Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post Script to Story of Boy Raised As Girl

Hello. . there often is more to a story. . . .esp to an "old story". . . ahem. . .I sent this to a transgendered lady on our psych faculty.  This is her response:

<< This story is really old news.   Since it was published some years back, a decade or so or more, the Intersex movement has come into being.   Intersex people are those born with ambiguous genitalia who previously had been assigned a sex by doctors concerned that the child would have difficulty socializing if they did not 'fix it."    Intersex people have protested this and insisted that they be the ones to make the decision as to which sex they are or to remain as Intersex persons.
Gender identity is not the same as sexual biology.   As transsexuals testify again and again, one can have the genitals of one sex but the gender of the other sex.   Thus, doctors should not presume to know simply on the basis of the biological evidence at the time of birth..
Clearly, in the case of John/Joan Dr. Money made a big mistake and what is more didn't discover it, but continued to publish his erroneous conclusion after he stopped seeing the child..   A grad student went back to see how things were working out and discovered the tragic outcome.   This case supports the right of the individual to determine their gender identity and interventions should not be made until that person is old enough to accept responsibility for the decision.
How come you got to escape early and skip school today?  tsk tsk tsk. . .You youngsters keep us all hopping. . . .never know where you are and what you are about.  LOL  Enjoy your holidays, boy !
Auntie Mame
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JustinO'Shea said...

Seems to me the policy of waiting till the person is old enough to decide for him/herself would create a whole other but allied set of problems. . .

Like how do you explain to a growing boy that he is different from other boys. . .no penis or testes, as in the case presented. How do you avoid the obvious issue of gym and phys ed and lockerooms /showers ? Poor kid. . no way to avoid detection, especially in the "cattle-like washer-rooms" as our public showers. Face it: all boys check and compare the competition equipment. . .yes, ALL do! LOL

I think what happened in the John/Joan case would be totally avoided if we did away with the barbaric practice of circumcision.
Even Jewish folk could do a symbolic snip. . .with 'pinking shears'! Ooopsss sorry. . .


JCinmeforever said...

Hummm... not sure how to think on this one Justin. ...right, wrong or pro or con. Being circumcised at birth, I guess I don't know any difference. I definitely feel bad for the individual whom had to grow up in this world with an embarrassing deformity, cause your right, I think ALL guys check and compare equipment.

Gary Kelly said...

The barbaric practice of circumcision.

Well, I've still got my extra bit but all the kids I knew as a boy were cut. One of them told me that my willie was deformed and that I would never be a father. I believed him of course. I couldn't discuss it with my parents because sex was taboo in our house.

So I grew up with a huge complex about being normal. How's that for a twist?

Actually, normal is the wrong word. Normal is being the same as everyone else.