Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yesterday during class time I was pondering ROAD TRIP. . . . I felt the gypsy call rising from deep within me. . . and by afternoon I had said Bye Bye to Mme Bouiver. .  .my grandmother. . and was heading on the road home to The Cape.  Wasn't a bad drive at all, if you carefully avoided the Leaf Peekers but they were mostly on the scenic backroads of New England.

I hadn't told anyone I was coming home and I drove directly over to Peter's. . . he was home from work, as it was nearly supper-time.  When I drove in the driveway Peter came out on the porch and yelled at me "What the hell you doing here???"  He was all grins and I replied with a semi-obscene gesture as he rushed for the welcoming hug. . .embrazzo, to be more precise.  LOL  It felt sooo good to have his arms around me and to kiss him square on the mouth. . . . .hmmmm. . . . lasted for awhile too.  LOL

Mama had supper near ready and she set another place for me at the large table in the dining room. Papa Dom. . ..DaSilva patriach . . .greeted me too with a hug and a slap on the shoulder "About time, boy, you come home.. . .almost forgot what you look like!"  hahaaa

Before long everyone was there and we set into a grand meal, fresh fish, pasta, various sauces, flat bread,
tomatoes with basil and vinegar. . .and lots of other great food.  Never a lack of variety at Mama's table. Everyone got into the news sharings, about people and comings and a lot of goings.  A lot of the crowds
have gone.  Some shops have window signs "Thanks for a great season!"  But the streets fill up over the weekends.

We stayed talking at the table even after we finished supper  Then, off n a sudden, Peter announced "Time to go.  We're out of here!"  Mama wondered when he'd be back. . "I'll be back when you see me!"  And then to his Dad "See ya at work."  .

Off we went in my midnight black hawk Honda FIT. . .it  knows the way to our Dunes.  Mom and Dad welcomed us with open arms. .. . what choice did they have!? LOL We were HOME!  After a proper chat time we went upstairs to my room. . . . .and the rest is OURS!  LOL

The photo  shows the tip of the Cape, with Provincetown Harbor and the town at the bottom.  Directly top is Race Point  (you can see it)  and then the borad Atlantic opening up.  Along this shore is the closest point to Europe some say.  Thoreau loved this place.  .said he could turn his back on the whole United States here.

To the left is Herring Cove, the beach and Dunes and the Enchanted Forest. . .where the faeries scamper about.  LOL

Home is the best place to clear out my head and breathe in the Fall salty air. . . .aaaaaaahhhhhhhh YESSS!
I dont have to be back on campus till 11 a.m. class Tuesday morning.  Monday is Columbus Day!
justin at home


jimm said...

Hmmm... Provincetown, jus the way i remember it! But where were the scampering faeries???

Sounds like your having a grand time!

A bit brisk here on Lake Ontario.

Jabacue said...

Thanks for this Justin! You took me along with you for a second. This could be a 'Hallmark' movie, I'm sure! lol
Have a great wknd.
Jim (with one 'm')

Gary Kelly said...

You lead a charmed life, JustinO.

Coop said...

Hope you're having a great weekend, Justino.
Someday I'll make it onto the Cape.
And I may even go to P-town. Shocker.

Anonymous said...

Sunny Sunday in the City of Churches, a nice warm day, time for the first BBQ of the season. A heap of friends are dropping in, I've been scrubbing, cleaning, putting stuff away, preparing salads and making sure there is enough gas in the bottle.
Beers are cold, should be a good arvo before it turns into a cool evening....summer is not close enough yet, but good enough for a great lazy arvo.

So, my jealousy is not as bad as it could be Justin, I just wish I had a Peter, you lucky bastard...just keep remembering that you are very lucky to have him....but not as near lucky as he is to have you.

Soppy Greg in sunny Adelaide

JustinO'Shea said...

Aaawww, Greg ! Thanks. That is sweet of you to say. . .

Not quite warm enough for a BBQ now. There's a nip in the air. . . nice to be in with the fireplace taking the chill off. . . ;-)


GoodRock said...

I share your love of this beautiful place, I "washed ashore" this spring and am living just out of the photo to the East, past the Cape Inn on a dune above the bay. I had visited the other side of the Cape years ago, but some chance of fate brought me here and I am overwhelmed by it's beauty every day.

I recently found your blog, after noticing Shannon's from his "It Gets Better" video. What an amazing project that has become, did you know they are offering to make videos at Enzos this weekend for the project? Obama posted one yesterday, I encouraged singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier to make one after talking with her last weekend. She was great in hers, and sang a song she wrote years ago about being the queer kid in school, it's called "Drag Queens In Limousines".

I look forward to reading your thoughts and experiences here, you're a bright and special person Justin, I hope you have a brilliant and productive future!