Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Road Trip

Hello EveryOne. . . .the Road Trip is now fact.  I arranged to leave campus early so as to get a bit of a start on long Thanksgiving holiday.  Tonight, at 10:30, it seems so good to be home again.  It  is partly clouded, mild as in the low 50*s, and quite windy. . . it makes the sound of the surf louder.

I left around 3pm this afternoon, with a traveling companion. . . .Mme Bouvier, my grandmother.  Gram is great to travel with. . . she is an excellent conversationalist, sharp, au courant, and strong opinions on the antics of our elected political servants.  She keeps up on life, and has interesting opinions.  She is also quite comfortable with silence, listening to NPR.  A good  traveling companion.

We hit Boston close to going-home traffic. . .it wasn't too bad until we got out of the tunnel and headed south toward the Cape.  Route 3 was as bad as high season headed to the Cape on a weekend.  Once we got to the Sagamore Bridge traffic got better, all of a sudden. . . ..as if everyone had stopped for an after-work drink.  LOL

The setting sun breaking thru the fast moving clouds painted some lovely colors, darkening reds and golds, with silver clouds rushing off to Long Island, NY somewhere to the South.  lol.  It was dark when we hit Chatham and turned off  on our road up thru the dunes to HOME. . . .everything looked so welcoming. . . .
and, welcome we were. . .Mom and Dad both came out on the veranda and down to the car to greet us with open arms. . . . Always so good to be Home! 

After supper Peter and I talked on the phone for a while and then we decided to meet for coffee. . or something. . .and so we did.  ;-)

Now it's time for bed. . .before my eyes cross.   More tomorrow; that's a threat.  ;-)



Gary Kelly said...

I can identify with all that ya know. Maybe I'm not as grumpy as I like to think I am.

JustinO'Shea said...

Of course you do, Gary. ;-) Being grumpy is just a habit you slip into now and then. . . .often i think you assume the groups to be humourous. . right? ;-)
hugs. . .

J said...

Somehow your description of driving with your grandmother into the sunset to a Thanksgiving gathering brings to mind that magnificent quote from Stendahl, "Beauty is the promise of happiness."

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, J. I like the quote. . and once again, today, I am happy. . usually am in the morning with the sun shining brilliantly over the dunes. . .and the sounds of "Mother means business" coming up from the kitchen. ;-) Of course, her mother, my Mme Bouvier, is there with her. O happy days. . . ;-)