Tuesday, March 22, 2011


BULLYING caught on video. . . .plus commntary from various sources.


Plus material about cyber bullying on same program.

. . "Smut Lists". . . Lists of Promiscuous. . . Sexual activity. . . ..etc  NY and CT


Gary Kelly said...

Well, that little bloke will think twice before he punches another kid. He certainly came off second best in that encounter.

I have only one answer to bullying: stand up to anyone who tries to push you around.

Give 'em a inch and they'll take a mile.

jimm said...

This one really hits home.

Did you notice the audience? Always an audience.

But what's really disturbing is watching the victim finally snap.

As a teen, i battled a bully, then wrestled him to the ground. Sitting on top of him, I lifted his head up, ready to slam it into the pavement, when suddenly I froze... a mind grip. All that pent up anger, frustration. But to release it, that would spell death.

Its quite confusing, esp for a kid. The big dude snapped, but then walked away. He knew he could have killed the 12 yr-old.

Stew said...

So many of us were bullied as children and some even continue into adulthood. It seems here that both of them were picked on and the little one choose to take it out on someone that he thought wouldn't fight back. Fact is that fighting is never the answer. But, since that's what our parents did, that's what they teach us to do. They teach to fight back or defend yourself. There is another way and schools need to be more attentive to ahat's happening.