Monday, October 11, 2010


GOOD  MORNING  EVERYONE. . . .there. . .I hope finally the road home photo has 'caught on' this time!
Well. . .LOL. . .our road home is quite elusive unless you know where you are going. . .hahahaa.  I've tried to get it set perfectly, but, I must  admit this is the "best" I can do right now. . .After all the effort I hope you can enjoy it. . . . I've noticed quite a few Quebec cars here abouts and last night I heard a number of guys speaking Quebecois. . . Our daytime weather hovers in the upper 50s/ low 60s.. . .and sometines the breeze off the ocean carries a reminder that "winter is a-cumin' in".  

Last night was a clear night. . . the stars were brilliantly out, sparkling clear. . . and my hoodie felt nice and cozy.
Peter had to turn in earlier than we like 'cuz he has early brrrrrrr open-up at the bakery.  I think the townsfolk are happy with the amount of visitors. . .EVERYthing is ON SALE. . . .to clear a lot of the inventory and "salt away" some of the sheckles  for the leaner season.  Provincetown is never empty.  The Chamber plans seasonal events and special things to entice the tourists back, even in Winter. . ."if you offer it, they will come".
hehee  On the weekends you still need to hunt for close-by parking spaces. . .with the hunters prayer. . "Hail Mary, full of grace. . .PLEASE find us a parking space!"  LOL   And so it happens. . . .

After an early supper with Peter  I will head my FIT onto Rte 6 and wend my way back to school, and home chez Mme Bouvier.  I shall call Gram later on to let her know I shall be arriving late tonight so she won't think
one of the hobgobblins is trying to break in!  Actually she sleeps a lot sounder than she thinks she does. . .or else she is being very discrete. . . she never  mentions any noises in the night. . . . I suspect a little of both.
Loverly gramma !

Hope you all have a great day. . . You, it always works out well when I follow my heart. . .my head follows. LOL
ciao ciao, bambini !


Coop said...

I'm sitting here in 'bucks drinking coffee and... possibly... avoiding CHORES and helping me mum with something that I know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

So ends a sweet sojourn.
Until next time eh Justin.

It must be hard to leave, but I guess it just makes it sweeter to return.

What am I doing?
Drinking coffee like Coop, avoiding work too, for a few more minutes, but like your visit, my return to work has to happen too. But at least I don't have to travel so far between my work and my haven/retreat. I do it every day.

Cheers fella,

Greg in Adelaide
PS, I am waiting for appropriately pithy prose from Gary over that photo in your earlier post, I trust he will not dissappoint