Sunday, October 17, 2010


Gary Kelly has left a new comment on your post "Lil Red Wagon. . . . .":

I was just looking at your list of followers, JustinO... over 50 of them. So where the bloody hell are they? Why don't they comment?

I think you need to send a few rockets up their collective clackers. Maybe you need to be more controversial. Forget the Mr Nice Guy image... the clean cut college boy. Get down and boogie. Stir them up a little. Hehe.

The only reason I comment on everything is cos I'm Irish and can't shut up.

JustinO'Shea said...
Very good point, Gary. I wonder the same things. It is not because there are not a lot of visitors to the blog. Since July 1 this summer there have been at least 15,000+ visits or 'pageviews'. . . plus these visitors come regularly from 10+ countries in large numbers. . .USA and Australia are highest in number. For while So Korea was neck n' neck with Australia. . nearly 200 and more visits daily. So, why do not more people comments/contribute, etc? I do not know. Prodding and cajoling people is just not my style. I am French and Irish so I talk a LOT also. . . .why not the others. . ? So a question: WHY don't all you others share? I am anxious to learn from you. . .so are others. So please, if you feel free, chime in. . .;-))  "Ring them bells ! " justin


JustinO'Shea said...
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JustinO'Shea said...

This is the breakdown of visitors/ page views. . . .
July 2010 - 4,229
August - 4,450. . .September - 3736
and first half of October - 2,642

Total for 3.5 months = 15,057

A lot of people! WoW! So Gary's question - mine too ;-) - how come so few of these guys share/make a comment about anything? Are all y'all too shy to leave a comment? Is it there is little worth commenting about?

I find the stats curious, since there is such potential to hear other opinions, ideas, so much we could be learning from others.

Does this make you curious also? ;-)


JustinO'Shea said...

Last week Oct 10-17 this is the count of visitors from 10 highest countries. . . .
USA - 471. /Australia - 159/ Canada - 44 / Germany - 37 / Russia -36/ UK - 31 / SoKorea - 19 /NZ - 19 / France - 14/ Ukraine - 14

In previous weeks Australia and South Korea have been 'neck n' neck' in number. Sometimes a lot of visitors from Asian countries, United Emirates, SoAfrica. Just depends who makes the "Top Ten".

And I think what fun it would be to meet all these other wonderful people. I am curious who you are. . THANKS for visiting The Dunes!

Justin O'Shea

JustinO'Shea said...


While I was showering I was thinking about various stuff. . .and oddly enough about what I had written to Gary and my friends, the Readers. . .

I was also going over the NBC nightly news yesterday. . .the story about the gay councilman who made a statement and came out to the other members of the city council and other people who were there. It was quite emotional. . and his story was an appeal to all the young gays all over. . to hold on, to wait to build and keep the memories of happy times. . .to give themselves time to see things "get better". . . ( the entire story is on the NBC NEWS website.)

SO. . .one of the reasons why more people do not post on my blog is because they are not OUT and are afraid to be outed, somehow, by posting here on this obviously gay blog. Just...what IF. . . we all know the WHAT IFs in our lives. . .and of course we always think the worse possible scenario. . I have and I sometimes still do. .

So maybe fear keeps them quiet. I can respect and support that, support YOU totally.

YOU are welcome here. . a thousand welcomes! I am glad you keep coming back. . .I hope you find some help, encouragement, some space to laugh with and at us, safely.

MY OFFER: should you ever want to make a comment to the blog readers, to me, or anyone in particular, and don't feel ready to post it under your name and email addy. . . here's what you can do.
Mail it to me via my addy and I will post it to the blog without your name, email or any identifying marks, remarks.

Geeee, showers are a wonder institution! hahahahaaaa