Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Great Chinese State Circus -- Swan Lake

This is one scenario of the ballet Swan Lake with the fantastic gymnast-athletic-movements added.  Some of the movements seem almost incredible. . . but we do see them right on screen. . .the precision, care, strength involved to give us such beauty and grace.





I was in Awe, had to go back and
watch it several times. Never
have seen this clip. Balancing
her on his biceps, head, hands.
I was more than Beautiful. You
do have such good tastes. I never
saw the audience stand up, they
must not do that in China. There
was a man standing next to them
ready for anything, he had to be
very strong. Thank You Justin.

J said...

The guy standing next to the principal dancers was undoubtedly a representative of the Communist Party of China. It's not enough to be artistically correct; you must be politically correct as well.

JustinO'Shea said...

I noticed the third male presence only during the more difficult positions. . .he serves as a 'catcher', just in case. . .when she stood on his biceps, head, raised hands, etc.

Looks to me their skill and dexterity themselves certainly speak for the moni-present government, don't you think?

Whatever, these women and man dancers are certainly skilled.