Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today was a hectic day, couldn't sleep all nite, was worried I would shut alarm in my sleep. So I tried, and tried, finally got
up for good at 3am and shaved then showered. Left at 5am, got there before 6am, Operation was scheduled for 9:20am,
wasn't taken in for operation, till after 11am. It is more sore than I thought it would be. Have a jock strap with absorbing  super fluff sponge, it still is absorbing the drainage of blood. They gave me pain killer meds, and antibiotic meds.
Got home close to 5pm. Have to go back Friday, to take out drainage.... 
. Just have to wait and see. Have been in a daze, will sleep  very well tonit
  Justin,  I Thank You for your Prayers, and all Prayers of The Family and
I was thinking of Everyone after my surgery..  You have a great a Great Family and am so Happy to Be Part of Them.
I know how well  All Your Prayers have been working... Thank You Everyone, I know how much Love that 
Everyone has given to me,  I can more that Feel It..
                                                                              Joe Galant


Gary Kelly said...

Now we can all say, "See! Toldya!"

Onya Joe. It took balls to go through that truama.

Actually, I probably should rephrase that. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

You are a bastard.....a funny I luv ya for it!

Now before anyone gets up set and thinks I'm pissin on Gary.

(For those who may not know, Australians often use the word bastard as a friendly greeting, even as a term of endearment.

For example, when you just catch up with an old friend ..."How are you, you old bastard!" ... ...or if a mate drops something....."Hell, you're a clumsy bastard" ....or if someone makes a Gary just did, "Geez, you're a funny bastard")

So, Joe, you're a lucky bastard, lucky someone found the problem before it caused worse things...and lucky enough to survive an operation.

Glad you've over it, well, almost over it...haha.

Greg-the-bastard in Adelaide

Steve from Atlanta said...

Praying and hoping for a fast recovery. Keep us posted as to your progress.



I am lucky to have so many Good
Bastards looking out for me.
My daughter always wanted wanted
to go to Australia. She only got
to Austria for Girlfiends wedding,
then went back for a visit. She
named her 8yr old daughter Sydney, and when someone doesn't know
what Sydney stands for, she tells
them that is Sidney in Austrailia.
I know that Grandaughter is quite
proud of her Name. Gary and Greg,
I hope someday she gets over your
way. I wouldn't mind it as well,
I always wanted to go to Alaska,
by way of Bike, Lots of peddling,
Wife laughs at me in more ways
than 1, lol
Maybe time will tell. All Aussies have an extra-ordinary good sense of Humor. You make me aware of
your Great Country, and All the Good People In It!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey RadJoe, yep, most true Aussies have a good sense of humour...warped, sarcastic, a good sense of the ridiculous and often very dry.

Adelaide is a good girl's name too. Our old "town" is named after Queen Adelaide, imagine that, I live in a town named after a Queen, quite appropriate I guess.

Glad you're back online.


Gary Kelly said...

And I live in Taree, which is named after a fig. That's also appropriate because I couldn't give one. :)


Found out today, from Male Nurse
whom took out the drainage
tube, that Doctor took the
cyst out as well, that means
I don't have to worry about
cyst refilling up again, and
that makes me more than happy.
Doctor did nice job with
8 to 10 stiches.
Now I have one last thing to look
forward to, In May I hope to
have Right Knee replaced.
Everyone is probably saying
Oh No... Here We go Again,
But I think I will be More than
Adjusted, with My Thoughtful
Family. Thank You Justin, and
Our Great Family. I am more
than Happy to Know Each and
Everyone of You!!! God Bless!!!