Monday, November 1, 2010


Morning headlines. . . .
<< About 50 elite U.S. military experts are in Yemen training its counterterrorism forces and Washington is giving $150 million in military assistance this year for helicopters, planes and other equipment.
A Yemeni official said Sunday his government is aiming for a "surgical" response with the help of the U.S. against the plotters.>>

$150 million to Yemen?  Are we...I mean THEY totally insane?!


Gary Kelly said...

What's the alternative?

JustinO'Shea said...

Please, you tell me! Is that the only way to deal with this. . .pour $150 million into a a country like Yemem?
I guess, reluctantly, WAR is the biggest business we engage in.


jimm said...

War? Have you seen the 'Darfur' film yet?

Gary Kelly said...

Well, $150M is a drop in the bucket compared to what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. If $150M is all it takes to equip Yemen counterterrorism forces to deal with Al-qaeda, isn't that preferable to costly invasion?

Back in the good old days of WWII, we knew who the enemy was cos they all wore uniforms. That's all changed. These days it could be the next door neighbor. The advent of terrorism has brought us the invisible army.

JustinO'Shea said...

OK I see you point. . .IF it works to keep the US OUT of Yemen, keep us from marching in and invading their country. . . aka. . "taking over" !

Anonymous said...

The real problem, as I see it, is not spending money, but spending money the country doesn't have. All this is doing is increasing our foreign indebtedness, and digging ever deeper that hole out of which we can never climb.

At some point, the house of cards will collapse and the American people will have to accept European rates of taxation. It was fun to be a world power when the economy was ever-expanding, but once real jobs began to be "globalized" the economy began retracting and tax revenues declined. We just cannot afford to shoulder the military-industrial complex any longer.

JustinO'Shea said...

So, Banister, on this election day when the GOP plans a government take-over, the simple solution is to STOP spending the money we do not have! Tight?

So, the SOBs who have totally opposed the present regime will NOT stop spending $$$ we do not have, they will just "juggle the books" and try to make it look like things are getting better, finally, now that "the right people" are in charge.

After the bomb fiasco from Yemen the gov HAS to do something to placate the hoards who are pissed as hell so we make the big Circus of $150million for "equipment" for Yemen so they will have the planes, tanks and guns to shoot us to Hell and back. . . . uhuh. Same ole same ole.

Too much hubris to learn anything.. . .world with an end. Amen.

JustinO'Shea said...

JIMM. . . Dafur? Dafur? Wherezzat?

Sad attempt at some grim humor. . . No, I haven't seen the film. Guess I so not know about it even. . .;(
Some info?


Gary Kelly said...

Well, Banister, you won't have to worry about the US being a world power when you're my age. Economic forecasters reckon 70% of the world's GDP will be from China, India and SE Asia by 2050.

jimm said...

Justin, sorry im late with this. "Attack on Darfur" dvd is available on netflix.

Preview here:

The movie shows the genocide of black africans at the hands of arabs. Its quite graphic and very disturbing. The reason they give for killing is most disturbing.

We piss $150 mil on Yemen, but ignore the real atrocities.

jimm said...

Another late response.

Gary, dont write off the US just yet. We are still one of the most stable countries, with the most stable government in the world.

That makes us an excellent business environment. The asian governments are nowhere near as stable. A few decades ago, it was the japanese gonna take over the economy. Never really panned out.

I might add, the pollution and conservation practices in India, china and se asia is way out of control. This alone could be their undoing.

And Australia? I expect they will do very well, too.