Sunday, March 27, 2011

Are Male Bodies Beautiful ?

While I am certain that virtually all of the readers of Justin Dunes think that the male form is beautiful and a work of art, what about the heterosexual world, both male and female?  Here’s an interesting perspective on that question.


Gary Kelly said...

A most interesting and well written article. I remember a young bloke I knew saying he loved his girlfriend because "she makes me feel like a king". And another young bloke who said, "she makes me feel good about myself".

As to the question, Are Male Bodies Beautiful? They are if you think they are.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Mr Kelly, that 'answer' is as good as it gets.


Stew said...

Growing up I recall questioning my desire for men, when so many men were in fact repulsive. Their wives the perfect picture of feminity while they let themselves go. Never really thought this as the underlying issue but it is.

So how is this remedied? I for one am out there gazing at as many men as I can. I hope they all feel appreciated.