Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen... drugs and bipolar
I don't recall anyone condemning Charlie Sheen. . . just talking about
what is going on. . . .about the madness of putting his rants on the 
internet so we can daily watch him fall apart. . . deeper into psychosis
or whatever the diagnosis.

G'day JustinO,
Here's a vid that explains possible causes of Charlie Sheen's "condition". If it's true, then the man is sick... and we shouldn't be in such a rush to condemn him.


jimm said...

The SSS... Sorry state of sheen. Ive had friends schizo and bipolar. But this reminds me of friends flying on amphetamines.

I think some ppl have to totally crash before they admit to themselves they really do need help.

Richard said...

Earlier this week I was watching MSNBC and the two reporters totally deadpanned the following:

"Do you know how much coke Charlie Sheen has snorted?"

"Enough to kill Two and a Half Men".