Tuesday, November 16, 2010


  (So very true - lol)

 Those of us who fall into the world of hi-tech should take note 
 of the importance of correct grammar. 
 I have noticed that many who text messages & e-mail, have 
 forgotten the "art" of capitalization.
 Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack 
 off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse. 


Anonymous said...

Nah, not funny Justin, both my grammars are dead.
Pity, one of them was really nice.

Seriously, though Justin, you hit upon one of my pet hates, people who indiscriminately break out in Capitals in Everything They write.

No real Rhyme or Reason to it, just more or less Random capitals.

I wonder at where their Head is at when I read their Stuff.....which is really Puzzling because Two practitioners I know are otherwise seemingly Normal and intelligent people who are getting along in their Middle years and should know Bloody better.
They are of an age where they can't use the Excuse that they are from a younger Generation for whom education has faltered and Failed us all.....and they are not Old enough to use the excuse that they Came from a generation when their education Usually ceased as soon as they Were Old enough to go and Work.

Beats me.

Greg in Stillnotalaide

Gary Kelly said...


but i also hate people who type everything in lower case.

Meanwhile, in relation to your post, JustinO, I would like to know what the horse thought about all this jack business.

JustinO'Shea said...

The horse? Oh. . .he was bored stiff!

Jabacue said...

I was thinking of all this the other day. Where is our language headed? Both oral and written. I remember my parents complaining about the 'younger generation's' use of the English language. I would like to think that it is in a constant flux of evolution. At least I hope it is that way.
Take for example how the spelling has changed of certain words over the years. I was taught that colour is spelled with a 'u'.....ass is harbour, humour etc. Night is night not nite.
The older we get, except of course you Justin, the more difficult it is to accept change.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh ho. . .does that mean I am not going to age too???? How'ja figure that? LOL/. . . ooopssss. . .How did you figure that out?

Coop said...

Laugh out Loud

may b i m talking two loud? :b

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, Jabacue, language, like everything else, keeps evolving. And because people are inherently lazy and impatient, words keep being shortened.

The apostrophe is a good example of a device used to shorten sentences or phrases. It's interesting to me that "Is it not?" is shortened to "Isn't it?" which is literally "Is not it?"
"Isn't it?" sounds fine because it's in common use, but "Is not it?" sounds weird.

As to "u" in colour, labour, neighbour, etc, the English were jealous of the French language, from which they borrowed many words, and so they added "u" to certain words to make them appear more sophisticated visually.

Words like catalogue and dialogue are originally French but the Americans, very sensibly I think, shorten them to dialog and catalog.

I'm Australian but I mostly favor American spelling because of the internet. It saves me from forever having to explain to the Yanks what I mean.

Anyway, no one invented language. It evolved and will continue to evolve. Language is owned by the people not the professors.

jimm said...

Sign language, anyone?

JustinO'Shea said...

hey JIMM. . . my signs are very limited! ;-)