Monday, November 8, 2010

Gary sent this on to me.  This is a topic which happens a lot more often than many of us realize.  Often this pressure, and control, result from cultural and/or religious traditions, customs.

One example I am a bit more familiar with happens among the Chinese.  The Chinese have a strongly maternal orientation.  Though often openly in the shadows or serving roles, the mother of the house runs the lives of her husband and children. . . like forever.

Male children - or in the case of mainland China - the one male child has the duty to produce grandchildren for his parents.  In the rarer case where there is also a daughter [ recall the law 1 child only] andshe marries and has a child. . .this baby is the grandchild for her nusband's parents, not  for her family.  The son in the family carries on his father and mother's "memory" and gives them a grandchild[ren] .
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 Families pressuring gay children into marriage. . .

G'day, JustinO
Thought you might find this interesting. . . .gays being pressured into marriage.

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Gary Kelly said...

I should have said 'gays being pressured into straight marriage'. I've not heard of anyone being pressured into gay marriage yet, but ya never know.