Monday, March 14, 2011

we are Straight But Not Narrow

Richard sent this along. . . .yet another tolerant Movement. . . This link opens to a page of various statements from members about support and tolerance. . ."We are Strainght But Not Narrow". . SBNN.


Gary Kelly said...

That guy has just won himself an extra fan. He's cool.

And now I'm gonna take a valium.

JustinO'Shea said...

Valium? He has that effect on you?
hmmmm. . . .come to my room and we will talk. . . .hehe

Gary Kelly said...

Where have I been? Now I'm discovering that Avan Jogia is a famous actor. I had no idea! That's what happens when you lead a sheltered life ya know.

Anyway, I think he's scrumptious. It's crush time.

Coop said...

Yeah. Avia Jogia is HOT. Was he saying something important?

JustinO'Shea said...

Naaaaaw, COOPsta. . .that's why I posted it. . .

Anonymous said...

Remember when we got in trouble for highjacking one of Justies posts and heading off in some other direction?

Well, with this post we are all off the subject....again.

Including you Justin!!!

Gary's first sentence was as close as we got to being on subject....including this one of I'll go to my room now, sorry.



JustinO'Shea said...

Yeah, I see. . . .we are "off topic", I guess. But hey, I am not "straight" but I suppose too I could be "gay narrow". . .hmmmm..donno. . .

Well, I do not have much to say here about that. . .and I have been responding to individual's comments and not "on topic".

I have to admit. .listening to the several side-bar vids on the SBNN my reaction has been "ho hummmm". .someone else without a cause to promote.

As for NCIS --which I do enjoy watching -- glad to see Greg does too . I'd like to whack Dennozzo too. . .on the back of the head like Jethro does: Tony is such a stereotypical chauvinist! Oy vey whack him again, for me.

Shallow commenting on TV sits, I like NCIS-LA too. . .Love that Hetty Lang. . and last night Nate the psychologist left again. . "just stopped in to say hello" and back to Afghanistan. . .whazzat all about?

Greg, do you see "Harry's Law" in Aussieland? Harry = Harriet Corn. corporate lawyer moved to the Ghetttooo. . . Writer-producer David Ryan was also responsible for "Boston Legal" and "Denny Crane". . . .note in Harry;s we have a similar character in Tommy Jefferson.

It well-written, deals with contemporary issues, and I can identify easily with the over-all philosophy. It's on Monday nights at 10, east coast. . .plus a repeat of Saturdays, I guess as a temp filler.

Those are my current TV-menu. Some times I've been known to watch "The Good Wife" with that gorgeous Julianna Margolies. . . her character has a gay brother who is a ticket and shows up on occasion.
For some reason this program often "makes me nervous" and I shut it off. Haven't figured that out yet: except it gets too tense about things which make me tense. . much intrigue, lots of slip-sliding around corners, back-stabbing, etc. . .Young lawyer Kerry is cute but a real shithead in my law-books. . . .but I could overlook that.. hahahaa
Clarinda is a real mystery. Is she gay? She sure knows 'everything'. .clever girl.

There, GregBabes, I am really off-topic here but early early in the 6:30ish a.m. I feel like doing my TV schtic, , ,Oh yeah, Peter and Felicia's son Greg is a cutie with typical teen hormones but on the "cute but dumb" side. ho ho

Well, I've said enough here.( Does all this tell you I do not much care about Avan Jogia and patronizing str8s?) Oh yeah, another point, I enjoy talking with Dad about these TV lawyers and their stuff. . .Dad is a member of the real Boston Legal Boys. .. hehehe

Gary Kelly said...

I suppose I could label myself a guy without a cause. Who needs a cause anyway?

I mixed with gay guys for years... clubs, parties, outings, social functions, you name it. And I found that many of them are quite narrow in their attitude to straights.

I have observed narrowness on both sides. Homophobes and Straightophobes. And if that's not a word it is now.