Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Gets Better -- Wisdom from Our Gay Elders

YouTube - it gets better: wisdom from our gay elders


Gary Kelly said...

Many of those older peeps mentioned humor and how important it is. I couldn't agree more.

A very dear friend of mine aborted a suicide attempt when he was just 15 because of something I wrote, and which he remembered at the last possible moment.

3 years later, he wrote and told me about his 18th surprise birthday party, and what a fantastic week he had. "Thanks, G. I wouldn't have had that week if it hadn't been for you."

I'll never forget that.

So yes, he would be the first to agree that it does get better.

Jabacue said...

Justin, hope you don't mind me passing this along in my blog today. Thanks and don't eat too much!

J said...

Sorry, guys, it doesn't get better. As my mother used to say, old age is a bitch. Your body craps out, your memory fails, and if you don't feel the sexual anxiety of youth it's because your testosterone level has dropped lower than the Challenger Deep. What these people are talking about is that they are among friends, they are beyond competition, and they are comfortable with their failures because they can't do anything about them anymore. As for sex, wasn't it Socrates who, when asked if he missed the passions of youth, replied that it was like being loosed from bonds of a raging madman? (On second thought, maybe it will get better!)

J said...

Google now reminds me that it was Socrates quoting Sophocles in Plato's Republic.

Gary Kelly said...

Don't listen to J. When you lose your memory who the hell cares?

As to losing the passions of youth, try convincing an old dog he's missing out on all the fun of chewing his master's slippers.

GoodRock said...

Such an awesome video; I think the It Gets Better project is one of the greatest things to happen this year.

To be able to bypass the traditional gatekeepers and speak directly to someone when they are struggling and upset is such a powerful use of the technology.

Sorry to disagree with you "J", but for many people life does get better as we get older. Obviously with hundreds or thousands of different aspects to life some things may diminish while others improve, but overall some of us do grow, learn, savor and cherish experiences that enrich our lives. Some things may be dramatic and powerful but the ability to take in even the simple things in life, to feel and savor the beauty in this world makes one appreciate it all. I am thankful every day for life, in spite of whatever difficulties I may have.