Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Wonder . . . . .

I wonder about many things as my day goes by. . . I wonder about the whys in my life and the lives of people I love. . . .especially those with whom I share our lives more closely.  For example, yesterday in the two Intro Psych sections meeting on Monday, after our Spring break. . .tell me another funny. . .LOL. . .we came to class with our various moods and our own whimsicals. . . it was foggy, snowing, wet. . it later turned into rain.  Not a nice day at all, and yet, it was an awesome day because of a letter from Sendai, Japan, and the deep and powerful thoughts, ideas shared, hopes and visions which that email evoked from our deep innards. . . that private space where we really live. . . .thought-provoking wondering at the wonder of  it all.

Then, this morning, I looked at the visitor counter, especially at where people come from.  Among the many so far today it said there were two guys. . . ..see? i just assume they are males. . ..from 
YEMEN, of all places.  All I really know about Yemen are the journalistic bits and dribbles I see in online news. . . this morning about their leader saying he would be willing to step down by the end of the year.  Wondering why the delay. . .if people are so unhappy with him. [I feel confident about deciding this leader is a man. . ..since women have no real public role in Yemen and are more 'out of sight' than in.]  Does he need to make provisions for hiself and his family?. . ..everyone has families. . .;-)  Where will they go?  Can they stay in Yemen. . .even?

I wonder about these two readers/viewers from Yemen. . .who are they?  Are they my age?  I suppose they are gay.  Why?  Given what little we know about Muslim attitudes and sharia laws regarding homosexuality  are these two putting themselves at some risk even checking out JustinDunes?  What are they looking for. . .do they find the help, acceptance, support they may be looking for?  Do they feel a sort of connection with the rest of us whose worlds are so different, and yet that simularity which unites us?  Have they found and connected with others like themselves, like us!, in Yemen?

Like the feelings of the people of Japan which we get glimpses of by that Letter from Sendai, the feelings other share with us in this and other blogs and media. . . I feel such gratitude for the freedoms we DO enjoy, the relationships we need and hang onto. . . even the connectedness to each other we feel in reading this blog, in the comments some of us leave after the various postings. . . I feel grateful, thankful for all I am, all I have, and for you people important in my ordinary life today.

My fast-moving week at home on the Cape, being with, talking with, hugging and chatting and laughing with. . . .all of it was so refreshing and comforting, upbuilding, supportive, helped again and again to strengthen the good feelings I have about life. . .my life, my life with Peter, our families, with my students here at university, my colleagues ( that words sounds so old to me. . lol. . .) and co-workers in our grad-school work. . . .the ice-water-in-the-face realization that so much of this is going to change in such a short time. . . .the term will be over, the various graduations will take place, and my Masters' program will be ending and opening to new beginnings again. . . .in the same but also different directions.  Some of the near-future is beginning to take form and shape. . . .filled, at present, with a lot of wonderings. . . . hmmm. . .that word again. hahaa.

So yeah, i wonder. . . .a lot. . .and in the wondering. . .in the absorbing and unfoldings which are going on. . . .I find new beginnings taking shape. . . and of course I wonder. . . .;-))  Don't you?                         

    ~~~~~  justin  



I see that you must be coming to
the end of your Grad School.
It seems like the end of High
School, leaving friends, former
mates, and knowing you may not see
many of the again. I guess that sends us all on different Journey's.
We wonder about you Justin, when
you end your blog some day and we
don't find such a good person to
talk with and too!!! You give so
much of yourself in sharing or your love to others, that we will
all miss!!! We will all Wonder.
The picture of you at end of this
article, makes you look so young and very innocent. Never Change,
except for a better you.
Old Joe

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Joe.
Not to worry. . .you can't get rid of me that easy. . .LOL
I not going anywhere. . ..esp to another planet. . hahahaha. . .

I be here. . .;-))
huggies. . . .
the 'innocent'justin

Rockit88 said...

Are you going on to a doctorate degree? If not, what are your plans?


JustinO'Shea said...

Stephen. . .will get back to you on this at later date. . .a lot still up in the air. . .as it were. . .lol

Gary Kelly said...

Wondering is cool. Wondering leads to questions, and questions lead to answers.

jimm said...

ahh, justin, you are caught between 2 worlds; today, one of comfort, tomorrow, one of risks.

And the yemenites, to us, they appear to live moment-to-moment at risk.

Anonymous said...

Well said Joe, you have the same thoughts, "wonderings" (about Justin and his future) and sentiments as I.

Justin said "even the connectedness to each other we feel in reading this blog, in the comments some of us leave after the various postings. . . I feel grateful, thankful for all I am, all I have, and for you people important in my ordinary life today."
...and it struck the same chord in me, exactly.

Thanks to all of you, I feel this strange connectedness, a warm and fuzzy?
Better believe it, life is all the better for warm and fuzzies (those ones too, Justin.. I know what yo're thinking...lol)

My "fear" is that Justin will, one day, find life too busy, have other more pressing needs, privacy and perhaps just lose interest, as there is a limit I guess to the variety and usefulness of this blog.
But all things must end I guess and one day it will probably come.

I work from home and check this blog several times a day, breakfast coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee, after dinner etc....it's like having a group of mates close by.

Through the day/week I keep the same "connectedness" via emailing and phone messaging with a couple of close friends. I love this modern world where you are never more than a click away from someone. They are as close as your pocket...nice.

Not that I do, or need to do it all the time by any means, but it is just a nice feeling that friends are close, friends like Justin, are there and available so readily.

Yep, warm and fuzzy on this cool, windy, wet and 20C day. Winter approacheth.

There, that's my lunchtime musings...


JustinO'Shea said...

Dear ConnectedGreg:
Thank you. . .thanks so much. I am moved by your message. Grateful.

I have no plans to end The Dunes. . I am very happy I followed Shannon's encouragement to begin a blog. . it is a great experience for me, reading your thoughts, and observations, sharing ideas, plans, hopes. . .it's fun!

Warm fuzzies. . . .sure 'nuff. .
Love you all. .. ;-)

J said...

Gee, you have such kind eyes.

Gary Kelly said...

I knew J would say that.

JCinmeforever said...

Justin, and all who blog here! I believe that the 'wondering' does not ever end. Justin, your at the start of a fine career and will have many opportunities to affect others in life, faith, and relationship. (ie Peter). For me I'm on the horizon of retirement...at least the first one, cause I don't ever want to sit still. And yet, the 'wonder' is always there, how I can be better at something, how I can share my faith by example and many more 'wonders' to come. It's very much appreciated to read comments from all the Dunes bloggers. I gain a different perspective from my own and many times are very encouraged to seek the wonder of tomorrow, cause it never stops. No matter what stage in life you may be.

Thanks for sharing this thought, a peak at your life, faith, relationship and family.

It's sincerely inspiring to me.

Smiles, JCinmeforever

Coop said...

I wonder... if a werewolf bites your neck in your dreams... is it a dream or a nightmare? :b

JustinO'Shea said...

Maybe a wet-dream . . . .? I wouldn't know, COOPsta. . .lol