Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Everyone. . . .a special request.

One of our 'family'  "Radical Joe" / Joe Gallant will undergo testicular surgery, to possibly remove a cyst.  Due to early age traumatic surgery he maintains a deep fear of surgery, etc.  Wednesday morning is the time.
I told Joe,  who at 72, is very much alone, with little or none local support and care, that we would each of us, in our own respective
ways, would be his support in thoughts and prayers.  One of my own beliefs is that love knows no distance, no time or space. . . that we can, each of us, touch Joe in this important surgery. . .. not a bad idea, either, to include the surgeon and the surgical team.

This will mean a great deal to him.  Thanks.


Gary Kelly said...

G'day Radical Joe. In your time of need, I want you to know that your testicles are in my thoughts. :)

You'll be right, mate. Piece a cake. No worries. And you'll be all smiles after it's over.

That's the key ya know. Don't focus on the op, focus on the outcome.

J said...

Well, Joe, even testicular cancer is a long way from a death sentence, and you sure don't have it, so not to worry. Everything should be just fine.

GoodRock said...

Joe, I also have a life-long phobia about surgery and all things medical so I know how difficult this must be for you emotionally. You have already been brave to come this far.

I will pray for you around the time of your surgery. What time is it GMT, or EST if you happen to be in the US? Here is a tool to convert local time.

I hope some good things come out of this for you, maybe some new friends from the nursing or rehab staff. Think positive and keep the faith Joe!

Anonymous said...

All the best wishes Joe.
I've been lucky so far (touch wood) but no doubt I'll have my share of the cancer pie before I shuffle off.

Gary's advice to focus on the outcome is the best idea....cos the alternative, ie not having the op, has to be worse for sure.

Stay with us mate and a speedy recovery.

Give us a shout when you're back, as you will be.

Coop said...

You're in my thoughts, Radical Joe. Best wishes :)


Everyone of you give me more than
a smile and I feel your pat on my
back. Justin, is more than the
Best. When I was 8yrs old in '46,
I had left eye removed, was a non-
benign turmor. I was not told that
I didn't even have a 50/50 chance
of Survivin until years later. Everytime I have any surgery, I get crazy, and I know there is Hope, and with the Love That All and Everyone of you give to me,
It gives me More than Hope. I Thank
each and everyone of You for Your Prayers!!!

Jim said...

Joe, all the best to you from us on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. We are sending you lots of positive energy that will carry you through your surgery tomorrow.

Banister said...

I read this when you posted it, and remembered Joe in prayers, and George has done the same. Will you give us the news when you learn of it? I would have lit some candles in church, but none of the Episcopal churches around here are "high" enough to have a candle rack, so (heaves huge sigh) I had to go over to the R.C.s. But Joe's got candles going, and all our best wishes for his recovery.

JustinO'Shea said...

You can be sure as soon as I have any news I will post it. One of the beautiful things is we can come together each in our own way supporting an ill family member.

And, Banister, when you get to NYC be sure to visit "Smokey Mary's". . .very High Church Episcopal. . candles, incense, processions and all the RC trappings we kinda left behind. . Glad you found an RC House in your area. ;-)

Nice to see you and Geo around. . .

JCinmeforever said...

Since I've been reading an participating here on the 'Dunes', One of the compelling life stories shared is that of Joe.

My heart and prayers are with you Joe!!! May the Lord direct your path and give you peace and security in His love!!

Prayerfully, JCinmeforever