Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day

Faith n begorrah. . tis luvely heah on The Dunes . .brilliant sun, 50ish degrees. .I have the place to me-self today so I spent some time earlier out back exposed to the rays. . avoiding tan lines. . .LOL 

Peter's coming later for "non traditional"  St Patrick's day supper.  I understand there'll be some wannabe-Irish here for 'happy hour' [chez O'Shea every hour's a happy hour] and supper.  Parents didnt mention who is coming. . . .so nous verrons. . . .

The origins of St. Padraic are somewhat 'shrouded in mystery'  [now aren't those traditional words. . hehe] like all interesting characters. . the less you you know about them the more intriguing they are.  One of the strong legends is that Padraic was captured  on a raid off the coast of Portugal and the Celtic Pirates [hmmm sounds like a good name for a basketball team. . hehee. . of course we already have the Boston Celtics. . .mostly tall black men. . with  token white now and then .;-) ]. . ..well, the Celtics took him home as 'booty' and he was sold to a local farmer near Armagh where he was sent to tend the sheep.. . . a good biblical labor for future leaders.  lol

I am not having much success in finding a satisfactory green but I guess I shall stay with this one.

I heard somewhere earlier that Boston is featuring a Gorgeous day. . with 60 degree weather.  Oh everyone must be hanging out on the Commons. . .that is, those not already ensconced in the pubs and bars in South Boston, Southie, and the rest of the predominantly Irish enclaves. . . T'wasn't but a late century ago when the Brahmins of Boston had signs in their store windows and work places "No Irish-Catholics need apply."  Well, we showed 'em:  we took over the bloody city!  Huuurrraaahhh.

Maybe you've heard the expression "lace-curtain Irish". . .well when  we began taking over, doing the hiring, getting up in the world in politics, in the Church, in education. . .thanks to the Irish Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of St Joseph, and other groups of Sisters who opened schools and colleges and educated the Irish urchins free of charge, one of the signs of "making it" was to have lace curtains in the parlor windows. . . Yepper, we had arrived !  Lace curtains. . .faith n begorrah !. . .Confession on Saturday, Mass n Communion on Sunday. . . .and in those days to prepare to receive the Lord we had to 'fast' = go without food and water from midnight!  Today it is supposed to be 1 hour. . .which most young Catholics don't know about and thus don't observe.

I've often heard older people say that the best and prettiest babies are the children of Irish and Italian and Irish and Portuguese parents. Gorgeous kids grow up to be stunning people. . . .;-))  How does this face grab ya. . .?  hahahaa   


Richard said...

Peter has a beautiful face!!

Gary Kelly said...

Avan Jogia, the young bloke in the straight but not narrow vid, is the result of mixed races:

Jogia was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is of Indian and European descent. His Indian father is from London, England, and was raised by Gujarati Indian parents. His mother is a mix of Irish, Welsh and French descent.

Here in Oz, we get a mix of Aborigine and white European which can result in quite a stunning result.

Remember that song "Melting Pot" by Blue Mink? No... that was before your time. But the lyrics talked about "coffee-colored people". I was a bit peeved at the time cos there was nothing about freckled people. :)


Peter is your life, he shows
your strength, and you are his
soul mate, may your Love will be
a lifelong and an everlasting
sharing of each other forever.
Know your both celebrating and
being with each really gives
you a Great St. Pat's Day.

J said...

So, do you and Peter think about becoming dads?

JustinO'Shea said...

Maybe. . . .some day. . . .some years down the line. . .maybe.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, Richard, he does. I agree with you. . .easily. ;-))

JustinO'Shea said...

Thank you, Joe, for your kind and supportive comments. You are a kind and generous man! ;-)

J said...

Everywhere you look in this world it seems that most of the people who are having kids are not suitable to provide for and parent them. I think you and Peter would be excellent parents.

JustinO'Shea said...

THANK YOU, "J". . .that is nice to hear. . .especially from someone who has done it!
WoW. . .I am grinning all over. . .hehe. .. almost literally.

Peter is here. . .eating. . .."it's that time of day. . . I read him what you wrote and he lit up like a Christmas tree. . .hahaa. . his only word: "Really?". . .kept on grinning and eating . . .lol

Where's they geigercounter. . .must be tons of happy energy here. . .LOL

Thanks. . .
P & J

Coop said...

WOW... that face is testament to the fact that Irish and Portguese parents make pretty babies. As are you, Mr. O'Shea :)
I hesitate to add myself to such a category.

I've always known about the one hour fasting. I don't think I've been to confession since my late teens.

JustinO'Shea said...

Tenk u, tenk u, tenk u veddy mach, Coopsta. My 'rents tenk u. . P's 'rents tenk U too. .

Hey U, usually it is OTHER people who tell us we were "pretty babies", , ,LOL. . not for you to say! See? i reserve that to meself. . .Got it, duude? ;-))

Not since high school. .? hmmm. . .nice to be one of The Saints. . .tsk...tsk...tsk. . .ahahahaahaaaaa

Gary Kelly said...

There's a song called "Spanish Eyes" ya know. And another called "Irish Eyes". But none called "Portugese Eyes". Not that it matters.

I'll go now.

GoodRock said...

I've heard that St Patrick was really Italian - that usually gets a rude reply from my Irish friends and relatives. My mother was 100% Irish, my father 100% Italian, and our close family friend Monsignor Slowey said that is usually a Volatile Combination!

In spite of my heritage and my middle name being Patrick, I didn't have a single drink Thursday, but did come very close to dying - my survival I attribute to "the luck of the half Irish" and my mother's intervention from the great beyond. Glad to hear you were here on your dune with people who love you.

Erin Go Braugh!

JustinO'Shea said...

"A Mother's work is never done!"
GoodRock, what happened?!
Looks like your work isn't done yet! ;-)

Volatile combo. . .Irish and Italiano
. . .I think Italians and Portuguese' are rather close. . at least from the little I know. I do know they have beautiful children! ;-)

Stay well, GR!