Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"It Gets Better" leads to some surprising videos

Fortunately, all the way around,  "It Gets Better" seems to be doing a lot of good, with a surprising number of sharings.

This link has the statement of the youngish city councilman in full, plus several others. . . .fyi and encouragement.

Also, Gary's and my chatter seems to have some good results also, happy to report on this sunny Fall morning.. .which workwise brings me a lighter schedule.  A free morning; just my own class and seminar meeting.  The kiddies I work with. . .ahem! excuse me, , ,the ladies and gentlemen I work with teaching an Intro Psych class meet on Mon, Wed, Fri.

Anyway, some 'new' people decided to share some ideas, etc. . .Greg in nearing-summer Adelaide wrote a very honest and touching post, sharing some of his deep thoughts and ideas.  Thanks, Greg. [ More later, in private. . ;-) ]
The number of people who pass by here, visiting the Dunes, amazes me.   WoW!  I hope we can all continue posting our "good stuff" so that their visits will be worthwhile.  Hey, y'never know, right?  Yepper.

All the best to all of you today. . .whatever time it may be, where ever YOU are. . . .':-)

Justin. . . . . ."clean cut, nice guy, college kid" as Gary describes me. . .LOL. .

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Gary Kelly said...

AND... not only that BUT...

Are you paying attention, JustinO?

'It Gets Better' can apply equally to getting older, just as it does to being gay.

It's all a matter of 'tude.

My best friend was almost 40 years my junior. He used to call me 'fossil'. We were 'soul buddies' according to him. Our relationship was unique... lovers of the platonic kind, but lovers nonetheless.

I never realized how valuable that was until, one day, he wished me happy father's day. I wasn't his real father, but that didn't matter. And it's the nicest thing he ever said to me.

That's when I discovered just how cool being a fossil can be.