Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WHO is this obscene cougar, predator?
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DAMN, he is only a 16 yo kid!  Can't the "handlers" stop projecting their own 'thumb sucking' urges????  Read the face.

my protest of the day. . . justin


Anonymous said...


Greg in Adelaide

J said...

He ought to take her on. She may be a snapper.


Justin, thank you for the video from Farther Martin. He said a very important thing, that even though we despair, God doesn't and that he sees things differently than we do. Sure appreciated that video.

JustinO'Shea said...

J. . .perhaps you speak from another side of the spectrum. . . do you remember as a teenager what it;s like to be 'approached', "preyed on" by an adult. . .three times your age. . or more?

First off, it is embarrassing, scary, annoying, confusing. . .what do I do ? Most of the time it isn't welcome. . hardly.

What do you do with such a person?
Let me tell you an example. Mom and Dad entertain often enough at home. I help out from the 'sideline'. . .I serve drinks to the guests, get them refills, etc. At a holiday party Mrs So&SO began coming on to me. . She was persistent. . .I was maybe 17/18 freshman in college. She kept grabbing bums, rubbing them every chance she got. . I tried avoiding her. . she kept it up.

A kid is embarrassed by this; it sure wasn't appreciated. I didnt want to embarrass her in front of everyone. . .esp my parents. I was taught to respect and be polite with older people, etc.

Finally I grab her hand off my ass, and said very sweetly: "If you do this once more I am going to break your fuckin' wrist. . as I throw you across the room. . ."
And walked away. . She didn't get served anything the rest of the evening.

The lady is a mess; she has sons my age; I went to school with them.
They'd die if they knew how she was acting.

Snapper, cracker, frapper, crapper. . .whatever. . .this lady cougar is bordering on molesting a minor in that photo. . .Justin would do well to avoid her like a sexually transmitted disease. . and not with a condom! She'd only mess him up. Slut.

But there again, young men ...and boys. . .are too often looked on as toys for the pleasure of the deviant players. And a certain segment of society enforces and supports that sick attitude. . sex whenever, however, with whomever I can trap into my cave. . .

Well, quite enough from me on this. LOL It's hard to be chaste when chased by cougars. . .right? And they often travel in packs. Have you noticed?

Gary Kelly said...

My first thought was it's a posed shot. And I still think so.

JustinO'Shea said...

Maybe it is posed. Of late they've been trying to insinuate a sexy side to the boy. . .posing him in scenes with suggestive acting posing women .. all older than he. . . never with girls his age.

It is a sick slant on teenage sexuality. Perverted. . .as i tried to explain.

It's the Cougar vs Cub scenario.

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, teen sexuality was never like that in my day. We were all angels.

J said...

Wow, Justin, you sure blew your stack on this one. No one is advocating victimization here, or trapping someone in a cave. (Didn't you see the movie The Summer of '42?) And is the woman in the picture really three times his age?

Banister said...

My first thought when I saw this was "Oh, he's acting like a typical guy when his mother tells him he's adorable."

I have to confess I watch no television. I just don't have the time right now. Is this dude some teen star I should know about?

I've been hit upon too Justin, and you're right, it's very unsettling whether it comes from some dude's mom or an older guy.

Stew said...

This kid has been projecting himself as older since the beginning. It's always bothered me... his song about "no more lonely girl" the video shows him with nothing but older girls. Albeit, not this old.
I have to imagine that this is someone that he knows (part of the production teem or something)
In that buisness, so many are forced to grow up way too fast. We'll see him in jail with some drug problem in a year or two ,I'm sure.
But you are so right, they should not promote this, encourage it or anything else.

Coop said...

Justin, if I was you, I would have told mom privately after the party.
Esp. since that lady might claim that y'threatened to beat her up!

Luckily, I haven't had to hassle with a cougar... yet.
I plan on being very honest with her if I do.
Although Dear Abby once published a very valid point. Telling someone "I'm not interested" could be taken as mean. "I'm not available" is far more polite.
Naturally, if said cougar does not respect it, politeness is no longer an option. Haaaaa!

I agree with what you say about young men and boys being thought of as toys.

I don't feel a thing when I look at Beibs. Really. Well, in references to a rap he made up:

Beiber you can turn 18 and coo baby at me all you want. I wanna be with Brady.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh yeah, COOPsBabe, I DID tell my parents after the party. This year Mme Cougar was very well behaved and, I noticed, did not drink as much! ;-)

Oh I DO think the lady with Justin B. is at least twice his age, plus some. . .at least 32yo,hovering closer to 40! And. . . .what is a "snapper". . .I get many images for that word. . .hahahaaaaa creative fertile imagination.

J said...

You asked for it in all its grossness, so here it is: Snapper is a slang term that refers to a woman whose hip and vaginal muscles are so skilled she can literally milk her partner. I've never read it used in connection with a male partner, but it seems apt. This cougar is probably in her 40s. The image of her coupling with with this bubblegum singer is strangely amusing to me, but, then, I'm definitely twisted. Don't you ever get the notion that those of this genre are seriously concupiscent; like Miley Cyrus and, before her, Britney Spears? Fifteen going on thirty.

JustinO'Shea said...

Of course it's posed! They don't let cougars run free seeking snatch, do they??? ;-)