soldier Girl - The Polyphonic Spree - Soldier ...
5 min - Sep 13, 2008
Uploaded by giantrees
Soldier's Girl Trailer
1 min - Aug 22, 2006
Uploaded by Spooky87
soldier's Girl
112 min - May 5, 2009

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Gary Kelly said...

Wow, that Soldier's Girl trailer was awesome. I'd never heard of the movie until now, which is a worry cos it was released on DVD 6 years ago.

I wish someone would shoot the bloke who does the trailer voice over, though. He's like I'm Chicken Little with Balls, baby, and when I say the sky's gonna fall in you better damnwell believe it.

I wonder if he talks to the checkout chicks like that.