Friday, October 15, 2010

Wear Purple to Remind

Wear Purple For The Six Gay Teenage Boys Who Committed Suicide.
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Wednesday, October 20 · 12:00am - 11:30pm


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Not long ago 6 American teenage boys committed suicide. Why? These teens were discriminated because of their sexuality. They were all gay. On the 20th of October which is Spirit Day, it is a plea worldwide from the families and friend of these six boys to wear purple in remembrance and in protest of the way the homosexual community are being treated. So please, wherever you are work or school, or even just sitting at home wear purple.
Support Gay rights.


Jabacue said...

Good idea! I'll have to find something 'purple' for the 20th. I'll spread the word around here.

Gary Kelly said...

I don't have anything purple but I suppose I could walk into a door knob.

They're all nice kids, but that little bloke in the bottom right hand corner somehow gets to me more than the others. He's not trying to pose or make a statement. He's just being himself. Pity the bullies didn't allow him that opportunity.

JustinO'Shea said...

Heartbreaking, isn't it! Reading their stories adds to the realness of their lives and deaths.

I think it is good we do the purple [royal purple would be good or magenta! ;-) ]

Telling the story is imperative. If we don't. . who will?