Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AIDS Risk Greatly Lowered by Daily Pill, Study Finds - NYTimes.com


Gay men are not really  the same as heterosexual men, right?   We are specimens to be experimented with. . . .correct?  Like 'less than human'. . . ..same category as " sex workers, drug users. ." ..deficient. .  .right?  Bull shit !

"If he had the money, Mr Sidibe of UNAIDS said, he would target high-risk groups like sex workers, gay men, drug users and uninfected people married to infected people."

Being Gay makes us automatically high-risk. . . ?  WHY?

Advances in medicine, in HIV/AIDS prevention is wonderful. . . .but look at the words "they" use. . .
like the poor rats in their test cages and labyrinths. . . .

justin o'shea

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