Saturday, March 26, 2011

Being a Blogger. . . .

Recently Uncle Joe "the Galant" was musing about the day when I might become so busy there'd be no time for JustinDunes .  Well I can say that day is not tomorrow or in the near future.  

One of the benefits I have from blogging is getting know some of you a tad better. . .to read your ideas, dreams, hopes, fears, womderings. . . and I can  share mine with you.  I learn from what you make the time to share, my ideas get broader, and . . .well, as early on I used to say "I am a work of art . . in process" . .and I am not done yet. 

Among the 4300 readers/'page-viewers' for the month of March there have grown up a small group of 'regulars'. . .those of you who post on a regular basis have become "a part of the family". . .you give of yourselves and we all grow from the give n' take. . .always good knowing you are there. 

I am only guessing ---  what I know of you comes from what you share ---  I have the idea that most of you regulars are older than I am, and so I appreciate your experience and what I can learn from you.

One of the family I feel very close to/tight with is my buddy-bro
The COOPSTA. . .hehe. . .COOP.  We are only a couple years apart in history on the planet. .. . LOL. . .and come from the same geographic "Best of Creation". . .I give him a hard time now and then, rag on him and back it comes.  We also email back n forth off-blog.  COOPs is one of the gifts I love from being on JustinDunes. We can and do talk about anything and everything. . .important or not.   Thanks, Babe !

I am watching a PBS TV program. . . songs from the "good old days". . . surprisingly I recognize many of these golden oldies being sung by the original  performers.  Incredible to see and hear them! The audience look to be my parents' age and  older. . . fun watching.
I could get into this myself !  LOL

Thanks to all of you "newbies" and my special "golden oldies". . .hahaa..   
Love and appreciation. . .


Coop said...

b l u s h i n g ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, well just don't start getting close/tight with me JustinO. I'm frigid. Apart from that, I'm still a virgin and intend to remain so.

As to being a blogger, it's great therapy for the blogger as well as the blogee. We can exchange ideas without having to shower and shave. We can say what we think without having to duck. We can be in Adelaide, Woop Woop or Provincetown and it dozen madder.

"Family" is a good word to use, I think.

Anonymous said...

Ya, Justin, as you know I'm one of the slightly "older set"....not a real oldie yet, I like to think, but that depends on your perspective, and I agree with Gary's comments in his second and third paragraphs.....but not the first, heehee!

Some of what you write in your comments Coop, has made me wish I knew you better ... and now that I've read Justin's blushing praise, that seals it!...haha.. if he thinks you're a great fella, then you must be.

Cheers my "family"

Gregin Adelaide

JustinO'Shea said...

And you, Greg, have to be real wonderful guy. . .I wish I knew you better too. ;-) What you wrote here is real sweet. . .ty.


Coop said...

Greg, I think you are a nice fellow.
Thanks for the sweet words

Stew said...

I love the interaction here. It's one of a few blogs that people check back several times on the same post. Your topics spark a lot of fresh thoughts and conversation here in the blog world and into my real life.
You're doing a great job Justin. And your "regulars" and not-so-regulars complete the package.

Jim said...

Justin you are an 'old soul'. This is a good have the best of both worlds!
I am very proud to be a 'follower' of yours because you are so mature for your age and yet are still a typical 20 something. I can imagine that your future holds great things for you. And as your 'friends' have already said you are a breath of fresh air, at least for this old fart!