Sunday, October 10, 2010

"It Gets Better. . ."

A friend wrote me. ." .You've probably seen some of the "It Gets Better" series, but here two more more that I like: and  "
Both of these youtube sites have a series of spots made by various people.  Get these out to key people; these are available for use.

We need to keep on spreading the word  "It does get better. . . " and it will continue!



Anonymous said...

I was picked on in elementary school for my gimpy leg, glasses, and such. Called retarded, etc.
I'm over it.

I've never been bullied for my sexuality but I know how it feels to be bullied.

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, it gets better.

Someone said a looooooooong time ago: Honesty is the Best Policy.

So it ain't nuthin' new.

Gary Kelly said...

And now it's anti-gay protesters in Serbia.