Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Odds N' Ends, Spring Break and Much Ado About Nothing. . .

These opening remarks are lifted from a response to being "Off Topic" from GregInAdelaide and I thought I use these for some more rambling comments about my life. Yeah, I see. . . .we are "off topic", I guess. But hey, I am not "straight" but I suppose too I could be "gay narrow". . .hmmmm..donno. . . Well, I do not have much to say here about that. . .and I have been responding to individual's comments and not "on topic". I have to admit. .listening to the several side-bar vids on the SBNN my reaction has been "ho hummmm". .someone else without a cause to promote. As for NCIS --which I do enjoy watching -- glad to see Greg does too . I'd like to whack Dennozzo too. . .on the back of the head like Jethro does: Tony is such a stereotypical chauvinist! Oy vey whack him again, for me. Shallow commenting on TV sits, I like NCIS-LA too. . .Love that Hetty Lang. . and last night Nate the psychologist left again. . "just stopped in to say hello" and back to Afghanistan. . .whazzat all about? Greg, do you see "Harry's Law" in Aussieland? Harry = Harriet Corn. corporate lawyer moved to the Ghetttooo. . . Writer-producer David Ryan was also responsible for "Boston Legal" and "Denny Crane". . . .note in Harry;s we have a similar character in Tommy Jefferson. It well-written, deals with contemporary issues, and I can identify easily with the over-all philosophy. It's on Monday nights at 10, east coast. . .plus a repeat of Saturdays, I guess as a temp filler. Those are my current TV-menu. Some times I've been known to watch "The Good Wife" with that gorgeous Julianna Margolies. . . her character has a gay brother who is a ticket and shows up on occasion. For some reason this program often "makes me nervous" and I shut it off. Haven't figured that out yet: except it gets too tense about things which make me tense. . much intrigue, lots of slip-sliding around corners, back-stabbing, etc. . .Young lawyer Kerry is cute but a real shithead in my law-books. . . .but I could overlook that.. hahahaa Clarinda is a real mystery. Is she gay? She sure knows 'everything'. .clever girl. There, GregBabes, I am really off-topic here but early early in the 6:30ish a.m. I feel like doing my TV schtic, , ,Oh yeah, Peter and Felicia's son Greg is a cutie with typical teen hormones but on the "cute but dumb" side. ho ho Well, I've said enough here.( Does all this tell you I do not much care about Avan Jogia and patronizing str8s?) Oh yeah, another point, I enjoy talking with Dad about these TV lawyers and their stuff. . .Dad is a member of the real Boston Legal Boys. .. hehehe
March 16, 2011 6:41 AM
I am at home on the Cape out in The Dunes.  It is our "Spring Break" but has been looking a lot like Winter . . .all over the NorthEast.  Though temps are beginning to moderate. . was in the 50*s in Boston yesterday. . .and maybe even in the low 60*s for St Paddy's Day. . .when all the Wannabe Irish have an excuse to carry on fiercely.  hahahaa
This is how it looked a week ago at Mme Bouvier's home (she is my Gramma and I live with her 'across the river' from Campus
And, yes, conditions there had "subsided" quite a bit when I left there late Sunday afternoon.  I held back from leaving on Friday because there was work I needed to complete and didn't want to bring home [would've been useless anyway. . LOL] and certainly didn't want hanging over my head when I got back to school.  Time has a way of romping too quickly these days!
It is always sooo good to cross over the old [like 74yo] Sagamore Bridge, leaving the mainland and head out into and toward the ProvinceLands, the Promised Lands. . . .even the air
smells cleaner, the skies are clearer, the breathing is easier. . [hmmm maybe I could get a job with the Chamber of Commerce. . .LOL ] and on sunny days even the SUN  is more brilliant than anywhere else.   hahaaa
If you look closely on the right hand side of the map you will find the small print 'StoryIsland' a little above the 'elbow curve'.
There, in the Dunes looking east onto the broad Atlantic is the O'Shea hut. . .with the large veranda where little Justin used to ride his tryke. . . ;-)  We are on the bluff, and from our back yard we can amble down to the beach where Peter and Justin have spent some time in an area sheltered from the ocean 'breeze' being warmed by the sun.
Always good to be home with Peter, just to BE together, spend time talking about life, love, plans, hopes, dreams. . .and just being quiet together, present to each other.  It is comfortable, comforting, it builds and strengthens more and more our being who we are when we are together. . . .and apart.  As some New Englanders says in certain parts  "It is Noice"
We've enjoyed supper last night with the DaSilvas. . .As I've said before they are a large, close-knit, open, welcoming family where you are always 'at home' and there's always room for another at the table.  And it goes without saying the food is always excellent!


Coop said...

The NCIS-LA on last was(technically) a repeat. I think... I hadn't seen it before. Nate is pretty good looking ;-)

I watch "Blue Bloods", too. Sometimes Hawai'i 5-0.

Jim said...

I really hope you and Peter grow together. It is such a gift to be able to experience another's life as I see you are already.
have a great break Justin.

JustinO'Shea said...

The break. . .so far soooo good.;-)
And we are growing together. . .neither of us is "in charge", as far as I can tell. . and I'd know if I were doing it. . .and sure as sunshines I'd know well if it were being done to me! heheheee I think I can subjectively and hopefully fairly well see neither of us has a need to be "In Charge". . .hahaaa I don't think it would last long. . .LOL.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yepper, sometimes I do watch the Blue Bloods. . quite the NYC Irish family.
Can't see to get into Hawaii 5'O. . .

JustinO'Shea said...

COOPsta. . you go out on the porch these days and take several good deep breaths. . ..ya know Spring IS coming.. . it's in the air! YESSS>
hahahaha. . .and it isn't Revere Beach at low tide. . ..hahahaaa or the salt marshes beyond the Enchanted Forest. . . ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Now if you weren't so preoccupied with playing footsies, you would have gotten the horizon straight.

JustinO'Shea said...

My Kelly, you are correct. . .the horizon was least of my concern. . .I was more taken up with the near, dear and present .

cha cha cha

Coop said...

It is a Gorgeous day today ;-)
I haven't been to Reveeeah beach in fahhevah. I see it from the train now and then. NCIS LA on Tuesday was a repeat :p Nate reminds me of someone I know.

Coop said...

Gary, this isn't Westboro Baptist heaven. Nothing has to be straight.

JustinO'Shea said...

Listen here, mi boyo! I'm gonna set you str8 on this one: have your way. . Tuesday's NCIS must have been a repeat if you say so. . . .cha.

Faith n' begorrah tis luvely heah on The Dunes. . brilliant sun, 50ish degrees. I have the place to myself so I spent some time out back exposed to the rays. . avoiding lines. . hehehe Peter's coming later for non-tradtional St Patrick's day supper. I understand there'll be some wannabe-Irish here for 'happy hour' [chez O'Shea every hour's a happy hour ] and supper. Parents didnt mention who is coming. . .nous verrons.

JCinmeforever said...

...truly a beautiful place Justin! When I grow up and have a partner, I want to be a tourist and visit the Dunes one day!

Smiles, JCinmeforever