Friday, November 26, 2010

ROAD TRIP 3: Black Friday

Good morning, World. . .to all those here and to those too who wish they were here. . . ;-)

THANKSGIVING  DAY:    As always, gratefully, our festivities went on with great fun. . .all the flash and flourish, china and silver and massive linen napkins. . . .and superbly excellent food.  With Mom,  Mme Bouvier, my sister and sister-in-law in the kitchen - everything was not only beautiful to look at, but more beautiful to enjoy, to eat, and then repeat, too.   LOL  The three nephews and my favorite (and only) niece are old enough [4 -5 -6 -7 yrs] to behave and be good without prodding and actually are beginning to join in the conversation -- as long as it doesn't distract them from "food. . .glorious food". . . .(Oliver. . . wasn't it ?)

Eventually  some one asked why this day was more special than other days. . .and, like the Jewish Passover Seder the freedom journey of our Pilgrim Mothers and Fathers was told again. . .embelished with tidbits from the urchins. . .A nice tradition we've started   and Dad  ends the chat with the reminder that not ALL enjoy the freedoms we do have. . . and, that as long as men and women and children are abused, oppressed, hunted, suffering. . .so is our freedom somewhat diminished  for we are all ONE PEOPLE and we do affect one another's live and pursuit of life, liberty and freedom. . . . .AMEN . . .

Weather was mild for New England-in-the-Atlantic,  lower 50*s, some wind.  And some of went for a longish walk after dinner along the beach, looking to see what the waves brought in. . . .it was low tide - at one or t'other end of it. . . .simple things.

When the "proper family amenities" had been sufficiently  observed  Peter and I managed to slip away from our respective families and meet at our "special place". . .and 'observe the seasonal festivities'. . .we walked around a rather quiet and subduded  Commercial Street just enjoying being together. . . . Then we felt we were a tad hungry we drove home to The Dunes and had a late supper lunch. . .the munchskins had gone to bed, settled in for the night, so we adults...ahem!. . .sat around cathching up on news, our comings and goings.   Gradually one by twos, peeps began to drift off to their saundry parts of this big old rambling house. . .and so Peter and I made our "good nights, adieus, to yer and yer "and up the stairs to Chez Moi. . . .and settked in. . . .:-)

[ed.note. . .So the saga continues. . . .Sorry there are no photos, but no family pics get posted on JustinDunes. . . . ..I am sure you understand the whys and wherefores. . .;-). . .] 



Anonymous said...

Love ya big bro.

Jabacue said...

Sounds like you all had a great day Justin.
We would love to experience P'town 'off season'. It would be so different from the summer frenzy. I was surprised to see that P'town is so opened up this time of year.
Ya just never know.......

JustinO'Shea said...

JIM, we are having a great holiday.

Yepper, there are still some live'uns in P'town. . .even in WInter. ;-) I am not the greatest by any means in the areas of remembering stats. . .but one does come to mind.

A few years ago, of all the homes/condos sold in the area, Provincetown 96% of real estate was sold to gays and lesbians. Really. Many now live here year round. . .many more come home on weekends. . .like leave Friday noon if the can, and drive back to Boston early Mon. a.m.

The running of the 90 minute trips from Boston - Provincetown aids this migration also. . .slick time...from the wharf here to Boston Harbor and the trains, etc.
Driving to and from Boston "in prime times" is at least 2 hours, maybe longer due to all the others doing the same thing you are. . .;)
You have to hit 'the right spots' in the parade.

Provincetown has great beauty and attraction in off-season. . .hahaa. . witness my treks. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'll second that.

Greg in Adelaide